MALAYSIA PLANE UPDATE:  The Semi-Conductor patent was not yet granted; so no one owns the intellectual property other than the Chinese researchers.  Who were headed back to China with their intellectual property. Also on plane, electric car researchers. This is not about patents, it is about someone trying to provoke China into WWIII  –  because the Russians did not take the bait (in Syria either).  So, still no plane…  Many countries have satelittes that can read heat signatures through buildings and ‘see’ the print of the newspaper you are reading. And what, STILL no plane??   A giant plane with 100+ smartphones with GPS tracking aboard, that continued to ‘fly’ for 7 seven hours – when it only had 6 hours worth of fuel??  Whose cell phones continued to ring through and then disconnect when called by family  –  even after the plane was reported ‘lost’?  In the moments it disappeared the plane was reported to go to 0 ft –  and now reports show it had gone to 45,000 ft. As well!!!  Boeing 777s stall at that height.  A pilot ‘assessment’ is that the plane was experiencing an electrical fire  –  the  course change as reported by military radar sources ONLY  (not the airline’s primary radar which stated it had ‘disappeared’)  therefore supports it’s continued flight towards the closest safe airport.  But with such a clearly defined trajectory and limited fuel, more than enough info to establish highly targeted search co-ordinates, they would have found the plane by now… but still… nothing.   But more than enough time to fake a ‘debris trail.’   Just a thought: what if the secondary radar evidence provided by military sources is the false flag cover story… but with international focus they did not have time to set up the fake debris.  WHAT IF not all the countries present to help with the ‘search’ are on the same page. IF it IS indeed a scenario of E.T. Intervention, perhaps not all countries are on board with the ‘cover story’. Which would explain all the waffling around flightpaths, crash sites, conflicting radar ‘evidence’, etc.   After all, much of the International Community would like the U.S.Government to come clean with regards to its continued denial of the Extraterrestrial Presence. What if govt officials from all over the world are on the global naval ships present trying to hammer out the details of a peaceful global ET Disclosure… while the plane and its passengers await safely aboard a mothership?? While the U.S. Govt does what, exactly??  China, Brazil, France, Russia, Mexico, Chile, the list goes on… they ALL want E.T. DISCLOSURE….   Gasoline not available in parts of Florida today…



‘192’ # SAYS THE DIVINE FEMININE RETURNS:   In Gemmatria ‘192’ is the Number of MARY, the Divine Feminine, Partner & Teacher to the Divine Masculine…

Also, 192 + 192 = 384   In the Sacred Geometry of the Tree of Life,  384 is the Kether, the Crown, the Return to Source.  If the Geometry of the Tree of Life is Divided in Two, we have two paths, two paths we can go by, to Return to Source…  We are all headed back to Source, regardless of the path chosen…  However, with regards to the recently destroyed Cali Crop Circle, this would indicate a major timeline split.

The ‘CAMERA’ symbol means that we will ‘outpicture’ what we focus upon. BIG message.

Doreen Virtue’s  ANGEL # 192:  “Angel Number 192 is a message that your soul is ready to fulfill its potential and life purpose and destiny. You are now ready in every way to undertake your soul yearnings and urgings and follow your passion. Trust that when you live your truths and stand in your own personal power, miracles happen. Your angels want you to know that you have all that you need to fulfill your soul mission.”

In the Crop Circle the Number ‘192’ repeats 5 times  ie. THIS is the 5th World, that is about to transition.  The ‘Clock Face’ may indicate that JAN 2, 2014 is a ‘CHOICE POINT’ ie.  ‘9’ is a Number of Completion of a Cycle.  Do we choose Duality or Singularity, that is the Question??  Continue the Game of Duality, or transcend it…  ONE <3…   The energies of the current Solar Flares, etc. are supporting us as we ride the Zuvuya’s Cosmic Currents to help us turn LOVE’s KEY out of Duality and STRAIGHT THROUGH THE GATES OF ASCENSION,

ALL MY LOVE, HAPPY ‘TRANSCENDED’ NEW YEAR 2014,  Andrea Hansen    (‘Andromeda Melchizedek’)


