‘Christians’  vs.  ‘Satanists’


‘Lightworkers’ vs. ‘The Cabal’


‘Rich’ vs. ‘Poor’


‘The 99%’  vs.  ‘The 1%’


‘Communists’ vs. ‘Capitalists’


‘Anarchists’ vs. ‘Fascists’


‘Democrats’ vs. ‘Republicans’


‘The Illuminati’ vs. ‘The World’


‘Muslims’ vs. Infidels’


‘Fundamentalists’ vs. ‘Heathens/Pagans’


Take your pick, the list goes on and on and on…   And  on…  and on…  AND on… AND ON…


Until we see through the game that we’ve been playing…  Till we realize we’ve been played…  and worse… 


That WE ARE  the players…   The ones who have played ourselves.  


And not as in actors playing Oscar-worthy roles on a stage…  but as divine con-artists who have conned  –  get this  –  our very own multi-dimensional sacred selves.


The magnitude of the cosmic con we have pulled on our holy selves makes the economic ponzi schemes being played out in our world look like planetary kindergarden.  


As ‘Lightworkers’ it is easy to get caught in the familiar traps of self-righteousness, holier-than-thou-ness, judgement and reactivity  –  especially when faced with ‘Evil / Evildoers’ in our world.


What to do with the ‘Evil’ Illuminati??  The Dark Cabal???     The *$&#W)@   ????


If we have truly transcended Duality, we will treat them like Norway takes care of its offenders.  With real compassion and forgiveness.


Or the way Yeshua asked us to treat our enemies  –  to ‘Turn The Other Cheek.’


Wow.  Just think if we all could actually do what he asked of us.


‘Do not judge, lest ye be judged yourselves…’


‘Who amongst us dares throw the first stone??’


Sure, it is much easier to stay busy polishing our pitchforks.  But what if we could each suddenly see the grand panoply of ALL our past lives?  Our own and everyone else’s, the good, the bad and the ugly??   I am sure we would be ‘shocked’ to see how many times we’ve been ‘the Other’, the ‘Victim’ & ‘Victimizer.’ 


How many times have I been ‘EVIL’??   I wonder.   At least one life-time, at the very least, guaranteed.


So, as we collectively begin to truly face our COLLECTIVE SHADOW,  lets not get sucked too far  into the Dramarama  –  lest we perpetuate the split consciousness of Duality which prevents us from transcending ie. getting over ourselves  –  to an ‘Ascendedly Embodied’ State of Being.