The 100th Monkey Speaks…

I stand at the edge of the precipice of crystal, & gaze, down the shaft of a bottomless sinkhole of shining, diamond-faceted glass…   

Hall of mirrors into the Abyss…   And there, in slow-spin free-fall,  the body of a man carefully wrapped & shrouded in white cloth,  head & face exposed. 


Even at this distance, I can see his eyes are closed.  Crystal passage to the Abyss, if he is not yet dead, he soon will be, at journey’s end…   

Still, he spins, falling infinite distance, and still, falling…

In the dream, I run for help.

When I return to the edge of glass, I do not remember where from.

Surrendered to the Fall,  dressed in burial, the man’s body continues to spiral, downwards, down the diamond shaft…    

I watch in horrified, helpless plea: 

Somebody, somewhere, DO something!!

At that moment, a naked arm shoots out from beneath the shroud;  the man’s right hand catches the edge of crystal, & there he hangs,  in the balance.


MAN has broken his own fall.  


The Age of the Fall of Man is over. 


We are no longer in dimensional free-fall, caught in the illusion of endless descent. 


The spell of the hall of mirrors is broken;  there is no death.  Death is an illusion.  Humanity cannot ‘hit bottom’   –   because in an infinite universe, there is none. 

The seemingly endless ‘Age of the Fall of Man’ has ended. 

By our own Conscious Effort, Choice & Desire, Humanity has made a new choice.  Our choice has opened the Door of Everything  –  through which real help now enters.

The truth of an infinite universe, infinite life, infinite breath, is ours once again.




At long last  –   the 100th Monkey has spoken!!!!