According to the Mayan Elders of Guatemala we are transiting a narrow window called ‘The End of Time’ (through the end of June 2013) – also known as ‘the Shift of the Ages’ – which just happens to coincide with the beginning of a brand new 52 year ‘Grand Wayeb’ cycle of time, starting today, March 6, 2013.

It is spectacularly obvious that things have shifted since December 21, 2012.

The impact of cosmic & higher-dimensional energies is being clearly experienced in our physical bodies, in our inner process, as well as reflected in the outer world. As the co-creators of our individual and collective reality, we have the God-given ability – & responsibility – to choose how we wish to experience any given moment.  It is an awesome choice.  I know from my own experience how easy it is to screw up – as well as how much Grace is available to help shift me into a higher perspective when I fall off the wagon (so to speak). I draw also on the experience of all my Ancestors, from all my lives, who, God Bless them, have seen it all before.  As it says in the Bible, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

If we could magically see the epic story of the past, as well as all the roles we have chosen to play within the ‘Drama of Time’ it would be much easier to understand and accept that we really have done it all before, if not on this planet, another, if not on this timeline, in another, if not in this body, in another… and the beat goes on.  For we are the Ancestors, returned. The Dance of Creation and Destruction, the inbreath and the outbreath, until we surrender and through Grace are given a free pass off of the ever-spinning Wheel of Time, leaving the Drama of Karma behind.  Judgement is part of Karma.  Remember what Yeshua said, “as ye judge shall ye be judged.”

Divine Love is able to sit with the Darkness, sit with the Shadow, until it is ready to accept Love’s embrace, and come back Home.  Such is the Bodhisattva Vow of Compassion. We are the Rainbow Tribe.  We are the Divine Love Warriors embodying Holy Love in Divine Fullness.  We Love.   We are love, the conduit of love in the physical world. LOVE is all we are.  In truth, DIVINE LOVE is all there is.  The lights of home beckon now, a celebration of homecoming awaits us all, each and every one. We are the Rainbow Tribe.  We are the Divine Love Warriors embodying Holy Love in Divine Fullness.  May Divine Holy Love be the Foundation Stone we anchor now.   Namaste.

MUCH, MUCH LOVE, Andrea   (andromeda)

Andrea Hansen    www.thefireflower.com



On Thursday Feb 7, 2013, I will be attending the Toronto ET Disclosure Event with Paul Hellyer Former Defense Minister of Canada (Global Livestream Also)


 Feb 3, 2013 Emergency Open Letter to Bill Ballard and Spiritual Community:

“Hi Bill, You may have read my latest post regarding my Abduction experiences and the fact that I will be attending the ET Disclosure Event in Toronto later this week. I found out about it last night and posted an old blog article that is pertinent. I posted on your page because I need the support of the community. This morning I got a FB ‘slap on the wrist’ re: friending people – which I hardly do – and my page has already been limited in who can ‘Friend’ me. People often can’t even find me on FB. If REAL Disclosure happens the real issue is not that we are ‘not alone’ – but that factions within our own governments have made criminal deals allowing their citizens’ genetics – to be ‘harvested’ ie. stolen – in exchange for E.T. Technology. Wthout their consent, without their knowledge, without their full comprehension, and / or under coercion in the form of mind-control, hypnosis, intimidation and / or threat of greater harm. I need the support of the community. Star Family, Spirit Family Please Friend me.”


For the Psychics out there picking up on ‘Dark’ Energy around me, please DO NOT confuse ME with the Cabal, etc.  At GREAT personal cost I have maintained my personal Sovereignty.  My life would have been so much easier had I not resisted;  I also would not have survived past the age of 24

Under great duress I first publicly began to share some of my Abduction Experience 2 years ago…  The Abduction Agenda / Scenario is FAR more complex than I had understood at that time – and I had already been dealing with it all my life.  It is generational, and it does involve the military-industrial-complex.  For me to speak more publicly, I will need the support of our greater spiritual community.  If what I share below scares or disgusts you, that is a healthy response  –  Original ‘Abduction’ Post from Feb 7, 2011:

“I AM A SOVEREIGN BEING  –  ‘DISCLOSURE’ STARTS HERE!!” Disclosure is being held back precisely because it is tied to the Agenda of Global Abduction.  The real secret is NOT that we are not alone in the Universe – but the psychic and reproductive rape and gross physical and psychological violations of human rights of global citizens around the worldDear Ones, Although we have not met, you are part of my spiritual community, and it is for this reason that I reach out to you now.  Last night I set my alarm for 5:40 AM.  When it rang, I stumbled out of bed to the kitchen to switch it off, and proceeded to make orange juice and feed the cats.  I then did a double take, because the clock read 3:40 AM.  I needed to check the correct time, so I went to the study to read the time on the phone.  Yes, indeed, it was  3:40 AM…  but what really bothered me was that even though I was alone in the house (hubbie visiting his mum) my computer was switched back on – yet totally disconnected from any power source other than its own battery – and the lights on my phone indicated internet-use, blinking wildly in the dark.  Although I am often ‘wakened’ between 3 and 4 AM (as I’m sure many of you are as well)  I am never in my office at that hour. Weird things go on with my phone line and internet all the time…   Just last weekend I picked up the phone to call my mother, but before I could dial a strange woman’s voice said “Hello??”  “Who is that???” I asked, more than a little tired.  It is not the first time in the last twenty-five years I’ve found myself having such a conversation…  “It’s Katia,” she answered – with a thick Russian accent I kid you not – before a gaggle of male voices interrupted, slightly panicked, in the background – at which point I hung up.  So, back to last night.  I did not sleep very well.  The night before last, just as I was drifting off around midnight, came the unbiquitous sound of those soft, soft helicopter blades…  Like a bullet I was wide awake, invoking the presence of  Christed Angels.  The sound faded, and did not come back, unless of course I was asleep and could not hear it.  SANSKRIT:  ‘SO-HUM, SO-HUM, SO-HUM’, ‘God I AM, I AM I AM…’   I remind myself in spite of fear. That is still better than going for a pelvic ultrasound and having the female  technician (again Russian, what are the odds)  ask me when I had surgery.    “Yes, half of your right ovary, it is removed. Yes, it is a straight cut.  You had surgery, yes?”  It was the first I’d heard of it. Another joyful occasion  in the ultrasound – after spending yet another recent summer in extreme pain because of a ‘benign’ ‘cyst’ in my uterus that grew from 3 cm to 8cm in one month and then conveniently disappeared – that the ‘specialist’ told me was perfectly normal, nothing to worry about, happens all the time  – on that happy occasion the ultrasound technician called in a doctor to look at the screen, who then said to me “You are a brave woman.”  In an ultrasound they are not allowed to comment on what they see – but I am deeply grateful to these women who did.  I’m rambling, I know, but that is what happens when you keep all this toxic ‘life-experience’ bottled up for 43 years.  What is the point of sharing something so personal and so devastating and risking more punishment, ridicule and disbelief?  Because it is better than being forced to  pretend that nothing happened, that nothing’s going on.  I’ve tried to get some of it out, as fiction, in my novel ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower.’  When I started the book thirteen years ago, an early mess of a draft I’d printed in black and white  –  two words out of the whole manuscript printed out in red ink:  ‘blood’ and ‘slaughter-house.’ At that time, I could barely use the computer, let alone the printer, or any ‘special’ settings.  When I emailed my final proof to my publisher, I discovered months later while sorting old sent emails that at the same time a copy of the entire proof was simultaneously sent to an ‘undisclosed recipient.’  I have absolutely no idea who.  As of today Monday Feb. 7, 2011,  over a year after actually being published, the purchase link for the e-book version of  ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower’  is still not up on the bookstore page of the publisher’s webstore, despite many phone calls and emails on my part.  What I have shared with you now really is the tip of the ice-berg. Someone(s) never wanted this book written; and they certainly don’t want you or anyone else to read it.  People I’ve reached out to for help, names you would know, have not responded as you might think; certainly not as I’d hoped.  Fear of reprisal and fear speaking out have held me back; that is no longer an option. And here come the ‘Men In Black’ right on cue:   I too have been harassed by so-called  ‘Men In Black’  –  here in Canada they are partial to pitch-black, clearly expensive aviator sunglasses, polo shirts and black baseball caps.   Last summer while having lunch at a deli, one sat at the table next to me and glowered.  I asked him to pass me the ketchup.  For the life of me I could not figure out why they were floating around until last weekend (same weekend ‘Katia’ introduced herself) I was graced to discover the work of Melinda Leslie.  Melinda Leslie”s article on ‘MILABS / REABS’ is a MUST READ – See Below – she really provided me with some solid answers as to what it is these guys want.  Make no mistake, they are cold-blooded. Remember back to Oct 13, 2010, when someone had that big prophecy about it being the day of official contact/disclosure??  Well, that night, my husband and I went for a walk – because I wanted to have a private conversation away from the house – there in the late evening sky perfectly overcast with heavy, thick cloud, above my house were 1) a circling, hovering ‘helicopter’  , and side-by-side as if ‘parked’ 2)  a giant perfectly circular cookie cutter cut-out revealing clear night beyond, and 3) a giant square-shaped cookie cutter cut-out revealing clear night beyond.  These ‘windows’ in the cloud-cover did not drift away or lose definition is spite of being ‘just clouds’ for at least half an hour.  We just carried on with our walk and our conversation.  Those pesky helicopters.  Someone once told me that they are  not what they appear to be.  Have not decided yet who/what they are.  ‘Friendlies’, intercepting some of my ‘other’ decidedly unfriendly ‘visitors’  –  or same unwelcome ‘guests’  ? Probably a bit of both.  I know that there are surveillance copters that have the capacity to listen to conversations at a distance of at least a mile;  but I have also while doing sacred grid-work in mid-town Toronto had one come out of nowhere, hover directly overhead and then disappear mid-flight in mid-air on its trajectory away from where I stood in front of a church.  Early days, I was a bit freaked out…  Anyway… I have a friend coming over to stay this evening.  Hopefully she’ ll be here soon, and hopefully there will be no new scoop marks, perfect circular red skin marks, triangulated needle marks, or large painful bruises in varying shades of black and blue leaving attractive triangles with little circles on their points on my thigh in the morning.  Now you know why I do not have any children – not having any is the most responsible and loving thing I could do.     Disclosure is being held back precisely because it is tied to the Agenda of Global Abduction.  The real secret is not that we are not alone in the Universe – but the reproductive rape and gross physical and psychological violations of human rights of global citizens around the worldIN EXCHANGE FOR WHAT?   TECHNOLOGY??   WHAT KIND OF TECHNOLOGY, THAT IS THE QUESTION!!!   I don’t want to do this alone anymore.  It is very hard now for me to trust people at face value  –  but I can’t do this alone.”   (END Feb 7, 2011 Post)

