The image that came to me upon waking this morning is that of a man, walking a tight rope across Niagara Falls, balance beam in his hands  –  and absolutely no net.

But we do have a safety net to catch us as we cross the Void  –  the safety net of our prayers and highest intentions.  It is the net of our own internal balance.   And we have proof of this ‘safety net’ in action:

Since the beginning of August we have already experienced many miracles…   The U.S. did not default on its debt (this does not mean we’re out of the woods, but at least we’re not in the woodpile).  Although Earth’s geomagnetic field has been buffeted by solar flares, the major X Class flare that erupted last Tuesday did so when that particular section of the sun’s surface was pointed away from Earth.  And I’ve heard say that the flare itself was even bigger than what our science classifies as ‘X Class’  – especially since the explosion occurred out of our viewing range.  Earth was spared;  that is what I call a miracle.

The ‘Comet’ Elenin is now described as ‘a cluster’.  A cluster of what??  There is debate that the comet has fragments of itself trailing along behind it  –  except that even fragmentary ‘mini-comets’ have their own ‘mini-dust trails’ tailing along behind them.  The objects in the cluster following behind the Comet Elenin are in a regular formation   –   and they have no dust tails.   Huh???    Since when in the history of astronomy?   Yesterday NASA took special satellite photos every two hours of the Comet Elenin, yet when I tried to access the NASA webpage showing said images, the page was nowhere to be found.

These days I dream of big ships  –  ‘ocean cruisers’  –  and enormous waves  –  with alarming regularity.  But I don’t actually think the ships or the waves I’m seeing have anything to do with the ocean.  Together, we are surfing the most massive waves of the Zuvuya  – the energy waves that make-up the fabric of space-time!   I believe we are being protected.   I believe we are truly not alone in this Universe,  nor in this Dimension.

And I know we are destined to get through the next couple of months to the Grand Finale of the Mayan Calendar with Divine Ease & Grace.   I prefer to imagine that we are going to have something HUGE to CELEBRATE:    THE BIGGEST  ‘BLOCK PARTY’  PLANET EARTH HAS EVER SEEN!!!   A ‘family reunion,’ perhaps??   I could be wrong, but…   If a spacecraft the size of Earth can stay in orbit above the surface of our sun (see NASA photo archives) someone somewhere has the know-how to help our beloved sun release its pent up energy away from us, to help protect Earth.  I’m guessing that advanced spiritual & scientific technologies exist to prevent pole-shifts too!

Hope you have (had) a great Aug 13, 2011 Full Moon.   Check out Patti Cota-Robles Livestreaming Grand Opening Ceremony of the World Congress on Illumination tonight if you have time.   Say ‘Hi’ to the Ancestors  and visit the oldest cave paintings in the world discovered recently in France carbon dated to 30,000 years ago  –  presented in the film ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams.’  Lions, horses, bison – and the Goddess – Oh My!   I’ll Be at Blue Mountain on the Shores of Georgian Bay, where I spent time with Drunvalo at Earth-Sky.     See you at the party…