For the recent Venus Transit my husband and I made certain to be outside in the garden…  the weather was exceptionally lovely.  The sun already below the roofline in the western sky, I did not bother to go ’round the corner of the house to look up at it, because I had (mis) read somewhere that the Transit of Venus would not be visible in the North American northeast.  So, my focus was Pachamama, in full bloom in the backyard.
A tangible stillness engulfed the neighborhood, the same stillness I have noticed / experienced during many an eclipse.  An unusual quiet, given the great good weather…   Gardens watered in silence.  Children playing without talking.  Birds roosting calmly, emitting only the occasional chirp.
Energetically, it was intense.  We even lay down on the grass, side by side, bare feet cool against the damp earth.   And there, in the clear, empty azure sky  –  a single cloud that did not change shape or position for some time.  An open-jawed, spiral-bodied, winged-dragon cloud replete with an absolutely stick straight extended tongue that did not wag or waiver.  ‘Quezaltcoatl’…  I remember thinking…
Bill Ballard mentioned a similar ‘cloud’ making an appearance at the recent Mount Shasta Venus Transit Star Knowledge Gathering!!  At the very first Star Knowledge Gathering at the Yankton Sioux Indian Reserveration, South Dakota in 1996 (I think it was ’96) everyone stood outside in a circle holding hands & toning  –  while in the (again) perfectly cloudless blue a perfect ring of cloud appeared quite low in the sky directly above our heads  –  only to ‘break open’ on one side of the ring as if something flew away  –  when we completed toning!  I was blessed to have attended the first Star Knowledge Gathering with my biological father, also a life-long ‘experiencer/contactee’ who had made an impossible trip possible.
I only found out a few days after the Venus Transit that the ‘Feathered-Serpent’ had also made an unheard of shadow-dance appearance down the cross-quarter steps of the Pyramid at Chichen Itza.
Something that only ever happens on an Equinox.   The Mayans  –  as usual  –  were expecting it. 

A ‘winged-dragon’ crop circle that just manifested (I think on June 25) in Wiltshire, UK may have by now been completely destroyed by the farmer in whose field it appeared.  But the real ‘Quetzalcoatl’  –  whether a single or a million million Enlightened Christed Personages or High Holy Cosmic Wave  –  will not be so easy to stamp out.  There is great collective power in sharing our ‘Sightings.’

Speaking of ‘sightings’ the ‘lights in the sky’ have been glitteringly prevalent of late.  ‘Is that Venus?’, ‘No, it’s Jupiter,’ we discussed casually on an evening walk, stopping slack-jawed mid-step as ‘Jupiter’ slowly swooped down towards us and then southwards so close pure electric white that it’s ‘halo’ glowed pale blue against the Summer Solstice Night.  A protective presence, this one, most definitely.  NOT a satellite!!  Or a ‘meteor’.

So.  The extraordinary weaves itself in and out and through the fabric of an ‘ordinary’ late afternoon, an ‘ordinary’ evening.  But there is nothing ordinary about Love.  Gratitude.  True Peace.  Integration.  The Single Eye.  Or the One Heart of Creation. 

Nothing at all…