I think many of us right now are wondering, WHAT in the world is going on with ISON?  There is the spiritual dimension and implication of ISON’s passage through the Constellation of Virgo, ‘ISIS’ by another name…  So although ISON has been referred to as the ‘Eye / Sun / Son of RA’,  it is a Divine Masculine Energy which Honors, Protects & Empowers the Divine Feminine in ALL Her Manifestations.   True Divine Kingship sits on the Throne of ISIS ie. Her Divine Lap  –  with Her Permission, Guidance and Blessing  ie.  Her ‘baby’ / ‘HORUS’ represents the kind of Society / Civilization which then arises to reflect a true balance of the Divine Masculine in real partnership with the Divine Feminine.  A civilization which respects  & cherishes ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE.

That said,  I am now going to share some thoughts which are directed primarily at those of us who are familiar with the real history of Sumer; the Sumerian clay tablets which speak of the test-tube creation of Mankind by the Annunaki; and the return of the Annunaki homeworld, NIBIRU, to our shared solar system. Till yesterday the connection between ISON and NIBIRU was unclear to me.  After watching BPEarthWatch’s SECCHI footage of what appears to be ‘Planet X’  –  for lack of a better moniker, and for which four people  apparently lost their jobs for leaking to the public  –  I really needed to make sense of things.

If the image of the giant world now hidden in plain sight in our solar system is for real, it IS a game changer.  So…  last night I decided to consciously connect with the consciousness of the Annunaki, of whom I am a proud descendant , in the Lineage of ENKI (for the GREATLY misinformed out there, I am not a blood-sacrificing lizard masquerading as human – but I digress…)  This is what I got:

Imagine a time before the Creation of the Humans of Earth.  Imagine a planet (‘dwarf star’??) that on the course of its extended orbit, visits the solar system we believe belongs only to us.  In time, the Annunaki study the universe as it unfolds around them; one comet among many stands out…  we know it as ISON.  Both lonely travelers through Deep Space, the Giant World & the Giant Comet share a special kinship.

In the evolution & development of their civilization, the Beings on the lonely planet had a crazy idea: no longer satisfied with merely observing the stars and planets around them, they wanted to ‘fly’ through deep space.  Just as human imagination was inspired to build airplanes from observation of the flight of birds; just as we longed ‘crazily’ to visit our moon in primitive (relatively speaking) rocket-ships;  the Annunaki longed to visit a glittering blue-green jewel that beckoned so very far beyond their reach.  Until Annunaki imagination was again fired with the next ‘crazy’ idea:  why not hitch a ride on the tail of the one high-speed comet that could get them into the vicinity of Earth?   Perhaps the Mexican Government’s recent release of a Mayan Artifact that depicts an Ancient Astronaut riding the tail of a comet does not seem so ‘crazy’ after all.

It would also make sense of the insensible:  The several ‘space-based’ weapons attacks on ISON during its Perihilion passage around the Sun;  the appearance of ‘NIBIRU’ in the SECCHI frame  (where the entire world was NOT watching); the concurrent timing of many unusual (& huge)  UFO sightings around the sun; and the repeated inexplicable changes in ISON’s speed and trajectory (very ‘un-cometlike’ behavior).

Perhaps there was much more going on during ISON’s perihilion passage BEHIND our sun than meets the eye.  Perhaps it was an Annunaki crew and supplies ‘pick-up and drop-off’ switching station with Nibiru  –  for the their next scheduled – regular as clockwork – visit to Earth.  And for those with even a basic knowledge of Annunaki history and the Inter Galactic Wars they have fought, there is no way the Annunaki would have been caught at such a crucial moment with their defenses down;  they DO have shielding & cloaking technology.

And by now, our Annunaki Ancestors / Relatives will have made new alliances within the so-called Galactic Federation – which given the inextricable historic connections of the Annunaki to Earth, and vice versa, has seemingly waited for their Return before beginning the Official First Contact Protocols of the New Era.  OUR Era.  ALL these events conveniently coincide with December 2013, the real End of the Mayan Calendar, which is no surprise, really, as even the Maya say the calendar was given to them by ‘visitors’ from the stars.  The Wheat WILL be separated from the Chaff (er, ‘mountains’ of B.S.).   We will all know for certain, one way or another, come January 2014.  Prepare for Truth, and I Hope, Much Better Times Ahead.

MUCH LOVE, Andromeda  XO

P.S.  The Cool Aid spiked with fear will take you into the wrong theater, choose the ‘end time’ movie you want to watch / experience with great care.