AGAIN:   For the Psychics out there picking up on ‘Dark’ Energy around me, please DO NOT confuse ME with the Cabal, etc.  At GREAT personal cost I have maintained my personal Sovereignty.  My life would have been so much easier had I not resisted;  I would also have not survived past the age of 24.  

I really really do need your support.  If you feel so moved, PLEASE Friend Me https://www.facebook.com/Andromeda144  AND / OR   Subscribe to this Blog, Andromeda1111.com  

If the Abduction Agenda has not touched your life or your person directly, be grateful.  But remember, those whose lives have been affected could use your morale support. Especially if they are going public.  And if someone tells you the Abduction Agenda never happened or was not happening as of Feb 2011  –  either they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about –  they are in Denial   –    or they are lying.

http://www.maar.com –   AMAZING ARTICLE by Melinda Leslie about the real reason ‘abductees’ are ‘re-abducted’ by the men in black   ‘MILABS/REABS’


http://www.karlaturner.com (Further insight on those helicopters)




Yesterday, woke up to the sound of a small plane buzzing my house.  Maybe it was someone learning to fly from Buttonville Airport, not far from my home. (The same airport John Kennedy Jr. flew in and out of the week before his Crossing, God rest his soul).  Or, maybe, it’s a small plane belonging to one of several ‘small’ companies in Canada that literally ‘map’ the geomagnetic field of the Earth.  Anomalies get their attention.  The same plane, or several, continued to flyby throughout the day.  Generally when they show up (or the helicopters) I take it as good sign that good work was accomplished, that our meditations were successful. A sign that something has ‘shifted’ in the Grid of Mother Gaia.  A greater influx of light has impacted and left a new signature…

You see, something did happen on the night of Wednesday January 9, 2013.  By fluke I was guided to participate in an abundance meditation with several thousand people around the world.  I figured a new year ‘tune up’ wouldn’t hurt.  But, given the power of the group, and the nature of the times, something else happened entirely.  Many of my beloved Earth Family now on the Other Side came through.  They are always around of course, but not usually in a ‘money meditation’  –  so I paid closer attention.  More was going on here than being a money magnet.

My family members now on the Other Side  –  who due to our various Lineages  –  and also due to their connection to me  –  had been the victims of severe Archonic attack.  What my family showed me is that all the work we evolving humans have been doing on eliminating negative programming around money – fear of lack, low self-worth, self-imposed limitations, etc, etc. is a never ending story, usually blamed on untrue ideas seeded in early childhood.  But what if there is another reason these programs are so insidious??  There always seems to be another ‘block’ to abundance just waiting to be found.  What if these misshapen thought forms do not actually originate within human consciousness?  What if they have been embedded within human consciousness, from outside human consciousness, to trap humanity in poverty consciousness, an endless cycle of Global Poverty & Financial Crisis?

When I was a toddler, I did not give a hoot about money.  I did not know what money was! But as an adult certain limiting ideas about money sure have been hard to get rid of.  How can you get rid of something you can’t even access?  How can you get rid of the myriad blocks to abundance you supposedly have??  BECAUSE – ding, ding, ding – you are not supposed to find them – IF they are part of Archonic Programming.  So what did my Ascended Family & I do, in the context of the group energy abundance meditation?

As planetary surrogate (nod to Patti Cota-Robles) invoking the Full Power & Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Shekinah, the Divine Mother Aspect of Creation – we went ahead and DELETED all the Archonic Lies and Archonic Programs around money in the entire Grid system – through all space, all time, all reality, and all dimensions – and downloaded the 5D Heaven on Earth frequencies of Divine Abundance into the Etheric & Crystalline Systems!!!

In our post December 21, 2012 world, we thus restore our original collective HUMAN thoughtforms & agreements around abundance, wealth, ‘jobs’, ‘careers’, vocations, work & exchange of energies into Divine Abundance, Divine Flow, where all human gifts are given and received, where all needs are met, in Joy, in Gratitude and in Balance. 

As we all know the energies yesterday were amazingly wonky.

Last night I was then guided to connect with Deborah Pietsch (‘Peach’ – isn’t that lovely?) and her 7 Days of Creation Meditation to Ignite the Global Financial Re-set.   Divine timing –  Perfect!!!!

If you wish to connect with us this evening, & through the weekend to our first 13:13 Gateway of the new 26,000 year Baktun (Sunday January 13, 2013) please join us at this link:







Over 20 years ago in a private channeled session with Lord Maitreya he told me that I am a ‘Divine Love Warrior’ (at this point, many of us are).

Maitreya immediately addressed the issue of my father’s death, of which the ‘channel’ had absolutely no knowledge.  Under very complex circumstances, my biological father had dropped his physical body three months earlier – but – he did not cross over. My father chose to stay at my side, to protect me, for three more months. As my biological parents separated when I was an infant, at the age of 29 it was the most time we’d ever spent together.  What a gift from Spirit – his presence was so tangible. There was no mourning a loss of connection, only a shared mourning over the challenging circumstances which had beset us & impacted our relationship.  However, we both knew he could not stay indefinitely.

