As we Divine Love Lightworkers & Divine Love Warriors know all too well, Time is not linear. Time is not ‘fixed’ ; & ultimately, both time and death are illusions of the highest order.  However, we decided at some point long ago that it would be ‘fun’ to play the game of time, inside the illusion of time…   It was fun, until it wasn’t  –  and now after Dec 21/2012, it is actually starting to be fun, again.  It is fun because we now know without doubt that we can mold time and shift timelines and be the experience we wish to experience. We are anchoring the 5D Heaven on Earth Timeline on Mother Gaia.  Some people refer to it as Timeline 3  –  not the Full-on Ascension Timeline, not the Catastrophic Timeline, but a new timeline that is continuously merging smaller threads unto itself, into Oneness, into Peace, into Love.  I prefer to not give our new precious time-line a number – I just refer to it as the 5D Heaven on Earth Timeline.   That said, we need to be aware that within the Matrix of Time, there is turbulence, and just as in flying in an aircraft that hits air pockets and ‘drops’ thousands of feet unexpectedly, when ‘flying’ through time, there are ‘time-pockets’ just like ‘air-pockets’ where it can feel – momentarily – like everything is going to *%^# in a hand-basket.  But the plane ie. the personal merkabic field, soon rights itself & returns to balance. The reason we experience these time-pockets is because we are ‘flying’ inter-dimensionally through space-time, & through multiple time / energy / dimensional fields  simultaneously – along with Mother Gaia, our Sun, our Solar System and all the people on the planet.  Not everyone’s merkabic field is calibrated to the same frequency.  And our group merkaba / Gaia merkaba is working overtime carrying millions whose fields are still relatively dormant.  Hence, time-turbulence and time-pockets, as pockets of dimensional density are processed by the collective, one way or another. These last few days since Jan 18 have been intense as we navigated a major ‘time-pocket’ while at the same time keeping our collective StarShip Gaia / Planetary Group merkaba on track.  But today, I am happy to report that the energies seem to have leveled out.  OVER THE LAST FIVE DAYS:  The ‘Naked Scanners’ at U.S. airports are out;  Teachers in Ontario have won a bitterly hard fought battle to retain their union rights;  the ‘Energy-Attack’ on the U.S. Eastern states has been neutralized; and OBAMA IS IN THE HOUSE.  We are on track, 5D Heaven on Earth is here, we are manifesting it NOW.  

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Yesterday, woke up to the sound of a small plane buzzing my house.  Maybe it was someone learning to fly from Buttonville Airport, not far from my home. (The same airport John Kennedy Jr. flew in and out of the week before his Crossing, God rest his soul).  Or, maybe, it’s a small plane belonging to one of several ‘small’ companies in Canada that literally ‘map’ the geomagnetic field of the Earth.  Anomalies get their attention.  The same plane, or several, continued to flyby throughout the day.  Generally when they show up (or the helicopters) I take it as good sign that good work was accomplished, that our meditations were successful. A sign that something has ‘shifted’ in the Grid of Mother Gaia.  A greater influx of light has impacted and left a new signature…

You see, something did happen on the night of Wednesday January 9, 2013.  By fluke I was guided to participate in an abundance meditation with several thousand people around the world.  I figured a new year ‘tune up’ wouldn’t hurt.  But, given the power of the group, and the nature of the times, something else happened entirely.  Many of my beloved Earth Family now on the Other Side came through.  They are always around of course, but not usually in a ‘money meditation’  –  so I paid closer attention.  More was going on here than being a money magnet.

My family members now on the Other Side  –  who due to our various Lineages  –  and also due to their connection to me  –  had been the victims of severe Archonic attack.  What my family showed me is that all the work we evolving humans have been doing on eliminating negative programming around money – fear of lack, low self-worth, self-imposed limitations, etc, etc. is a never ending story, usually blamed on untrue ideas seeded in early childhood.  But what if there is another reason these programs are so insidious??  There always seems to be another ‘block’ to abundance just waiting to be found.  What if these misshapen thought forms do not actually originate within human consciousness?  What if they have been embedded within human consciousness, from outside human consciousness, to trap humanity in poverty consciousness, an endless cycle of Global Poverty & Financial Crisis?