I think many of us right now are wondering, WHAT in the world is going on with ISON?  There is the spiritual dimension and implication of ISON’s passage through the Constellation of Virgo, ‘ISIS’ by another name…  So although ISON has been referred to as the ‘Eye / Sun / Son of RA’,  it is a Divine Masculine Energy which Honors, Protects & Empowers the Divine Feminine in ALL Her Manifestations.   True Divine Kingship sits on the Throne of ISIS ie. Her Divine Lap  –  with Her Permission, Guidance and Blessing  ie.  Her ‘baby’ / ‘HORUS’ represents the kind of Society / Civilization which then arises to reflect a true balance of the Divine Masculine in real partnership with the Divine Feminine.  A civilization which respects  & cherishes ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE.

That said,  I am now going to share some thoughts which are directed primarily at those of us who are familiar with the real history of Sumer; the Sumerian clay tablets which speak of the test-tube creation of Mankind by the Annunaki; and the return of the Annunaki homeworld, NIBIRU, to our shared solar system. Till yesterday the connection between ISON and NIBIRU was unclear to me.  After watching BPEarthWatch’s SECCHI footage of what appears to be ‘Planet X’  –  for lack of a better moniker, and for which four people  apparently lost their jobs for leaking to the public  –  I really needed to make sense of things.

If the image of the giant world now hidden in plain sight in our solar system is for real, it IS a game changer.  So…  last night I decided to consciously connect with the consciousness of the Annunaki, of whom I am a proud descendant , in the Lineage of ENKI (for the GREATLY misinformed out there, I am not a blood-sacrificing lizard masquerading as human – but I digress…)  This is what I got:

Imagine a time before the Creation of the Humans of Earth.  Imagine a planet (‘dwarf star’??) that on the course of its extended orbit, visits the solar system we believe belongs only to us.  In time, the Annunaki study the universe as it unfolds around them; one comet among many stands out…  we know it as ISON.  Both lonely travelers through Deep Space, the Giant World & the Giant Comet share a special kinship.

In the evolution & development of their civilization, the Beings on the lonely planet had a crazy idea: no longer satisfied with merely observing the stars and planets around them, they wanted to ‘fly’ through deep space.  Just as human imagination was inspired to build airplanes from observation of the flight of birds; just as we longed ‘crazily’ to visit our moon in primitive (relatively speaking) rocket-ships;  the Annunaki longed to visit a glittering blue-green jewel that beckoned so very far beyond their reach.  Until Annunaki imagination was again fired with the next ‘crazy’ idea:  why not hitch a ride on the tail of the one high-speed comet that could get them into the vicinity of Earth?   Perhaps the Mexican Government’s recent release of a Mayan Artifact that depicts an Ancient Astronaut riding the tail of a comet does not seem so ‘crazy’ after all.

It would also make sense of the insensible:  The several ‘space-based’ weapons attacks on ISON during its Perihilion passage around the Sun;  the appearance of ‘NIBIRU’ in the SECCHI frame  (where the entire world was NOT watching); the concurrent timing of many unusual (& huge)  UFO sightings around the sun; and the repeated inexplicable changes in ISON’s speed and trajectory (very ‘un-cometlike’ behavior).

Perhaps there was much more going on during ISON’s perihilion passage BEHIND our sun than meets the eye.  Perhaps it was an Annunaki crew and supplies ‘pick-up and drop-off’ switching station with Nibiru  –  for the their next scheduled – regular as clockwork – visit to Earth.  And for those with even a basic knowledge of Annunaki history and the Inter Galactic Wars they have fought, there is no way the Annunaki would have been caught at such a crucial moment with their defenses down;  they DO have shielding & cloaking technology.

And by now, our Annunaki Ancestors / Relatives will have made new alliances within the so-called Galactic Federation – which given the inextricable historic connections of the Annunaki to Earth, and vice versa, has seemingly waited for their Return before beginning the Official First Contact Protocols of the New Era.  OUR Era.  ALL these events conveniently coincide with December 2013, the real End of the Mayan Calendar, which is no surprise, really, as even the Maya say the calendar was given to them by ‘visitors’ from the stars.  The Wheat WILL be separated from the Chaff (er, ‘mountains’ of B.S.).   We will all know for certain, one way or another, come January 2014.  Prepare for Truth, and I Hope, Much Better Times Ahead.