Question is, how did the channel ie. Maitreya, know this??  ; )  With great love, Maitreya officiated my father’s Crossing into the Ascended Realms. For Ascend, he did.  Maitreya also spoke to me  of my path, of Drunvalo, of what lay ahead.  Maitreya also requested I return for another session a few days later.

I had no idea what to expect, but in our second session, Maitreya began to speak about the novel I was working on.  He knew all the characters, their names, all the major plot points, some of which were still half-baked at the time.  I was utterly shocked.  I did not speak about my ‘project’ because I did not know how to. Two years in to the project, I was dealing with subject matter which terrified me.  Two years earlier (in the late ‘90s at the age of 27) while summering in my beloved Vancouver, two of the main characters ‘introduced’ themselves to me, out of the blue:  Griffin Arakiel, the Fallen Angel; & the Countess Lelia de Bazalcette, the Serpent Queen.

Maitreya knew all the structural & story points with which I was having great difficulty – because the complete work already existed in the Higher Realms. He told me (among other things) that I had to “write that which I most feared.” It’s why ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower’ took 10 years to write.  It is a work of literature that resolves duality.  About half way through the writing process, I discovered that ‘Arakiel’ is the name of an actual Fallen Angel.  He did not ‘go away’ until the book was done.  ASCENSION: The FireFlower is the pathway of redemption for the Fallen.

Lord Maitreya also told me that I am to ‘share everything’.

I’m trying.

This amazing music video  – ‘MY INNER NINJA’  –  actually makes me cry   : )


All the Divine Love Warriors out there will relate.


                                                 ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower

                                 The End of Time…  But Not the End of the World


                  Copyright FireFlower Communications  All Rights Reserved


 I was not planning on writing anything much through the Holydays.

But I feel a response is required to my previous blog post.   I did not say much, but that little post where I wrote simply ‘The Gate of Heaven is Now Open’ has really triggered some people, I am guessing the ones who most wanted a pole shift / end of world scenario to have occurred.  That, or a free pass / get out of jail card.   Not only was I was accused of promoting ‘hysteria’ and ‘fear’ around a pole shift happening  ( ??? I have always encouraged people to create a peaceful and safe future for all ) I was also confronted by some individuals who appeared to be very angry that I wrote ‘the world remains the same’ – clearly a question of English Comprehension 101, and a lack thereof.

How can the world remain the same if the Gate of Heaven is Now Open????

The world is NOT the same. The world is now bathed in a rain of grace from Heaven that is palpable, pure and irrevocable.  And we are now, for the most part, ready to receive this Holy Grace, which has given us, collectively, another chance, and the gift of time, to clean up our act.   Please understand, conscious or unconscious, it matters not.  The Rain of Grace is falling equally on all.

Millions of people noticed nothing, consciously, on the 21st.  Millions could have cared less, thinking it all much ado about nothing.  Conscious or unconscious, it matters not.  The Rain of Grace is falling equally on all.

Millions cared enough to have dedicated their lives to prayer and ceremony to ensure, even if there was just a .0001 percent chance of an ‘end of world scenario’ occurring, that said ‘terrible event’ would NOT occur.  And guess what?  The World as we know it DID NOT END.  Job well done everyone, you know who you are.  THE WORLD IS NOW ON THE POSITVE TIMELINE.  A MAJOR COSMIC COURSE CORRECTION HAS OCCURED – AND CANNOT BE UNDONE.  GRACE!!!!!!

And guess what?  Some people DID experience ASCENSION on December 21, 2012.  Some people already Experienced Ascension Years Ago.  And others will experience it in years to come.  And even if they did not ‘Ascend’  ( God’s Decision, not ours) the Sensitive, Attuned, Prepared and Deserving will have clearly heard the Message of the Great Central Sun.  AND EVERYONE IN THIS POSITIVE TIMELINE  –  NO MATTER HOW DENSE OR UNAWARE  – WILL HAVE RECEIVED THE HOLY GIFT OF GRACE.  Is there work to be done?  Yes, clearly, the holy work of inner self / world transformation remains before us.  Chop wood, and carry water.  What were you expecting, a golden harp and a fluffy cloud to sit on?  Set your intentions, and get to it, and let’s make manifest Heaven on Earth.  It already exists.  Our job is now to stop complaining and pointing out the problems and instead FOCUS ON THE HEAVENLY WORLD YOU WANT.  Happy New Baktun, Happy new Year, Happy 2013.  Happy Diwali, Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas!   The Star of RA shines bright.




  ASCENSION:  The FireFlower

  The End of Time…  But Not The End of The World



CONGRATULATIONS!!! WE MADE IT!!!! For those who still think ‘nothing happened’ – think again!!! Thanks to the concerted efforts of Lightworkers, Divine Love Warriors and True Devotees of all stripes all over the Planet, Gaia has remained stable on her Axis, the World as we know it remains as we know it, at Peace for the most part, with economies transforming instead of collapsing. These are major indicators we have been successful in seeding a new World of Heaven on Earth. Our new collective ‘Agreement’ of a world transforing into Heaven on Earth is now unfolding. Like baking a cake, it is a bit of process, so be patient. OUR STAR FAMILY IS WITH US!!! Please stay focused on the Star Gate of your own Heart!!! Stay focused on your inner experience of the last 24-48 hours. The Energies of Heaven Are very much Incoming!!!!!!        THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!





Well my darlings, here we are, and here we go…   On the eve of December 21, 2012  –  the Galactic Core Ascension Stargate – I wish to give you a LOVE Gift of two KEY chapters from ASCENSION: The FireFlower   ((SCROLL DOWN!! for Chapters)). Although there are an infinite number of pathways to Ascension – the Ascension of every Being is Unique – the secret to Ascension is always Love.

LOVE is the Fuel of Your Personal Merkabic ‘Light Soul Chariot’…

In ‘Time Tunnel of Arcturus’ I wrote that I go into the garden and “do my merkabic thing.” People were curious:  what ‘merkaba stuff’ do I do, exactly??  Merkaba, Merkana, however it is called or explained, the experience came first, before words, before books, before any mental concept or intellectual teachings of any kind on the subject.   In essence, my merkabic field programs me  –  Divine Source ‘star-code’ downloads itself into the body, the personality, the human ego…   NOT the other way around.

So here’s the thing:  I don’t ‘do’ anything.  It’s not about ‘Doing’ the merkaba.  I’s about the Universe expressing itself.  The ‘Goddess Merkaba’ is about pure ‘Being’.  Being One with all that is, holding all Life in my Heart…  This does not mean I run around all day with my hands in prayer pose singing hymns.  Earthy, real, embracing of heaven AND earth, for me, it’s all instinctive, feeling, heart-centered movement of cosmic kundalini.

And since my human ego, body, personality, mind are limited by the very bounds of being human, I prefer to pray as follows:  “I will to will Thy Will…  May the Divine Will of Source Embody within and through me…”  It’s that’s simple.  True prayer bypasses the ego and the mind, to anchor from the Heart…

My initial merkabic activation happened spontaneously, without desire, without me wanting the experience.  I could not want something I did not even know existed, far less name it.  For years I could not even speak of it.  Completely outside of my reality and world-view at that time, the cosmic switch was thrown, and my life changed forever.  It was not, is not, and will never be, about me.  An honest to goodness fully awakened merkabic field transcends the ego identification of the self, because by its very nature it is the living expression of All That Is.  The human ego cannot contain it.

Merkaba, merkana, the semantics of ‘name-calling’ are really quite irrelevant.  To the Ancients it was not the name of the ‘Light-Soul’Chariot’ that mattered, but one’s conscious and active participation in the experience.  Upon death, acquired names, trademarks, certifications, you tube videos, number of pages and books written will not matter.  All that will matter, all that will determine the degree and expansiveness of one’s Soul-light quotient, will be how much, how deeply, how selflessly and with how much devotion, one has actively served, cared and loved.

