We are on the verge of tremendous crisis – and also the greatest opportunity ever presented to humanity as a collective entity.  Except that for the most part, other than vague social anxiety in the West, and real suffering elsewhere, the masses have no idea of the immense possibility about to transpire.

I have hesitated speaking about what 2012 might bring, what I secretly wished it would mean, because I did not know for sure…  But the last two and a half weeks of relentless massive solar flares and CMEs have given me hope.   And the July 12, 2012 Warwickshire ‘Solar Flare Star Portal Glyph’ has really ‘ignited’ my excitement!!


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If a Solar Flare Ascension Star Portal actually occurs, it will be a non-negotiable cosmic event that no one can bribe, lie, cheat, or fight their way out of…  No more buying and selling of spiritual ‘tickets’ to the front of the line, or the back of the line, as the case may be.   No more jockeying for position.   If anything, hiding underground will simply prolong the agony.  And those trying to create portals to ‘Other Dimensions’  – if they succeed  – will surely sorely regret the effort.

Have you noticed how tv shows like ‘Terra Nova’  – with a portal to the distant past –  and now ‘Continuum’ – with a portal between 2068 or something and back to 2012  –  have been on the air?  Not an accident.  The agenda behind the agenda looks like someone is trying to find an exit.  This is not news; a synthetic merkaba requires fuel.  Where attention goes, the energy of the mass consciousness flows.

Mass deaths punch holes between the dimensions; and the Cosmic Wave that may be upon us may therefore result in a massive dimensional hole through which certain factions are hoping to pass through after attempting to harness and direct the energy of said Cosmic Wave – through their ‘particle colliders’????  Sounds crazy, I know.   A few years back someone actually invited me to visit CERN.  As I am not a particle physicist I found the invitation somewhat surprising.  My immediate, gut-level response:  “I’m not going anywhere near that thing!!!”   I stayed at home.

Home is where the heart is, as they say.  Where you are is where it’s at, because exactly where you are right now at this very moment is where the Stargate of Your Own Star-Heart is located.  Nowhere else.

And nobody else knows your way Home, but you!!!  Let no one tell you otherwise, or co-opt your power. 

How far you ride the wave is up to you… 

Bypass the 4th Dimension, otherwise known as Heaven / Hell / Purgatory / ‘the Pearly Gates…’ / the Astral Plane…  Remember, every dimension has many levels within it.  The place that matches your actual frequency  –  not the one you necessarily think you are at  – is the one you end up on.   I bring this up now because as the level of solar radiation in the earth’s atmosphere increases, ‘tempers rise’ along with the temperature!

As global protest and anger increase in ‘reaction to’, so also does chaos.   Just look at Egypt.   The average tourist will be cancelling, not booking, their tour of the Pyramids.   Part of the plan, perhaps, except that you don’t have to be in Egypt to connect with energy of Giza, you just have to know where on the Earth Grid to ‘plug in.’  Back to my point:  conscious peaceful protest that arises from the place of compassion leading to ‘right action’ is OK.  Protest that comes from the place of the dis-empowered individual simply underscores and empowers that reality.   Just look at what happened in Russia and China during / after the Communist Revolutions.

At the Moment of Passage   –   the moment of ‘Return to the Stars’ as the Ancients would say   –  it’s just between you & Creation / Source / G_d.   

As for me, I am looking forward to riding the wave Home.   I don’t really think there is anything to worry about.  On the Other Side, you will still have your body, kind of like Star Trek you will dematerialize and then reconfigure.  You may feel like a dog’s breakfast afterwards (I speak from experience) but you will be OK. 

Trust me.


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