MUCH LOVE, Andromeda  XO

P.S.  The Cool Aid spiked with fear will take you into the wrong theater, choose the ‘end time’ movie you want to watch / experience with great care.


It has been almost a year since I last wrote anything on my blog.  It felt complete, post 12:12 celebrations last year…  I did not feel I had anything much to share, ‘officially’, lol.  But I understand now, why the ‘silence’…  it has been a time of GESTATION…  With the creation of new life, it occurs in the womb, in the darkness, ‘beneath the surface.’   So much has happened, is happening, and is about to happen!  😉    074

The biggest ‘event’ personally for me over the last year was returning to my childhood home in Caribbean, and discovering that in spite of the fact that my parents and grandparents have crossed over, I still have a beloved place on the planet that is well and truly ‘Home’.  ❤  More on that another day…

Today’s update is about something else…  A monumental event is transpiring in our solar system.  The ‘Comet’ ISON is in its final approach to perihelion with our Sun, at a staggering 777,000 + MPH to just under a million miles from the Sun’s surface.  There is much debate as to whether ISON is a comet, a dwarf star or a spaceship…  As to whether it will be destroyed in its Solar passage or carry on…  I like to think that it will continue… it has been over 400,000 + years since its last visit, which it survived…  and something tells me the ‘SON of RA’ has been communing with our Star for Aeons.

‘Fear Porn’ aside  (not my ‘movie’ / ‘timeline’ of focus) , I would like to posit another point of view.  The 400,000+ year cycle of ISON’s orbit ‘coincides’ neatly with the MAYAN calendar start and end dates.   A little too neatly for mere ‘coincidence’.   In my SOLAR / ‘ISONIC’ meditation this morning, it became very clear to me that we are on the verge of A NEW DISPENSATION.

Are we ready to let go of the past?  Are our Hearts Open to receive its LIFE and its LIGHT, a LOVE of a cosmic order that is much grander than human conceptions of creation or time?  I have always thought of the Sun as a masculine entity; however recent photos of the Sun far more closely resemble the surface of an egg awaiting conception, awaiting Divine Union with an interstellar ‘Seed’…   less than an hour a way, ISON’s perihilion with our Sun marks the Start of A NEW ERA for the Children of Earth.

A new world awaits us.  How will we Embody its perfection?



The energies are paradoxical at the moment – a deep lull from the events of the last week, combined with the build-up of sacred cosmic force leading to our Scorpionic April 2013 WESAK Full Moon Eclipse on Thursday. The Incoming Rays of Cosmic Christ Conscious Compassion & Universal Wisdom Buddha Mind are focused on Holy Mount Kailash, in the Himalayas.

Today and tomorrow (Wednesday) people all over the world are meditating, releasing, emptying, preparing to receive the potent ‘Christed Buddha’ combo.

Thursday (‘Thor’s Day’) is the day of safeguarding, where we receive the sacred rays;

and Friday and Saturday will be the days of ‘disbursement’ or sharing of the blessing energies.

For me these energies have arrived with great benevolent force.  

It feels like the Higher World overlay is far more real, the old ‘3D’ realm increasingly lacking in allure. As a result, I don’t have much to say. I am in a non-verbal ‘inner space’ where words do not do much to convey the higher frequencies. I include a link for more info on WESAK should you wish it…

As well as stunning images of Mount Kailash, where all the spiritual action is  😉

People get ready, there’s a starship a comin’


THE BOOK OF ANIKAH – The Planets Are Aligned!!!

The Planets are Aligned!!!   Whatever your dream, however your creativity desires to express, this is the time to nurture the seeds of your spirit with an abundance of cosmic fire!!!   But be careful…

With yesterday’s very powerful New Moon it is essential to retain a positive outlook on one’s personal future, regardless of any negativity in the so-called news.  This does not mean burying one’s head in the sand, however much one might feel like it. With power made conscious we can choose to hang out in the bubble of our own highly focused ‘Newborn Heaven on Earth World’!!!