In the interplay of unfolding character and action in my novel, ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower’ I write about the way of the Divine Feminine, and about the Goddess Merkaba  –  but it is purely descriptive and emotional.  The paths to the One are thus revealed experientially – such is the Initiate’s journey. Although I can attempt to share my experience of the ‘Goddess Merkaba’ –  think ‘spiral galaxy’ –  I can’t teach its ‘activation’ in some kind of course because it’s not something that can be put into a step by step process that promises the moon and stars. It is not a ‘business enterprise’ and no one can ‘Ascend’ for you.

It just happens.  

Does a baby need an instruction manual??  Just like being born, breathing, digestion and dying, the awakening and activation of one’s merkabic field is simply a natural part of being fully alive on this earth.  It’s not up to me, it’s not about me.  At play in the fields of the Lord, it’s between you, Creation, and Creator  –  nothing at all to do with taking a course, nothing to do with any type of organizational structure, mystery school or certification.  It is not knowledge based.  It has nothing at all to do with the mind.

Be invisible, pray, meditate, show up  –   Such is the way of the Divine Feminine.  God knows who you are, where you are, the fullness of your heart and being.  Mother Earth knows.  The Christed Angelics, our Guides, know.  There is no tom-foolery in the Higher Realms.  That is enough.  What happens within my merkabic field is always spontaneous, unscripted, experiential, never the same way twice – therefore quite impossible to predict – or quantify  – although apparently there have been attempts to have it measured.

Sooo…   No need to ‘do’ anything other than just be your own beautiful heart-self .  No one else can do what YOU are here to do, because although we are all One, your Merkabic heart signature is unique to you.  ‘Just Be’ in the garden, in your bedroom, by the fire, in the tub, in the park, in nature  –  wherever!  Wherever you are, love and serve with your whole heart!!!  P.S.  The Story Chapters  presented here make most sense if one reads both chapters in their entirety.   Much Much Love,  Andromeda – You Are Another Me!!!


CHAPTER 36        ASCENSION: The FireFlower         Pages 303-310
                         ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  COPYRIGHT  2009

With newfound humility, Ezekiel shuffled along behind as

Nagaradja easily picked his way across the boulder strewn

slope to the foot of the larger of the Viper’s Fangs. The bright

night still young, the Viper’s Fangs radiated strobing pulses of moonlight

that penetrated Ezekiel’s skull with mind-numbing intensity that did

nothing to calm his racing thoughts. He would never look at dragons the

same way again…

On the verge of vomiting, time and time again Ezekiel retched the

acid contents of an empty stomach. The glittering, crystalline paws of

the Sphinx of Esperance beckoned, but Nagaradja refused to let him attempt

a straight line across the boulder strewn field. Instead, the Dragon

Elder insisted Ezekiel walk the subtle weave of an ancient labyrinth back

to center.

“Respect, my son, respect is everything…”

Somewhat distracted by the shimmering vapors of his hands dematerializing

and re-materializing before his eyes, it took Ezekiel what

seemed hours to negotiate the enfolding curves.

“Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road…” Ezekiel

intoned, walking in a dream he was not dreaming.

But Nagaradja stayed close, keeping him on track with the steady kick

of a back leg, and the mobile support of his muscular tail, which Ezekiel

clung to with the desperation of an old man on a walker.

Somewhere between midnight and dawn, Ezekiel lurched to a stop at

the feet of the alabaster-veined Sphinx. He had lived practically on top of

it his whole life, but the only way he’d found the hidden entrance between

the Sphinx’s Paws was through ignominious accident. Maman would say

there were no accidents. Nor did she believe in co-incidence.

“You never saw me either, and I’m old enough to remember dancing

with the Children of One… ” Nagaradja reminisced, reading Ezekiel’s

thoughts as easily as if he was cracking coconuts for Maman Lezarde at

the beach.

“We brought down the moon when I was young… Before Arakiel’s

rule, the Reptilian Queen at his side…” Nagaradja could not hide his bitterness.

“The great peoples and palaces and temples of Atalan downed

long ago beneath the sea, this tunnel complex is what remains. The tunnel

complex and the Crystal Pyramid, which I believe, Ezekiel, you have

already seen, have you not?”

Without waiting for an answer, Nagaradja gave Ezekiel a gentle shove

through the veil of orchids that hid the stairs between the sphinx’s paws.

His eyes dilated and glassy, this time, Ezekiel could not blame it all on a

bump on the head. The young gun half-heartedly told himself that everything

was going to be alright. Either that, or he was certifiable. Nagaradja chuckled at

his discomfiture, and continued…

“Esperance, or ‘The First Stone’, as it was called by the People of One,

was the refuge of survivors who struggled to maintain the wisdom and

glory of Atalan as she began her crumbling, decadent, descent. Our island

home was the starting point of a migration which allowed the Ancestors

to flee with their knowledge, along the spine of Caribbean islands known

to them as ‘The Stepping Stones.’”

“Legend has it those islands were left by the Creator to guide His true

people, the ‘Children of One’, to the distant safety of the mainland. This

place is now known as the tourist wonderland of the Yucatan. So many

children of Atalan have been pulled to visit the islands, the ruins on the

isthmus… In their present incarnations most of them are not consciously

aware, but their travels are about much more than fun in the sun. They

are retracing their steps, and collecting their memories.”

His stomach sinking, Ezekiel tried not to gag; he knew the feeling, all

too well…

“A new civilization was born from the ashes of the old. Again magnificent

stone cities, resplendent with pyramid temples, priests and

priestesses, pictographic writing and a calendar more accurate than the

Gregorian one used today, rose from the jungle’s fierce heat. Masters of

space and time, Mayan timekeepers rode the quantum surf of the cosmic

zuvuya. And still do,” Nagaradja winked.

It was just a dream – but Ezekiel burned with curiosity. Clear as crystal,

Nagaradja the Great knew far more than he chose to tell. The Dragon

took pity on Ezekiel’s ignorance, and threw him a bone.

“One fact regarding the Maya, I must set straight. Your archaeologists

claim that they tossed human sacrifices into the sacred wells at Chichen

Itza. Even an idiot knows that a landlocked people living in the heat and

drought of the tropics with no water other than rain, would not pollute

their drinking cistern with decomposing flesh.”

It seemed obvious, Ezekiel had to concede.

“As you may know, Dr. Masuro Emoto has recently proved that water

is a living, holy substance. Like liquid crystal, water takes on the qualities

of whatever energy or thought is imprinted upon it.”

Nagardja was going somewhere significant with this line of thought,

Ezekiel could tell, and he was taking him along with him…

“The Maya bleached the bones of their dead, and placed the dessicated

remains of their best, brightest and holiest in the water, which

then received and carried the imprint of their wisdom. The ancestors

thus ‘lived on’ in the water to bless the soil, the crops and the people. Not

unlike the relationship between Christians of the Crusades and their holy

water and holy relics, the skulls and bones of their saints. The Reptilian

Queen did corrupt Mayan Civilization, eventually. But despite her addiction

to blood, even she needed fresh water to survive…” Nagaradja paused,

his eyes filled with sorrow.

Again humbled, Ezekiel put two and two together: he had escaped

‘Maktemba’; while entire civilizations had not.

“Yes, Ezekiel, the litany of grief is endless. The ‘games’ of the Roman

Coliseum; the gas chambers of Nazi Germany; Stalin’s Soviet Gulag;

the guillotines of the French Revolution; the Rwandan massacre; the

Reptilian-possessed ‘leader’ of the ‘Lord’s’ Resistance Army of enslaved

children in Uganda; and the impetus for every unjust war you can think

of. Not to mention basic torture. Millions upon millions have suffered and

perished, to what purpose, and in whose secret name? War does not end

after the last bomb is dropped. The broken-winged, physically, mentally

and emotionally wounded are expected to join the ranks of the living,

even though they are traumatized with death.”

 “As if nothing ever happened,” Ezekiel said, with sudden


“As if nothing ever happened,” Nagaradja echoed. “Nothing worth killing

for, the only revolution which matters is therefore the flowering of

peace from within. Let us return now, to the matter at hand,” Nagaradja

nodded, ever patient.

