The energies are paradoxical at the moment – a deep lull from the events of the last week, combined with the build-up of sacred cosmic force leading to our Scorpionic April 2013 WESAK Full Moon Eclipse on Thursday. The Incoming Rays of Cosmic Christ Conscious Compassion & Universal Wisdom Buddha Mind are focused on Holy Mount Kailash, in the Himalayas.

Today and tomorrow (Wednesday) people all over the world are meditating, releasing, emptying, preparing to receive the potent ‘Christed Buddha’ combo.

Thursday (‘Thor’s Day’) is the day of safeguarding, where we receive the sacred rays;

and Friday and Saturday will be the days of ‘disbursement’ or sharing of the blessing energies.

For me these energies have arrived with great benevolent force.  

It feels like the Higher World overlay is far more real, the old ‘3D’ realm increasingly lacking in allure. As a result, I don’t have much to say. I am in a non-verbal ‘inner space’ where words do not do much to convey the higher frequencies. I include a link for more info on WESAK should you wish it…


As well as stunning images of Mount Kailash, where all the spiritual action is  😉


People get ready, there’s a starship a comin’



THE BOOK OF ANIKAH – The Planets Are Aligned!!!

The Planets are Aligned!!!   Whatever your dream, however your creativity desires to express, this is the time to nurture the seeds of your spirit with an abundance of cosmic fire!!!   But be careful…

With yesterday’s very powerful New Moon it is essential to retain a positive outlook on one’s personal future, regardless of any negativity in the so-called news.  This does not mean burying one’s head in the sand, however much one might feel like it. With power made conscious we can choose to hang out in the bubble of our own highly focused ‘Newborn Heaven on Earth World’!!!

Pro-active hopeful engagement with favorite charities, causes and projects is what is called for now.  With so many planets in Aries  –  including Venus  –  the charge of the Goddess materially supports us all to get up and get going!!  New Moon opposite Galactic Center brought me a totally unexpectedly intensely creative marathon day!  As soon as the sun rose I woke with a new name, a new voice, & a new project conceived overnight in my dreams and birthed whole from my heart:




God is Merciful

‘ANIKAH’:  A pet form of Anna, which is derived from the Hebrew Hannah (gracious, full of grace), which is from hannāh, chaanach (grace, gracious, mercy).  It also appears in Latin, Sanskrit, Hindi, Japanese, Danish, German, Finnish, Estonian, Dutch & Swedish!!!

ANNA is my middle name;  and yes, ‘The Book of Anikah’ IS indeed a ‘Book of Grace’!!!

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I would be so eternally grateful as I had to set up a new page because my other personal FB Page continues to have ‘issues’ 😉 🙂

Yes indeed, the Planets are Aligned!!!  Whatever your dream is, however your creativity desires to express, this is the time to nurture the seeds of your spirit with cosmic fire!!!   Millions are now observing Navaratri  –  the ‘Nine Nights of the Goddess’, which also began with yesterday’s Chinnamasta New Moon.  (The Goddess Chinnamasta is the Tantric Consort of Lord Shiva;  together they destroy illusion).  For the first three days, we honor the Divine Mother Warrior Durga, bestower of spiritual wealth ie. remover of ego and ignorance.  Days 4 thru 6 we invoke the blessings of Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance.  And Days 7 thru 9 we pay our respects to Holy Sophia in the guise of Saraswati’s Holy Wisdom.   Thankfully we open to receive the Blessings of the Goddess upon us, our loved ones, our homes, communities, waters and lands.

MUCH MUCH LOVE,  ‘Anikah’  😉