Pro-active hopeful engagement with favorite charities, causes and projects is what is called for now.  With so many planets in Aries  –  including Venus  –  the charge of the Goddess materially supports us all to get up and get going!!  New Moon opposite Galactic Center brought me a totally unexpectedly intensely creative marathon day!  As soon as the sun rose I woke with a new name, a new voice, & a new project conceived overnight in my dreams and birthed whole from my heart:



God is Merciful

‘ANIKAH’:  A pet form of Anna, which is derived from the Hebrew Hannah (gracious, full of grace), which is from hannāh, chaanach (grace, gracious, mercy).  It also appears in Latin, Sanskrit, Hindi, Japanese, Danish, German, Finnish, Estonian, Dutch & Swedish!!!

ANNA is my middle name;  and yes, ‘The Book of Anikah’ IS indeed a ‘Book of Grace’!!!

Please please pretty please  ‘LIKE’  ‘Book of Anikah’

I would be so eternally grateful as I had to set up a new page because my other personal FB Page continues to have ‘issues’ 😉 🙂

Yes indeed, the Planets are Aligned!!!  Whatever your dream is, however your creativity desires to express, this is the time to nurture the seeds of your spirit with cosmic fire!!!   Millions are now observing Navaratri  –  the ‘Nine Nights of the Goddess’, which also began with yesterday’s Chinnamasta New Moon.  (The Goddess Chinnamasta is the Tantric Consort of Lord Shiva;  together they destroy illusion).  For the first three days, we honor the Divine Mother Warrior Durga, bestower of spiritual wealth ie. remover of ego and ignorance.  Days 4 thru 6 we invoke the blessings of Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance.  And Days 7 thru 9 we pay our respects to Holy Sophia in the guise of Saraswati’s Holy Wisdom.   Thankfully we open to receive the Blessings of the Goddess upon us, our loved ones, our homes, communities, waters and lands.

MUCH MUCH LOVE,  ‘Anikah’  😉


According to the Mayan Elders of Guatemala we are transiting a narrow window called ‘The End of Time’ (through the end of June 2013) – also known as ‘the Shift of the Ages’ – which just happens to coincide with the beginning of a brand new 52 year ‘Grand Wayeb’ cycle of time, starting today, March 6, 2013.

It is spectacularly obvious that things have shifted since December 21, 2012.

The impact of cosmic & higher-dimensional energies is being clearly experienced in our physical bodies, in our inner process, as well as reflected in the outer world. As the co-creators of our individual and collective reality, we have the God-given ability – & responsibility – to choose how we wish to experience any given moment.  It is an awesome choice.  I know from my own experience how easy it is to screw up – as well as how much Grace is available to help shift me into a higher perspective when I fall off the wagon (so to speak). I draw also on the experience of all my Ancestors, from all my lives, who, God Bless them, have seen it all before.  As it says in the Bible, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

If we could magically see the epic story of the past, as well as all the roles we have chosen to play within the ‘Drama of Time’ it would be much easier to understand and accept that we really have done it all before, if not on this planet, another, if not on this timeline, in another, if not in this body, in another… and the beat goes on.  For we are the Ancestors, returned. The Dance of Creation and Destruction, the inbreath and the outbreath, until we surrender and through Grace are given a free pass off of the ever-spinning Wheel of Time, leaving the Drama of Karma behind.  Judgement is part of Karma.  Remember what Yeshua said, “as ye judge shall ye be judged.”

Divine Love is able to sit with the Darkness, sit with the Shadow, until it is ready to accept Love’s embrace, and come back Home.  Such is the Bodhisattva Vow of Compassion. We are the Rainbow Tribe.  We are the Divine Love Warriors embodying Holy Love in Divine Fullness.  We Love.   We are love, the conduit of love in the physical world. LOVE is all we are.  In truth, DIVINE LOVE is all there is.  The lights of home beckon now, a celebration of homecoming awaits us all, each and every one. We are the Rainbow Tribe.  We are the Divine Love Warriors embodying Holy Love in Divine Fullness.  May Divine Holy Love be the Foundation Stone we anchor now.   Namaste.