Humans were slow to learn, but once they got it, nothing in the universe

could stop them. Knowledge of the Breath of Origin, the key to the

sacred temple of the human heart, was innate, programmed into every

cell and segment of human DNA. With Nagaradja as his guide, Ezekiel

was again returned to the hidden ledge and the locked doorway marked

with a six petaled flower carved in the stone.

“Just like your heart, there is no lock, no door, no wall of rock, and

never was,” Nagaradja proclaimed, following the bliss of the breath of fire

as the door to the inner sanctum of Atalan stood open before his gentle


There was no locked doorway, no wall of rock, and never had been.

The Breath of Origin the secret key, there was simply a spacious entry

to a smallish cave with walls of glittering crystal alive in the violet fire of

the Dragon’s breath.

“A temple of the Mother, the inner sanctum of the Crystal Cave is a

fortress of the Clear Light. All are welcome but only the truly pure of heart

may enter,” Nagaradja intoned, suddenly solemn.

Well acquainted with the content of his own thoughts, Ezekiel tarried

outside as Nagaradja made his entrance. Inside the sanctum, inscribed

on a floor of fine white powder sand, was a pattern of two large, evenly

interlocked circles.

The Vesica Pisces.

“Remember, wherever two circles meet, divine light is born,” Nagaradja

explained. “A divine coupling, the sacred feminine and sacred masculine

exists here in perfect balance.”

Within the heart of the vesica pisces was drawn a simple flower within

a third, fainter, smaller circle. The flower was large enough to fit a person’s

outstretched arms, and the outer point of each of its six petals was

defined by a massive, single-terminated quartz crystal.

The ancient Atalanean crystals clear as water at the moment of creation,

the quartz was programmed with the unadulterated wisdom of the

Children of One. The records of a lost civilization were a gift from the

past to the future, to welcome the return of the light of human

superconsciousness, and the the advent of the rainbow tribe.

White gold with inner flame, the Atalanean power crystals were beginning

to glow from within.

“The crystals are not necessary, merely helpful, in the amplification

of soul memory. Each of us a link between the sacred Earth and Sky, there

is no real need for props, man-made buildings, or to intellectualize. Our

hearts are enough,” the Dragon Regent said, his great flanged tail twitching

from side to side.

This was it. And Ezekiel was not sure that his love was sufficient.

Here was the test, the moment of truth Maman had spoken of. Ezekiel

had been jumping hoops all his life, to confront the one he couldn’t sink,

fake or fumble.

“Ritual has its uses. But when ritual is real, it finds you. Just like death,

you cannot say no.”

On the threshold, Ezekiel quaked.

“What will happen when we open up to the Oneness of our true

Being?” Nagaradja spoke in generalities, in terms of the royal ‘we’ – but

Ezekiel knew exactly who he was referring to.

“I don’t know. I – I don’t think I’m ready.”

 “If you say so, Ezekiel. The responsibility of a King of Atalan is great

to bear.”

Did he say… ‘King’?

“True kings are few and far between, and a King of Atalan rarer still.

What man is ready to let go of ego, greed, self-importance and personal

suffering, in exchange for a life of true service?”

‘Not me!’ Ezekiel thought, ready to sprint down the lava tunnel all the

way back to Maman’s…

Nagaradja examined Ezekiel closely, his excitement betrayed by the

small, measured licks of smoke and flame erupting from his nostrils.

“Yessss… I see… You possess true understanding. A king is a servant,

whose life belongs to the Creator and to his people.”

Ezekiel felt ready to pass out. Who was he to follow in the footsteps of

the Children of One? The one to keep a dragon waiting…

“Which human will be the one to tip the balance of creation in favor

of the Clear Light?” Nagaradja asked, softly, of the night.

On the verge of an evolutionary leap, Ezekiel’s dormant ‘junk’ DNA

was called to action. He was a human being, and a man who’s most sincere

desire was for truth; for his own spiritual liberation and that of all

people everywhere. Ezekiel did not dare call himself a king; the cave

might spit him to kingdom come. But he owed it to the planet to find

out. With that, Ezekiel stepped forward – and was welcomed to the inner

sanctum of the Crystal Cave.

Before Ezekiel had time to think, Nagaradja had shoved him into position,

into the center of the interlocked triangles of the Atalanean power

crystals set in the pattern of a six-petaled flower. Blinded with light, overcome

with dizziness, Ezekiel dropped to both knees. Everything was spinning

around him. Synapses firing at ultrasonic speed, the higher aspect of

his soul came on-line.

Past-life memories and abilities intact, Ezekiel’s being ignited with a

powerful wave of remembering. He would no longer need the diaries, except

to confirm what he already knew. What struck Ezekiel as odd, and

oddly comforting at the same time, was how familiar it all seemed. His

true self greeted him, a constant friend despite his long absence and karmic


“We’ve been waiting awhile for this, have we not?” Nagaradja said,

moving slowly clockwise around the crystals.

Arms and legs shaking uncontrollably, Ezekiel raised himself to one

knee, his head bowed before history. Before his life as Father Leon, he had

known the true Lelia, the true Priestess of Atalan. Before she had lost her

life, and the Reptilian Queen had taken over her body. Fool, fool, Maman

Lezarde had known he was a fool.

He was the fool King of Atalan, who’d given up a kingdom for love, and

got nothing but his throat cut in return. Ezekiel winced. He could see

the jeweled crown that had once sat on his head, but not his love-struck


“To remember more would only confuse the present,” Nagaradja interjected,

with wisdom born of the ages.

Great flanged dragon tail pounding out a hypnotic beat against the

floor of crystalline sand, Nagaradja pulled Ezekiel back to the now.

“Feel free to join in any time,” Nagaradja said.

The weight of the ocean of time pressing upon him, for Ezekiel it was

easier said than done. Nagaradja’s gnarled, ancient feet playing counterpoint,

the dragon began his chant:


Awaken, Gaia-Maa!

We Are We Are One, We Are One

 We have come, we have come,

Children of the People of One,

Mother, we have returned

To serve you, and protect you

 Ezekiel was dancing like a white man. But it did not stop him. He

and the last dragon of Esperance danced their love for Mother Earth.

Nagaradja danced for times long past and the time to come… Ezekiel

danced for Maman; for his birth mother, the unfortunate Sister Florieta,

beyond his reach in the Convent. For the true High Priestess of Atalan.

For Arriana, he danced. Love drawn in endless circles around the crystals

of power, Ezekiel and Nagaradja danced for Life.

Grid-busters at prayer in the Crystal Cave, last Atalanean hold-out, they

summoned the Dragons of Earth. Ancient protectors set free by the power of

love, Gaia’s Dragons came and danced with them.  Dragons of Water, of Air, of

Fire and of Earth, they came.  A chorus of Dragon voices lifted up the Mother,

reclaiming the life grids of Gaia and dismantling forever the dimensional prison

around Her…

Day of Light, Day of Light,

You have come, you have come,

Breath of One, breathe through us,

Breath of Origin, shine forth!

We Are One, We Are One

Over and over, together they chanted the ancient prophecies. Blood

lightning firing his veins, Ezekiel rode his breath, the one breath, the

breath of origin… Pushed to the outer edge of inner space, in the cool fire

of the amethyst blaze Ezekiel’s clothing was about to spontaneously combust.

His clothes turned to sacred cinders in violet flame, Ezekiel was

stripped to his skin. Thus made ready, Ezekiel experienced dimensions

impossible to describe with words.

Timeless hours passed.

Inexplicably covered in ash, from the threshold of the inner sanctum

of Atalan, the pale light of a soon to set moon washed Ezekiel clean. He’d

been blessed, with a vision or two. He had ridden the dragon, climbed a

volcano and helped save the world; or something like that. However, in

the fading moonlight Ezekiel wasn’t sure if the door to the inner sanctum

had ever opened, or if a cave of crystal in fact existed. Faced with a wall of

rock, the crystal sanctum was again closed, and Nagaradja was gone.

Ezekiel was left staring at the flower in the stone.

Next to his toe, something winked at him in the starshine. Ezekiel

leaned down to pick it up the piece of shell from its bed of crystalline

sand, and gasped. In the open cup of his hand, greenly iridescent, a

dragon scale gleamed back.

