They’ve always been there, the ‘disinformation agents’ – the trolls, the paid schills, the ‘PR’ pros, professional liars without conscience – whatever it is you want to call them – but over the last 6 weeks, the disinfo campaign has ratcheted up in a big way.  On some sites, it is glaringly obvious that there are more of ‘them’ yapping at each other than actual bonafide ‘new agers’… Many from different countries, different militaries, government philosophies, etc., yap, yap, yappitty yap, yap…

Some, with ridiculous ‘spiritual’ names and fake photos of themselves as super-hot women or men, paid to rake through new age websites and spout new age crap.  Or dig for information, posting very brief, semi-confessional and perfectly innocent ‘questions’ of their unsuspecting comrades.  “I’m feeling very spacey with this last solar flare – Anyone else experiencing any ‘symptoms’?  That they’d like to share?”  “I’ve been abducted since childhood.  –  Anyone else??”  “Calling all alien contactees – what kind of ‘contact’ have you been experiencing lately???”

The ones of greatest concern are mostly military, trying to ‘control’ the ‘Disclosure’ process.  More like trying to cover the tracks of those who have permitted crimes against humanity, against their own citizens, in exchange for advanced alien tech. The job of these people is now to protect their masters and terrify the unsuspecting public with an impending alien invasion…  (Yawn!)

Some real stars out there on that score  –  Just because you hear it on Coast to Coast doesn’t make it true.  Beware of ‘American’ ‘veterans’ with Canadian accents and utterly ridiculous ‘military careers / positions’ who do not know the correct world population numbers or that the first American secret antigravity craft was not the size of a 707 powered by two jet-engines (please!!). Just because it is in a Hollywood movie – the guy kept using Independence Day as an example of the future – does not make it true.  Kept talking about the negative ETs that see humans as food – but could not bring himself to mention the negative Greys or negative Reptilians by name – because maybe then he would also have to mention the benevolent Pleadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Agarthans, etc. as well. It’s called spin, and right now the spin is that they have been working hard to protect us against the negative ETs – the very same ones they made ‘the Deal’ with in the ‘50s’!!!

As if…

Some are hiding behind channeled Archangel this or Ascended Master that or Galactic Brethren so and so because it is better than taking full responsibility for their own point of view. Or, that way, anyone can make up anything at anytime and remain un-accountable.  Won’t it be embarrassing when our real star-family shows up – and not one of them steps forward to say ‘yup, that was me, sending you messages from the Council of Nine, the Council of Twelve, the Council of blah-blah-Grand Poobah.’  Some won’t care, because they’ve kept their identity secret.  Hmmnn.

You get the picture.

Some are just looking for attention. Some are genuine and some are genuinely delusional.  Some are communists / anarchists in disguise.  Some are just reading everyone else’s stuff trying to figure out what to write about for their next ‘subscription only’ blog report; but, remember, being copied is the highest form of flattery.   Some are just looking for anther angle, another way to make a buck with a plethora of Ascension products that no one will buy in the 2013 ‘fire-sale’.

Because in 2013 the rubber is going to hit the road, the wheat will be separated from the chaff, the blind will no longer be able to lead the blind and the bull-shit artists will be exposed.

Because in 2013, things are going to get real.   Finally. 

Transparency is as important in the ‘New Age’ as it is in the realms of politics, government and global finance.  And although Ascension and Disclosure are now inextricably linked, the first is not dependent upon the latter.  Ascension is not a business.  Nor is it dependent upon the calendar year of 2012.

So, don’t be a tool.  Find the nuggets of gold – and ditch the rest.  Be aware of  the last ditch strategies to take advantage of your pocket book, and/or,  your mental real estate.

None of which have anything to do with Truth.  Or with the great success that our Lightworker / Lightwarrior community has achieved – exhausted, confused, frustrated and increasingly impatient on the frontlines of the ongoing Shift of the Ages – we are still standing.

Although we may sometimes look foolish, we are not fooled.

Neither is anyone else.

MUCH, much Love, Andromeda



An amazing set of convoluted synchronicities involving two film festivals, David Mamet’s ‘Speed the Plow’, starships in the Far North, several pints of Guinness & a new friend (or three) gave me a personal introduction to a little known Mayan Monument built on an isolated Pacific island  –  built thousands of years ago to commemorate the upcoming November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse – which will be visible only from said island as a ‘setting sun’ solar eclipse – the last sunset of the Mayan Calendar.

The monument was discovered ‘by accident’ by a fellow Torontonian, James Turner.  I was told about it last week Wednesday by a mutual friend, who has actually travelled with Jim to said island – Robinson Crusoe Island – off the coast of Chile.  I have crossed paths with / heard of just about everyone in the Maya / Ascension Movement.  But never had I heard about a Jaguar Sun King Mayan Monument dedicated to the Son of the King of Palenque, Pacal Votan… on Robinson Crusoe Island… in the Pacific Ocean… !!!!!    Of course after my meeting I rushed home to research it…   A real life Indiana Jones, Jim has all the details of his discovery on his website and in his Ahau Chronicles – I highly recommend that you read each one, in succession.

All Lightworkers in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, you are on call to help ground the energies associated with this magnificent solar eclipse!!!  Incidentally, I think the spots on the jaguar represent not only eclipses, but also sun spots, which figure so prominently in our cosmic geomagnetic adventure at this juncture.

As a result since last week Wednesday I have been meditating ever deeper on the messages of the Ancestors, left for us in stone as the near indestructible Markers from Previous Worlds as pointers to the significance of ‘This World, This Time’  –  bringing new meaning and insight to the verse ‘Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me’…

Graham Hancock’s ‘Quest for the Lost Civilization’  FULL MOVIE

The Quantum Surf is ridiculously high right now. All day yesterday I felt like a zombie…  Woke up realizing it’s been almost a year since my Mother’s passing, felt like crying without stopping…  To go ‘someplace else’ went on a ‘Downton Abbey’ marathon… Around 6:30 PM heard ‘weird news’ of Maine Earthquake. Here’s Dutchsinse’s report:

Not a surprise that Pachamama’s energy rising steadily since last week, major geomagnetic storm over weekend of  October 13, along with steady low to mid range earthquake activity solidly around the Ring of  Fire  –  slow but steady release keeping us safe.   Co-incedence?  Chance?

DIVINE GRACE…???   I think so.