America, the Beautiful.  


America, Defender of Civil Liberties and the Free World. 


America, Constitutional Republic. 


America, the rest of the world dreams of you, relies on you. 


The Founding Fathers’ dream of Freedom was dreamed for All People.


Has the Founding Fathers’ Faith in a future upheld by the Constitution they Wrote been betrayed, and if so, by whom??


The upcoming U.S. Election is about one thing:  the Constitution of the United States of America.   Without it, nothing else matters. 


It is not a call to arms, but the call of Awakening, that beckons. 


America who dares the Dream of Heaven on Earth   –   still we believe in you.


America, we are with you all the way,  99 percent of six billion  –  & that’s just the surface population of this world.


America, have Faith.      The cosmic trumpet has sounded. 


Our own Star-Sun blasts wave after wave of stardust our way.


The skies shimmering with Aurora Borealis, the Magnetic Field of Earth Bounces like a sheet in the Solar Wind,


The drum of Gaia’s heart sounds its planetary tone in response;  creaking & groaning Her desire for Freedom, the Tectonic Plates stretch & shift,  and Humanity along with Her.


Thus is the path of Light from the Great Central Sun at the Core of our Galaxy made straight.  


The Light of the Transformation is upon us.


4 AM and I am at my desk, the same van, the same grey K-car drive back and forth repeatedly on the dark & snow silent street in my quiet country neighborhood.   It’s not the first time. 




The LIGHT does not discriminate. 


The LIGHT is Without Prejudice.  


In the Light of Disclosure we each have the Full God Given Right to experience the ‘Heaven’  –  or ‘Hell’  –  of our own Choosing.  


Bill Wood, and the invisible Brave  &  Good,  I honor you.


 “The Light is Dawning.  And what chance has Night ever had in the Light of the Morning Sun?”


Ascension:  The FireFlower





“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  Charles Dickens    

Both my dear mother and my precious Little Boo-Cat chose to transition out of physicality just before Christmas. I was so blessed to be present with each of them in the sacred space of the heart, at the threshold of this Life and the Next, holding my mother’s hand, and cradling Little Boo in my arms, as they drew their respective last breaths.   My mother transitioned the afternoon of Nov 21, 2011; and less than twelve hours later I helped my cat Mama-Bella deliver eight healthy kittens in a labor that lasted from 4:30 AM to 11:30 AM.  Birth and death are interchangeable, facets of the same coin.

One of the kittens looked entirely different to the rest of the litter; in fact, it had the same markings and coloring as my recently deceased Little Boo.  ‘Boo Boo’, as we call ‘Little Boo II’, was born in the same bed from which her ‘predecessor’ departed.  Boo Boo Senior had left in a big hurry, at the last possible minute  –  in order to come right back!  This new ‘Boo’ was much smaller than the others, much more awkward, clearly an ‘Old Soul’ waking up ‘re-born’ from the dream of ‘old age’, a look of extreme puzzlement on her little face.  Plus, it was obvious  –   she remembered me.  What a gift.  The cat-being who’d slept at my pillow, who had followed me around from room to room for 15 years  –  ‘my’ cat had come back.   

With Bella’s first litter, ‘Elderly Boo’ had acted as unofficial guardian, spending all her time hovering over & observing the summer kittens born on the Mayan New Year.  Who knew that the cat we’d rescued on Halloween would bring so much life into our home, even a new physical vehicle for Boo Boo to experience kittenhood?  The original Boo was a found cat also, I’d always wondered if she’d had a happy babyhood.  The latest litter (and the last, I can assure you) has been a source of tremendous comfort & joy, pun intended.  Of course, I am still processing my mother’s death, she died of cancer, but personally I do not much like to use words like ‘dead’ or ‘died’.  I prefer to say that one has ‘dropped the body.’ 