“I am the record-keeper, the truth-sayer, the witness!” Ezekiel declared

to the open sky and ocean, thus claiming his throne.

Nagaradja could hear him.

He just knew it.

From between the paws of the alabaster sphinx, Ezekiel exited the

Atalanean tunnel complex. Where were his damn clothes? Strewn all

over the black rock of the volcanic hills, no doubt… Ezekiel hobbled over

the sharp terrain, but found nothing, not even the charred remains of a

few tattered pieces of cloth.

By force of habit, Ezekiel looked at his wrist, and then grimaced; he’d

thrown his rolex into the volcano.

Like his garments, it too was gone.

And still, he had not found her.


CHAPTER 37       ASCENSION: The FireFlower         Pages 311-316
                         ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  COPYRIGHT  2009

From the uneasy silence of his sanctuary, Griffin observed the

rising of the dawn. Die-hard devotees danced in the sunshine, the

music of the night still bombarding the Light Resort with noise.

The Ascension Gate had come, and gone. No one had been airlifted into

outer space, and the rainbow of moonlight over the Viper’s Fangs had

melted into evanescence.

Over-exposed, Griffin knew that Gabrielle had recognized his fallen

nature, as well as the Goddess within herself. She would not fall for him

again. And not since Atalan had Griffin felt the thundering of dragons

dancing, the purifying purple fire of their sacred breath liberating the

life-web of the Mother. Dragon fire transmuting shadows in the magnetosphere

to light, his Reptilian pure-bloods had begun to flee the surface of their lost

world for the outer dimensions of deep uncharted space.

All except for his Reptilian Queen; of all his children, she had received

succor from the Most High. A being created far from Heaven, she had not

bounced back from the other side. Her earthly vehicle reduced to a small heap

of gray dust in the middle of a hospital bed, the resurrection keys were not the

Reptilian Queen’s to give. Baffled, the doctors were calling it an unsolvable case

of spontaneous decomposition.

Everything was falling apart.

So what if some deluded individuals thought it was 2012. What was

‘2012’, anyway? Just a point in the vastness of the unpredictable future

upon which humanity could focus its greatest fears and highest hopes.

That in itself could create the so-called ‘shift’ of the ages. But as far as

Griffin Arakiel could see, nothing had moved the inner gears of the collective

reality into heaven, and time was still playing itself out. Besides,

he’d scheduled the rave at the Light Resort a night early – just in case.

From the shadows of his dark dream, Griffin observed Arriana intermittently

and throughout the day, death-still in the sarcophagus. He

had broken the girl’s heart, but not her spirit. At sunset of the third day,

Arriana stirred, but did not wake from her necromantic dreaming.

It was incomprehensible; the poison had not killed her. The blood of

life and the blood of death running in Arriana’s veins, perhaps the soothsayer’s

prophecy was true. Past midnight, she clung to life. Angered and embittered,

Griffin had yet to attain satisfaction.

Beyond redemption, beyond love, Griffin’s lack of conscience had seen

him through many a vale of tears. Still not over getting over his goodness,

he’d have to finish the job himself.

He was the only one who could.


Arriana did not know much, but of one thing she was certain. The

Goddess of a Thousand Thousand names was greater than the tragic attempt

in her lifetime as the Atalanean Priestess to steal fire from Her.

If She willed it, the Goddess could bestow a renewed heart to any who

asked. It was then a stranger, a slight man in white appeared, and spoke

these simple words:

“All that I have lived I endured that you might know Love.” The man in white

paused, as if distracted by a distant unpleasantness. “It is all a dream, even the

worst of it,” he said gently.

Her trust in people shattered, yet her battered and bruised heart told

Arriana she could trust him…

“These days,” the man continued, “I merely observe the eternal play

of the Light and the Dark, the dance without end until at least one partner

surrenders the desire to lead. I look at it from the middle and above,

sideways and from below. I AM both the Light and the Light that has

forgotten itself.”

Yes, very familiar…

“To go beyond both, to illuminate the path beyond duality, that is why

Proof  Copy       Ascension: The FireFlower    Page 313    Copyright 2009

we are here. To bring together the pieces within ourselves, to be non-dual

beings in a dual universe – then it can happen for the rest of the family.

All our relations. Human. Pleadian. Anunnaki. Martian. Sirian. Reptilian.


“Who are you?” Arriana asked.

But Yeshua was already gone, disappeared into the highest realm.

Only the imprint of His voice remained…

“This shall you do, and more. And remember, it’s all a dream…”

When Arriana opened her eyes, Griffin Arakiel was above her, the hatred

still in him. Cold pain of an obsidian blade against her breast, with

him it was always hate and more hate, never love. Arakiel hated that she

loved him. The experience of her love for him so painful, he had not given

up his desire to destroy it. Her love proved him wrong in every way. And

in order to validate his miserable existence, he needed her to choose soul

death through despair.

Or he would choose for her.

A dagger’s ruby-red dragon’s tears about to be washed with her blood

exactly the way it always went, Griffin held the razored blade in the air

above Arriana’s heaving chest. With it his Reptilian Queen had excised

many a sacrificial heart, twisted love offerings to his cursed rule. But

there was something of which Griffin was unaware. The obsidian dagger

was exactly the same – yet within Arriana, everything had changed. She

had remembered her part in the divine play.

Still, Griffin did not drive the dagger deep.

After all they’d been through, what could he be waiting for, Arriana

wondered…? Get it over with… Let me go… Let me go home… The being in

the body of a girl closed her eyes. Yes, Griffin hated her. His fear the denial of

love, fear was the root of his hatred; but he hated himself more.

And her fear of the darkness – her very own darkness, of which he

was merely a reflection – was just another way of denying love. Arriana

followed the trail of her terror to the shadow place, a light-less cavern of

blackened ice deep within. Darkness upon nothingness shrouded with

icicles of sharpened tears; and there another shadow of deeper darkness,

a black flame that burned with rage. No one to speak of, yet there it was,

darkness within the dark, an entity unto itself.

“What is your name?”Arriana asked the hidden void within, that had

remained a secret, even to her.

“My name is Cruelty Love Withheld, the Fruit of Pain and Fear and

Hate. And – I – am – yours.

On the threshold of her own death, Arriana recognized the chaos of

darkness disowned – and its inevitable result. All she had witnessed, all

the suffering she had unwittingly helped create; all her self-abnegation

and unrequited love – none of it was separate from her essential self.

Her unloved inner dark was the missing and fractured piece of her

soul that she herself had rejected and abandoned. The part of herself she

had not forgiven: the root of all her problems. Waiting life after life, feared

and forgotten, for her to reclaim it.

Arriana could no longer deny her deepest desire. The Angels and

Celestial Beings surrounding her sighed with relief. Finally, she got it;

Arriana’s deepest desire was to be totally filled with love. Arriana addressed

the shadow of all her shadows:

“Forgive me, for abandoning you.”

The flame of darkness stirred.

“And where am I to live?” it asked, finding it difficult to believe

Arriana’s words.

“In my heart,” Arriana answered simply; she could no longer deny any

part of her being love.

The shadow’s dark flame turned into a river of black-ice-fire ready

to flood. Arriana felt the fear rise up, threatening to choke her breath

and blind her eyes under its opaque hood. Her broken heart open wide,

Arriana’s faith in love held firm. All she could do was let go and embrace

her fear with love.

She let her Shadow enter.

Within the inner sanctum of the sacred heart, her shadow found the

void that Love had kept warm in its absence, patiently awaiting its


Home at last, her dark had not returned empty handed. In its

presence was a gift. Black ice slowly melting, the split pieces of Arriana’s

broken heart came seamlessly together.

For it was in her Shadow’s power to heal her soul of pain, dry the tears

of love unanswered – with love long-dormant for the divine spark within.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go, she and the darkness were already one.

Arriana understood: the darkness was also part of the Light. Whatever

happened, whatever Griffin did or did not do, all paths led to God. Great

Mystery had never held her original sin against her. So she was finally

able to follow suit.

