My birth name is Andrea Hansen; it is the name under which I generally navigate life, the name by which I introduce myself to those I meet, and of course, the name under which I wrote and published my novel ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower‘.  For the sake of simplicity, my birth name is the name with which I will continue, going forward.  From the Andromeda1111.com blog people know me by my spiritual name, ‘Andromeda Melchizedek.’  It is still my spiritual name, given to me directly by Source the night of my Ascension Initiation at the age of 23 (The Ascension Rite of the Great Pyramid) ‘Andromeda’  =  My birth name + ‘OM’ (more or less!) ;  & ‘Melchizedek’  –  the holy name which best encapsulates the levels of consciousness, Divine Feminine Cosmic Merkabic & Spiritual Energy fields and ‘Flower of Life’ Mandala ‘templates’ accessed directly the night of my initiation (without prior knowledge, desire or expectation), as well as myriad subsequent mystic experiences / confirmations.  

July 1991, two nights before my 24th birthday, on a trip to the land of the Hopi in the South-West, my life changed forever.  The seed of this spiritual initiation was planted twelve years earlier, when just after celebrating my 12th birthday in Paris, I traveled to Egypt with my mother and grand-mother.  Over three days on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, we visited the Temples of Luxor and Karnak, the Cairo Museum, and the Pyramids.  At the actual Great Pyramid of Giza, my ‘pyramid-power’ mother was too scared to go inside.  My beloved grandmother hiked up to the entrance of the Great Pyramid, where my younger brother and I were welcomed by the Guardians and permitted to go in alone.  Too elderly to go any further, my gran stayed behind.  Inside the pyramid I ended up by myself, a small girl of 12, in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid…  Spooked, my little brother had already high-tailed it back to the exit without telling me he was leaving; many years later I was told it was because we had not been alone  –  that Anubis had been present.  The Dweller, Anubis, Etheric Guardian to the Initiation Thresholds of the Ancients…

Spiritual Path

So…  Just two days before my 24th birthday  –  while on ‘vacation’  –  I ended up in the Utah desert where I completely unexpectedly underwent the shock and trauma of what Carlos Castaneda’s Toltec Naguals refer to as the ‘cracking’ of the ‘luminous cocoon’, or ‘light-body.’  In my case, my light-body was shredded.  Normally, this would result in death of the physical body.  With zero idea of what was happening to me,  I entered a state of complete dissolution of self.  In this state I accessed the underlying nature of reality, the Void, ‘the One in All.’  Different cultures, traditions & lineages use different labels, but the spiritual ‘landmarks’ remain eternally the same.  Thus, my experience at the age of 12 alone in the Great Pyramid came full circle as I underwent the Initiation of the Ancients in the desert in Utah. All that is needed is the right Vortex, as all Ascension Seats are directly linked to the Cosmic Vortex of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  I had no clue at the time, of course, but I ended up at the right place, right on cue.  “My appointment with Time.”  A wild ride into the mystic, when I returned to my physical body, I was, quite literally, reborn.  Life has been anything but ordinary ever since…

In my blog Thru The Gates of Ascension: The Andromeda Report (too long, I know!)  I generally wear my heart on my sleeve, but if you would like to know more about my life’s work of helping heal humanity’s collective shadow, please visit:

ASCENSION: The FireFlower





12 comments on “ABOUT ANDREA HANSEN a.k.a. ANDROMEDA

  1. Hello, just stumbled on your web site from digg. It is not something I would typically read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thanx for making an article worth reading!

  2. Blissings Good Sister. I greet myself in you.

    Much enjoying your Light Contributions. Couldn’t get to the above website though–www.thefireflower.com Are there problems with it that you know of?

    a brother


    • Hi Randje, I just checked all the links at my end and they appear to be working. Were you able to see the crazy photo of the ‘asteroid’ with giant navigational ‘headlights’?? Too much! Please let me know exactly what is not working where you are. Love, Andromeda

  3. hello, would love to talk with someone on my recent experience in my merkana. I am at avatar level of my spiritual initiation. I thought I was all done with the migraines but on Thursday evening there was a M class solar flare and I was sick all night. i also traveled fully conscious to where I think I saw everything and it was all made of light. Et beings would step forward so I could see them, lots of insectoid bipedal beings, it was overwhelming even though I have seen many ETs. Why was this so painful? And, what is the difference of this vehicle and sitting in the chair and there is no pain at all? I traveled many many times in my conscious sleep state and when I was awakened and then immediately spiraled into my merkana.

  4. Beloved Andromeda, thank you for sharing your light with us. I’ve enjoyed your articles on the Galactic Free Press, but did not know of your experiences until now. I have not been to Egypt in this lifetime, however, I feel a deep connection to the pyramids and especially to the one called Akhenaten. When I read about your childhood experience, my energy got very intense. When I got to the part where you mentioned Anubis, I got chills and started crying. I believe that I might have had initiatory experiences with this being. The energy from the star alignment over Giza is affecting me deeply. Pressure on my crown, and heart chakra/ chest. Bouts of peacefulness. My spine is tingling also. This is really intense!

    • Hi Carolin,

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you!!! I am not always ‘on top’ of my social media. I think as Freddy Silva says, if your ‘PIN Code’ matches the Frequency of the King’s Chamber, you’re in! Anubis is the Guardian of the Threshold, and he does hang out at the Great Pyramid. Nothing and no one gets past him unless they are meant to. So, Congratulations are in order. You have remembered more of who you are. Wishing you all the best as we traverse 12:21:2012

      Love, Andromeda

      ‘You Are Another Me’

  5. Love, love, love. Yes, I feel a very strong connection with Anubis. Every time I think of him, a strong surge of energy goes through my body. All tingly at the crown, third eye and heart. Many blessings to you! And great shifting 🙂

  6. ANDROMEDA MELCHIZEDEK – You are so pathetic in yourthoughts and in your post about the earth axis on 21-12-12, especially after looking at the SHOCKING ASTEROID PHOTO posted on this site. Obviously you would have preferred to add some internet hysteria about a pole shift or something – you’re a shame to the holy name of Melchizedek!!!

    • Hello,

      If you were to actually read my thoughts on the subject I have never been one to promote or encourage the idea of a pole shift on planet Earth, precisely to avoid creating hysteria or fear of such a thing happening. ‘The Shocking Asteroid’ photo, if you had actually looked, is a photo of a Merkabic Star Family Space Craft, not an asteroid. May God Bless You and Keep You.

      Sincerely, Andromeda Melchizedek

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