MUCH, MUCH LOVE, Andrea   (andromeda)

Andrea Hansen


All over Mayaland Sacred Fires are lit, copal is being offered and prayers of deep intention are being prayed…  Today, major ceremonies are being conducted at the extraordinarily beautiful ruins of Yax Chilan (near Palenque)…

For the Maya, TODAY’s energy of ‘IK’ sets the TONE of CREATION for the upcoming REST of THE YEAR…    For today is a Mayan Calendar ‘New Year’s Eve’ Day of IK – the Nawal of Divine Breath/Wind  –  which over the next 13 days  creates a window of powerful intention to shape our collective future  –  to yet another ‘New Year’ / ‘Shift of the Ages’ kind of ‘Day’  –  March 6, 2013.  GREAT GOOD NEWS:  The energy of the Sacred Wind of IK blows non higher self aligned leadership out of office, & ushers in a new leadership of divine wisdom and divine teachers/teachings!!!!!  I am not an expert on the intricacies of Mayan Calendar Keeping, but I do seem to be guided to show up at the right time and right place (most of the time!)  Even though I was not aware that ‘IK’ ceremonies were being conducted over the previous five days, I have been attuned, doing a great deal of inner work, personal clearing and physical letting go of emotional and physical clutter which no longer serve my journey.  It has felt like a moment of deep pause, reflection and realignment.  My Soul Sister Debbie Ford has also been very much on my heart & mind, her presence palpable.  Debbie Ford transitioned from this life during the very sacred five day window leading to the Holy Breath of IK… Divine Timing in Action, as Debbie Ford’s work was & is all about releasing the false masks and stories of the ego & the past;  thereby claiming the gifts of the Shadow;  to powerfully re-set unconscious programs to conscious intent that re-shapes the future!!!   The burial of Debbie Ford’s physical body was yesterday.  Debbie’s ever-so-brilliant Light Soul Being Lives On.

Then, amazingly, last night on  I ‘stumbled upon’ a link to a live call next morning to usher in the energies of IK…  Woke up today from DEEP Dreaming ‘just in time’ for the call…  I offered my prayer/intention in the group sharing:

With Holy Grace, May the Divine Wind of IK blow everywhere it is needed.  With Healing, Compassion, & Ease, we transition through the Shift of The Ages.

The Mayan Cross / Common Passion Communities will be doing more calls for anyone else who wishes to participate  I have lit my candle ie. ‘Sacred Hearth’ & the consecrated copal gifted to me by a Guatemalan Mayan Elder is to be offered along with my continuing prayers over the next 13 days.   I am very relieved to have a few more days to deal with organizing the basement storage room for the umpteenth time, among other things.   So…  LET US STAND TOGETHER IN THE STRENGTH OF LOVE, super-conscious of our thoughts, actions and intentions   –  for today (& every day)  –  WE shape our individual and collective reality.  WE KNOW THIS, IT IS OUR PRACTICE, AS WE GRATEFULLY RECEIVE THE EMPOWERMENT AND TRANSMISSION OF THE SACRED WIND & BREATH of ”IK’

MUCH, MUCH LOVE, Andrea Hansen  (a.k.a. Andromeda Melchizedek)


I believe the ‘un-official’ Official Process of Disclosure has truly begun…  The only Cabinet level politician in North America to speak openly about the truth of the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada the Honorable Paul Hellyer says:  “It is no longer about the truth of [E.T.] ships in the air, but the lies on the ground.”  Mr. Hellyer also stated that many of our ‘advanced technologies’  –  the laser, kevlar, LED lights, the microchip, to name but a few  –  are of E.T. origin.  But before the ‘Truth Embargo’ on our collective exo-political reality can be lifted, Stephen Basset, Director of the Citizen Hearing Foundation explained at the Toronto Citizens’ Hearing on E.T. Disclosure  –  there is a  very specific diplomatic protocol  followed by Star Nations awaiting official welcome by planets about to ‘go galactic’.   In the presence of National Press & Media  –  as promised and for the record  –  I asked my very specific question regarding the REAL REASON Disclosure has not happened  –  during the Toronto Citizens’ Hearing on E.T. Disclosure global video livestream (see timecode 1:29:00) :{%22614185978598076%22%3A545001355520396}&action_type_map={%22614185978598076%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

For further information on the upcoming Washington Citizen Hearing on E.T. Disclosure please visit the official Citizens’ Hearing Website (launched during the Toronto event on Feb. 7, 2013):

The truth IS far stranger than fiction, trust me on that one.