Released from the past, from the defining Atalanean moment on

which she had based her entire karmic story, Arriana was at peace, at

last. The burden of a shared history dissolved in grace divine, love was a

choice which Griffin refused to make. Arriana had denied the darkness

within herself, while he continued to deny the light. An act of supreme

hubris, for him, there was no way back to the Garden.

Surrender to what is, opened the gates of God’s limitless grace, but capitulation

was the requirement of divine pardon. It was this Griffin could

not stand. Forgiveness the root of his fear, at his core Griffin would not,

could not accept that he too was deserving of absolution; nor could he

risk finding out for certain.

“Do what thou wilt is the Whole of the Law,” Griffin chanted, blade

pointed unerringly, ready to drip with blood.

So there he was, the love of her life, still waiting, with the knife.

“Do what thou wilt and harm none, is the Whole of the Law,” Arriana

spoke, free of all fear. “In the Presence of Love, you have no power. Love is

all powerful. I am Love. I am that… I am… You are Love. Love is all there

is. The time has come to accept it. I have.” The whispered Word spilled

from Arriana’s cracked lips unstoppable as the blood ready to pour from

the cavity Griffin was bent on cutting into her chest…

“Surrender to Love now. Be who you truly are… Love is who you truly

are… Love feels wonderful. You have no idea how good Love feels… It is

better than anything you have ever felt before. Love is coming to claim

you as its own. Give in to it. Allow yourself to accept its embrace…”

Griffin would not, could not, hear her…

It was not about him.

He could not stand it a moment longer, the look of love in Arriana’s

eyes. How dare she know love, indestructible, unfathomable love, at the

core of her being… The girl would die trustingly, eyes wide open, her life

volunteered. The rage in him boiled over. How dare she show him no fear!

Weak, already close to the moment of death, she would not cheat him of

his final pleasure.

Both hands clenched around the obsidian dagger’s hilt of gold, Griffin

raised the blade high above his head, thumbs anchored on shining tears

of dragon’s blood. But Arriana was beyond him, beyond heartbreak, beyond

physical pain.

He had catalyzed her being, and for this, Arriana was grateful. In universes

before this one, she and Arakiel had been twin-flames and would

remain so. They had simply played another round in the eternal game.

She could feel the energy of her entire life-force center in the top of

her skull, pushing against its rooftop of bone like a baby wanting to be

born. She knew – she had always known – in dying there was nothing to

fear. Love would carry all of her, all the way home. In its wake, she hoped

Griffin would eventually swim.

“There is nothing you can do to stop the return of the Light. It is coming.

It is the Dawn, gifts of Life and Love borne on the rays of a Universal

Sun. The Most High does not love me more than it loves you, or less. All

Creation’s children are loved the same. We are the children, the children

of the People of One…”

Empty speech to his ears, Griffin had to put an end to Arriana’s babble.

A final thrust and the long-awaited words of the Daughter of the Stars

would be nothing more than bubbles of blood on dead flesh.

Griffin was ready to plunge the knife.

The threads of time would remain forever untied.

Sacrificial razor slicing the air, Griffin was momentarily blinded by the

burning pyre of his own rage… Blood dripped from his fingers onto the

dagger and the cold stone of the empty sarcophagus.

His own blood.

The obsidian butterfly had flown.

Arriana was gone, disappeared, into thin air.

All alone in the Crystal Pyramid, in the dagger’s streaked blade Griffin

Arakiel stared at his Atalanean reflection, at the thin white line of a scar

that matched the fresh, self-inflicted scratch cut across his throat. His

feet firmly planted in the dust of Arriana’s Ascension, the past did not

equal the future. Arakiel was left behind, to contemplate the bitterness of



 ASCENSION:  The FireFlower

The End of Time…   But Not the End of the World



As I wrote last week, on December 3, 2012 – together, we stepped through the Orion Stargate of Ascended Love. As is often the case in my work, momentous shifts in the energy-consciousness fields of Mother Earth are often preceded with revelations and interference.  Revelations, as in the exposure of the activities of the dark; which is then often accompanied by a last ditch retaliatory attempt by the dark to block the light.  Because I am able to witness the activities of the dark from a place of compassion  –  I Love As God Loves (not always easy in the human context)  –  Spirit is able to utilize me to bring balance in places where angels themselves fear to tread.  For those reading, please know this is a figure of speech.  But I have learned from past experience that where I go is well beyond the scope of most people’s range of experience and frame of reference.  Therefore, sharing details of everything that happened this last week would not be helpful.  Suffice it to say that bearing witness to the activities of the Final Dark is heartbreaking.  Heartbreaking to witness the needless suffering inflicted; and heartbreaking to witness the indifference and ignorance of humankind. Because my heart is broken on a regular basis (OMG   –   Freddie Prince just sang ‘You’ve Broken My Heart’ in the background!) – willingly I offer my Love, and my heart, to be broken, again. Through the cracks of my broken heart the Light of God Pours in, and the attempted damage to the Grid is thus repaired.  The aftermath of traversing the Orion Stargate has therefore been a physical clearing of the negativity that is polluting the Grid related to the Great Pyramid of Giza and certain related nodes in the planetary fields.  I am not alone in this work, of course, but my partners are generally higher dimensional / interdimensional beings; not for lack of trying on my part to work with my human counterparts.  Those who can relate to me, do; and those who cannot, I hope with all my heart will one day be able to do so.  But I am not ‘from here’ or any ‘nearby’ dimension.  And humans react and respond accordingly, and oh so predictably.  THE GOOD NEWS –  as Pati Cota-Robles so beautifully and eloquently states in her latest news letter  –  We ARE going CRYSTALLINE, and it is what ALL humanity is experiencing to one degree or another, 5D – and higher – for those who are able to hold more light.  With regards to the upcoming 12:12 Gateway, it is a good idea to connect with others in meditation as much as possible.  I will be tuning in to the Starknowledge Conference livestream;  I had the great good fortune to attend the first one ever at the Yankton-Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota all those years ago.  Drunvalo was there.  The moment he got on stage, he said he did not know why he was there, that the moment he was finished speaking he had to leave. Drunvalo then proceeded to tell the story of how he arrived here on Planet Earth –  he is also a walk-in  –  that “on the outbreath, Donny left” – and “on the inbreath, he arrived.”  An eight year old boy seated next to me in the auditorium then said, quietly, without out turning his head to look at me:  “Jump off a cliff, splat.”  I couldn’t believe my ears; because that is how I “arrived” and had told no one, especially at the Starknowledge  conference.  After Dru was finished speaking I stumbled outside into the baking South Dakota summer.  A single brave tree stood in the distance, the only tree in the school yard where the conference was being held.  I stumbled towards it, and instinctively, sat down on the ground, with my back against its trunk. A few years later when Dru and I had dinner together, in one of our very few but significant ‘3D’ exchanges – he told me that just after he ‘arrived’ (won’t give those details here, not mine to give, except that like me, the circumstances were life-threatening on every level) – the first thing he did was go outside – and sit down on Mother Earth with his back against the trunk of a tree.