When I was a toddler, I did not give a hoot about money.  I did not know what money was! But as an adult certain limiting ideas about money sure have been hard to get rid of.  How can you get rid of something you can’t even access?  How can you get rid of the myriad blocks to abundance you supposedly have??  BECAUSE – ding, ding, ding – you are not supposed to find them – IF they are part of Archonic Programming.  So what did my Ascended Family & I do, in the context of the group energy abundance meditation?

As planetary surrogate (nod to Patti Cota-Robles) invoking the Full Power & Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Shekinah, the Divine Mother Aspect of Creation – we went ahead and DELETED all the Archonic Lies and Archonic Programs around money in the entire Grid system – through all space, all time, all reality, and all dimensions – and downloaded the 5D Heaven on Earth frequencies of Divine Abundance into the Etheric & Crystalline Systems!!!

In our post December 21, 2012 world, we thus restore our original collective HUMAN thoughtforms & agreements around abundance, wealth, ‘jobs’, ‘careers’, vocations, work & exchange of energies into Divine Abundance, Divine Flow, where all human gifts are given and received, where all needs are met, in Joy, in Gratitude and in Balance. 

As we all know the energies yesterday were amazingly wonky.

Last night I was then guided to connect with Deborah Pietsch (‘Peach’ – isn’t that lovely?) and her 7 Days of Creation Meditation to Ignite the Global Financial Re-set.   Divine timing –  Perfect!!!!

If you wish to connect with us this evening, & through the weekend to our first 13:13 Gateway of the new 26,000 year Baktun (Sunday January 13, 2013) please join us at this link:







Over 20 years ago in a private channeled session with Lord Maitreya he told me that I am a ‘Divine Love Warrior’ (at this point, many of us are).

Maitreya immediately addressed the issue of my father’s death, of which the ‘channel’ had absolutely no knowledge.  Under very complex circumstances, my biological father had dropped his physical body three months earlier – but – he did not cross over. My father chose to stay at my side, to protect me, for three more months. As my biological parents separated when I was an infant, at the age of 29 it was the most time we’d ever spent together.  What a gift from Spirit – his presence was so tangible. There was no mourning a loss of connection, only a shared mourning over the challenging circumstances which had beset us & impacted our relationship.  However, we both knew he could not stay indefinitely.

Question is, how did the channel ie. Maitreya, know this??  ; )  With great love, Maitreya officiated my father’s Crossing into the Ascended Realms. For Ascend, he did.  Maitreya also spoke to me  of my path, of Drunvalo, of what lay ahead.  Maitreya also requested I return for another session a few days later.

I had no idea what to expect, but in our second session, Maitreya began to speak about the novel I was working on.  He knew all the characters, their names, all the major plot points, some of which were still half-baked at the time.  I was utterly shocked.  I did not speak about my ‘project’ because I did not know how to. Two years in to the project, I was dealing with subject matter which terrified me.  Two years earlier (in the late ‘90s at the age of 27) while summering in my beloved Vancouver, two of the main characters ‘introduced’ themselves to me, out of the blue:  Griffin Arakiel, the Fallen Angel; & the Countess Lelia de Bazalcette, the Serpent Queen.

Maitreya knew all the structural & story points with which I was having great difficulty – because the complete work already existed in the Higher Realms. He told me (among other things) that I had to “write that which I most feared.” It’s why ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower’ took 10 years to write.  It is a work of literature that resolves duality.  About half way through the writing process, I discovered that ‘Arakiel’ is the name of an actual Fallen Angel.  He did not ‘go away’ until the book was done.  ASCENSION: The FireFlower is the pathway of redemption for the Fallen.

Lord Maitreya also told me that I am to ‘share everything’.

I’m trying.

This amazing music video  – ‘MY INNER NINJA’  –  actually makes me cry   : )


All the Divine Love Warriors out there will relate.


                                                 ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower

                                 The End of Time…  But Not the End of the World


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‘OM AUM’ – ‘I AM, I AM’


Two small syllables that contain the ALL of Creation.

Within that Creation are many sparks of the Creator, some imagining themselves bigger or smaller, as the case may be.

‘OM AUM’ is Sankrit for ‘I AM I AM’ The I AM in ALL THINGS, WITHIN and WITHOUT.

Nothing in existence exists outside of, or beyond, its Holy Presence.

OM AUM – Self-Created – without Beginning and without End.

The ‘OM AUM’ knows each of individuated spark of consciousness intimately. Each hope, each fear, each wish, each secret and each desire.

May Each Sentient Being in Creation Realize its Potential to Know the Unknowable – that which is attained ‘at the End of Desire’.


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