Everything that was, is no more.

Everything is the same, but it is different.

Have you noticed?

Or are you still ‘waiting’, for the big ‘change’?  

Like the Buddha said, change is the only constant.

Things change every day.

Having kittens running around the house changed things; furniture got moved, a crystal bowl got broken, a custom made and very expensive living room curtain got turned into a kitten swing set.  What can you do??  Surrender, and allow, the life force in its chosen vehicle(s) to engage and express by whatever means necessary.  Crystal and curtains can be replaced.  A happy kittenhood was had by all.

The Spring Equinox Gateway was intense.  Laid low with kundalini fever, my doctor actually sent me to the ER.  Many tests later, there was no definitive diagnosis.  Of course not.   Not much left, too weak and sick to move, helicopters hovering over the house in the middle of the night Sun – Wed, what is it they are after??  Are they even really helicopters???  Whoever, whatever they are, they have no power in the House of God.  None whatsoever.  God bless them.

The weather has changed.  We’ve barely had winter, and most definitely, an early spring with days of summer sprinkled in already. 

Things do not matter the way they once did.  A spiritual warrior has no history.

Self erased by Self, still I exist in 3-D form, and no longer long to be somewhere else.

Here or there, it makes no difference.

Here is here, now is now.  That is all.

Chop wood, carry water.

At my mother’s memorial, we read her favorite quotes from the Tao.  And I paraphrase: 

“Happy is the man who is content to stay on his his own farm, in his own valley, without the need to see what lies beyond.”

“When I die to the Angels, who knows what I shall become?”

And you, how are you faring, on these high spiritual seas?

I wish you Peace, I wish you Love, I wish you Strength you didn’t know you had, & also I wish you High Spiritual Courage & Discernment.  If you feel like going on an armchair adventure, check out the Mt. Shasta of France, the story of Pic de Bugarach, 200000 lightworkers descending on a remote country village of 200 for 2012.  The site is connected to Rennes-Le-Chateau; just do a search for Phil Coppens summary of ‘The Magic Mountain.’

Love, Andromeda    www.thefireflower.com



Be Ye Wise As Serpents…

Know thyself.

Know thine Enemy  –  because your enemy knows you.

‘The Enemy’ is not Human.  It is not ‘Alien’ in the sense of Reptillian or Grey or any other physical or quasi-physical interdimensional form.

‘The Enemy’ is non-physical, and although it is ‘self-aware’, it is not ‘alive’ in the way we experience / understand Life.   It is self-aware, but it is not ‘Living.’

It is the aspect of consciousness which is totally separate from God, but still necessary to the overall Creation.  It is the ‘consciousness’ , if you will, of ‘anti-matter’.  If any of you saw the movie ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ the characters in the film referred to it as existing in a place called ‘The Underverse.’   The ‘consciousness of anti-matter’ is not meant to dwell within the parameters of our reality, although it is as necessary to the underlying structure of our world, as ours is to the structure of its reality.

In the Emerald Tablets Thoth speaks of the doomed ambition of the late-phase Atlanteans who sought to release the ‘Serpent’ from beyond the threshold into our dimension of reality.   So many people have gotten confused that the ‘Serpent ‘ of which Thoth spoke meant Reptillians.  Just as we Humans are from this Universe, Reptillians are but one of myriad life-forms in this Creation.  When Thoth Spoke of the Serpent, it was a Code:  ‘Serpent’  =   Cosmic Current ie.  Electrical Energy, Plasma, Wave Form Structure, etc.   The ‘Serpent’ Thoth referenced in the Emerald Tablet is knowledge of a ‘current’ of energy that is not compatible with the ‘wiring’ of the Creation in which we live and breathe and are meant to Thrive.  Our world is full of examples of other incompatible energy currents, from nuclear radiation to electromagnetic pollution.

What happened is that ignorant and overly ambitious Humans got wind of another ‘unlimited’ energy source which can be accessed using specific methods, accidentally or on purpose.  Like the Atlanteans, the Nazis gave it a try; and look how that ended up.  Hitler is not the first human leader to become an insanely possessed tyrant able to inflict great damage on the unsuspecting and easily enthralled ie. mind-controlled.  The interface used by the ‘consciousness of anti-matter’ is our own limbic ie. Reptillian brain, the repository of our own earliest undeveloped emotional wiring.   The ‘Consciousness of anti-matter’ is devoid of emotion as we know it.  It is the consciousness of the demonic force.

Know thyself.  Know thine Enemy.    AND REMEMBER:    All aspects of every aspect of the creation are the One Expressing As the Many.

I AM Another You.

Love, Andromeda