For the recent Venus Transit my husband and I made certain to be outside in the garden…  the weather was exceptionally lovely.  The sun already below the roofline in the western sky, I did not bother to go ’round the corner of the house to look up at it, because I had (mis) read somewhere that the Transit of Venus would not be visible in the North American northeast.  So, my focus was Pachamama, in full bloom in the backyard.
A tangible stillness engulfed the neighborhood, the same stillness I have noticed / experienced during many an eclipse.  An unusual quiet, given the great good weather…   Gardens watered in silence.  Children playing without talking.  Birds roosting calmly, emitting only the occasional chirp.
Energetically, it was intense.  We even lay down on the grass, side by side, bare feet cool against the damp earth.   And there, in the clear, empty azure sky  –  a single cloud that did not change shape or position for some time.  An open-jawed, spiral-bodied, winged-dragon cloud replete with an absolutely stick straight extended tongue that did not wag or waiver.  ‘Quezaltcoatl’…  I remember thinking…
Bill Ballard mentioned a similar ‘cloud’ making an appearance at the recent Mount Shasta Venus Transit Star Knowledge Gathering!!  At the very first Star Knowledge Gathering at the Yankton Sioux Indian Reserveration, South Dakota in 1996 (I think it was ’96) everyone stood outside in a circle holding hands & toning  –  while in the (again) perfectly cloudless blue a perfect ring of cloud appeared quite low in the sky directly above our heads  –  only to ‘break open’ on one side of the ring as if something flew away  –  when we completed toning!  I was blessed to have attended the first Star Knowledge Gathering with my biological father, also a life-long ‘experiencer/contactee’ who had made an impossible trip possible.
I only found out a few days after the Venus Transit that the ‘Feathered-Serpent’ had also made an unheard of shadow-dance appearance down the cross-quarter steps of the Pyramid at Chichen Itza.
Something that only ever happens on an Equinox.   The Mayans  –  as usual  –  were expecting it. 

A ‘winged-dragon’ crop circle that just manifested (I think on June 25) in Wiltshire, UK may have by now been completely destroyed by the farmer in whose field it appeared.  But the real ‘Quetzalcoatl’  –  whether a single or a million million Enlightened Christed Personages or High Holy Cosmic Wave  –  will not be so easy to stamp out.  There is great collective power in sharing our ‘Sightings.’

Speaking of ‘sightings’ the ‘lights in the sky’ have been glitteringly prevalent of late.  ‘Is that Venus?’, ‘No, it’s Jupiter,’ we discussed casually on an evening walk, stopping slack-jawed mid-step as ‘Jupiter’ slowly swooped down towards us and then southwards so close pure electric white that it’s ‘halo’ glowed pale blue against the Summer Solstice Night.  A protective presence, this one, most definitely.  NOT a satellite!!  Or a ‘meteor’.

So.  The extraordinary weaves itself in and out and through the fabric of an ‘ordinary’ late afternoon, an ‘ordinary’ evening.  But there is nothing ordinary about Love.  Gratitude.  True Peace.  Integration.  The Single Eye.  Or the One Heart of Creation. 

Nothing at all…



Wow.  What a weekend.  My husband and I showed up a little late for the ‘2012: Gateway to Your Future’ Conference held at the University of Toronto starting on Saturday morning, but being on ‘Divine Time’ it turned out we were right ‘on’ time.  Nikki Hayes, one of the power-house organizers of this incredible event, warmly welcomed us & personally escorted us to reserved seating in the second row, center aisle, right at the front.  OK, something’s up, I remember thinking…  Just a few days earlier I had not even known about this conference  –  then free tickets seemingly manifested ‘out of nowhere’ …

When Guatemalan Quiche Mayan Elder Bartolo Alvarez & his entourage then took the stage, I knew serious magic was afoot…

Directly across from him and the multi-directional altar, once the ceremony started I pretty much lost awareness of everything other than the sacred energies being honored and called in.  And I knew, at the deepest core of my Being, that it was a humongous miracle that all present had made it ‘on time.’ So many insurmountable obstacles had been put in our collective path  –  but had been overcome to bring us all together.  Tears running down my face, I felt profound gratitude.   As Patti Cota-Robles always  says ‘a major facet of the Divine Plan was about to unfold’:

A Mayan devotee holding space in each corner of the four directions, when it came time to burn the copal incense Mr. Alvarez had brought all the way from a special ceremony in Tikal, building security at Convocation Hall would not allow it. ( When I was at student at U. of T. we had ushers – not security guards! ) Invited to burn the sacred incense outdoors outside Convocation Hall, Mr. Alvarez declined the offer, saying that it could only be burned at the Altar – which was on the stage.

Afterwards, I spoke with Bartolo, and he said he had something to give me.  Imagine my surprise  ( and especially that of his young male apprentice )  when he gave me the entire medicine pouch he had brought for the ‘Convocation Hall 2012 – Gateway to Your Future’ opening prayer ritual, replete with tinfoil wrapped charcoal briquets, sage from other prayer ceremonies – and a rather large ball of absolutely fragrant super charged super blessed Mayan copal incense he had brought all the way from the ceremonial center in Tikal.  Deeply moved, I accepted Bartolo’s gift.  I knew it was not ‘for me’  –  but ‘for Gaia & for us all’…

“When Ritual Is Real, It Finds You” –    ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower

Clearly, there was a reason I had felt compelled to create a sacred Medicine Wheel the previous evening  –  with every super charged, super blessed ceremonial rock in my safe-keeping.

Joined by a dear friend and Kogi Shamaness later that same day, we offered prayers and the copal, fully completing the activation of this ‘Ascension Gateway’ Medicine Wheel.   Designed to further anchor the Highest High Ascension Energies available to us at this time, this Blessing is freely available to All.

So much happened this weekend, I could write a book about it, for it was not also without great loss  –  after caring for her all night my very elderly, very very precious ‘Little Boo’ cat companion of 15 years fell asleep next to my heart and then transitioned peacefully to the other side  –  and the following night, right after the Wisdom Forum closing ceremony, we had to make an emergency two and a half hour drive and overnight vigil to care for my mum  –  my absolute greatest teacher in this Life.  Please pray for her,  she also is preparing to transition to the Higher Realms.  Double shock.   After all, it is the ‘end of the world.’  But there is so much Holy Love from the Invisible Realms, from the Ancestors, Guides and Angels, so much Divine Grace that somehow I am being supported through unthinkable loss that would be enough to sink me under normal circumstances.  But these are days are not ‘normal’  –  we are in extraordinary times.

“For the Maya, Life and Death are One,” said John Major Jenkins.

So many incredible people.  So many deep, true connections.  So much ‘deep truth’, ‘primordial wisdom…’  I got to meet John Major Jenkins; Colin Andrews; and “The future creates the present” Master Ti Caine’;   each one deserving of their own Chapter.

Within the crucible of our collective global heart, we even joined in The Heart Math  Global Oneness Meditation with Howard Martin and Gregg Braden.   And as Gregg Braden said “The Light was definitely in Toronto this weekend.”  And I haven’t even gotten to the Closing Ceremony yet;  after my Little Boo’s passing (if it had been Egypt, she would have had a State Funeral)  I almost didn’t make it:

Returned to the Altar on the stage at Convocation Hall, Guatemalan Quiche Mayan Elder Bartolo Alvarez and the Aztec Ceremonial Drummer and Dancers ROCKED the House  –  raising the energy to a level never before seen at that location  –  at least not in this particular World Age  –  raising high a clay dish from which smoked the incense of holy copal from Tikal!!!

At that point everyone who wished was invited to join in a massive Maya – Aztec hand to hand ‘snake dance’ that did the conga all the way around and through the building.  Needless to say, the security gourds – I mean guards – were appalled  –  but we invited them to join in too.  At the end of the sacred dance, I in turn gave Guatemalan Quiche Mayan Elder Bartolo Alvarez a sacred medicine pouch  –  we hugged with JOY  –  and the ‘circle’ was closed.  The vibe was SO high…

And as if to confirm that at all is well, all is shifting in the right direction,  the following evening returning from mum’s, totally exhausted on the evening of Monday October 24, 2011 on a stretch of road with a view over Toronto not unlike that of Mulholland Drive over Los Angeles  –  the biggest glittering disc-shaped star-ship we’ve ever had the privilege of  seeing ( that we know of! )  –  up close & personal hovering Hollywoodesque on a slight angle just beyond the edge of the mountain  –  before receding slowly towards the Toronto-Mississauga Pyramid Complex  (more about that another day!)  –  and beyond to the Sacred Holy Waters of Niagara Falls.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Let us Join in heart-felt prayer with the Mayan Elders and the 13 Crystal Skulls in N.Y. City tomorrow in preparation of the Historic End of the Mayan Calendar  –  and beyond thru Ceremony with Drunvalo in the Four Corners and onward to the 11:11:11 in Los Angeles.   DREAM BIG  —  The Future REALLY DOES Create the Present!!!