As mum & I had discussed, she wasted no time communicating her presence, moving many objects with very specific symbolic meaning such that I would know without any doubt it was she.  Over the holidays I lit many candles for her, set flickering in front of a photo of her as a twenty-something goddess in the early 1960s seated atop the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun gigantic in the distance behind her at Teotihuacan.  The picture is one of her favorites, capturing her true essence. I am profoundly grateful her soul-spirit was present with us a great deal over the holidays.   As a dear friend pointed out, my mother made it across the finish line, right through 11:11:11   And unbelievably, Boo Boo came right back, reborn almost immediately in a brand new kitten body.  If the Dalai Lama can do it, why not a temple cat??  Remarkable to witness first hand!!!  Different in size & demeanor to her litter mates, I knew FOR SURE it was Boo when I found her far away from the kitten box, all the way in the kitchen, seated comfortably inside ‘her’ dry food bowl (that’s how small she still was!) hardly any teeth yet to speak of, gumming away happily on ‘her’ favorite kibble.  Life on Earth really does have a revolving door policy.  Love, Healing, Connection & Regeneration continue, regardless.

Slowly, slowly, I re-emerge, from the Deep Silence of the December Solstice Season.  I know millions of people around the world have had a similar experience of being blissfully in their own Bubble over the last four weeks or so.  What a gift!!  Today, January 14, 2012, also happens to be the Vedic New Year  –  and in case you ‘missed’ it, there’s Chinese New Year coming up on January 24!  We are thus provided with ample opportunities to start anew.  Every day, every breath.   

Did you know that in 2010 elite business men on the planet were given  advance notice of an impending major investment opportunity regarding ‘UFO’  flight technology?  I guess Sir Richard Branson / ‘Virgin’ and the Head of Amazon heard the call!!!   FYI, it’s called the ‘Shoot-the-Mooners’ Club.  More importantly, the Mayan  and the Vedic / Hindu Calendars corroborate the start date of the Golden Age by a difference of only 12 years, a minor discrepancy when dealing with time-cycles of thousands of years.  Have you noticed the lack of ‘news’ in mainstream media??  Or the lack of snow / extreme cold in SouthWestern Ontario???  It feels like ‘winter’ can’t quite get going – a few false starts  –  in spite of the cold today the sun is shining hot against my skin – temperatures to warm up to above zero again tomorrow.  

“GOLDEN AGE / SATYUGAM   –   During 2012, the Sun, Earth and Karthigai star, will be in alignment resulting in more of the grace light entering the Earth plane. Thereafter, it is predicted that the Karthigai – Lord Murugan energy will be responsible for the transformation of the planet and of the genetic evolution of the human species into Gods and Goddesses status. This energy will allow  to return to their original blueprint. The most important thing to remember about these new energies is to stay conscious and match our frequency to receive it.”  

So, don’t pay undue attention to the so-called ‘News’  –  the real action is happening all around us as at a speed of over 1 million miles an hour Spaceship Earth is taking us deeper into the diamond field of a region of interstellar space not visited by Gaia in over 26,000 years.   For MUCH MORE on ‘GRACE-LIGHT’  I suggest Susan Joy Rennison’s INCREDIBLE  slideshow presentation at Delft Technical University.   An expert on space weather, the multi-verse, string theory and geomagnetics,  she got my FULL attention.  Scholarly, scientific and totally metaphysical at the same time, Rennison does not even get into the human merkaba psycho-physical energy field per se  –  HOWEVER  –  her research entirely supports it, especially at the level of a Gaian-Solar-Stellar-Galactic-Universe.   Rennison calls it ‘tuning the diamonds’…  Now I know where Pullman got his idea of ‘DUST’ as presented in his recently popular book / movie ‘The Golden Compass’!!!

There are two video links on the front page of Susan Joy Rennison’s website  –  in the first one hour presentation, there is a STUNNING abstract image of a ‘seed of life’ violet flame ‘fire-flower’ in a glorious ‘lattice-work’ rendering of the cell-like structure of so-called ‘empty’ Space!!  So go hang out with Susan for a couple of hours, and learn much more about the big picture as we all continue to polish our collective Diamond Field!!!