America, the Beautiful.  


America, Defender of Civil Liberties and the Free World. 


America, Constitutional Republic. 


America, the rest of the world dreams of you, relies on you. 


The Founding Fathers’ dream of Freedom was dreamed for All People.


Has the Founding Fathers’ Faith in a future upheld by the Constitution they Wrote been betrayed, and if so, by whom??


The upcoming U.S. Election is about one thing:  the Constitution of the United States of America.   Without it, nothing else matters. 


It is not a call to arms, but the call of Awakening, that beckons. 


America who dares the Dream of Heaven on Earth   –   still we believe in you.


America, we are with you all the way,  99 percent of six billion  –  & that’s just the surface population of this world.


America, have Faith.      The cosmic trumpet has sounded. 


Our own Star-Sun blasts wave after wave of stardust our way.


The skies shimmering with Aurora Borealis, the Magnetic Field of Earth Bounces like a sheet in the Solar Wind,


The drum of Gaia’s heart sounds its planetary tone in response;  creaking & groaning Her desire for Freedom, the Tectonic Plates stretch & shift,  and Humanity along with Her.


Thus is the path of Light from the Great Central Sun at the Core of our Galaxy made straight.  


The Light of the Transformation is upon us.


4 AM and I am at my desk, the same van, the same grey K-car drive back and forth repeatedly on the dark & snow silent street in my quiet country neighborhood.   It’s not the first time. 




The LIGHT does not discriminate. 


The LIGHT is Without Prejudice.  


In the Light of Disclosure we each have the Full God Given Right to experience the ‘Heaven’  –  or ‘Hell’  –  of our own Choosing.  


Bill Wood, and the invisible Brave  &  Good,  I honor you.


 “The Light is Dawning.  And what chance has Night ever had in the Light of the Morning Sun?”


Ascension:  The FireFlower