A Moment of Choice

A Moment of Choice 13/08/2009



JUNE 26, 2010 GRAND CROSS FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE Global Healing Meditation to Integrate / Transmute Our Collective Shadow

Since first news of the BP Oil Rig Explosion & subsequent hemorrhage into the Gulf of Mexico I have felt numb. Helpless, in face of such disaster. I even started smoking again – cuban cigarillos. Just one pack. At dusk in a media silent backyard, with only the sound of my breath and the wind in the trees, a slow draw of smoke wafted upwards with my prayers. Prayers for inner calm. Prayers to stop the gushing poison…

The oil slick has now landed the Florida Panhandle, where residents are saying final goodbyes to the pure quartz white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast. The horror, the horror… I too have spent months walking those precious sands, accompanied by manatee and dolphin swimming alongside in the shallows. As a child I lived on the island of St. Lucia in cliff-top home overlooking the pristine waves of the Caribbean where again dolphin, fishermen and a mother orca and her baby sailed past… From the Keys of Cabo Catoche, out of sight of the Yucatan coastline closest to Cuba, in deeper waters a whale shark – gentle giant of the sea – looked me straight in the eye, and gave me the ride of my life. Its food supply of plankton and shrimp now drowning in oil, the chain of life is breaking. And with the Gulf Stream, the spilled oil is now predicted to drift all the way around Florida, up the Atlantic Seaboard, and all the way across the ocean to Europe.

The irony of the current situation (no pun intended) should not be lost upon us.

In prayer last night I offered my life, if it would help, as I have nothing left to give. My spirit then journeyed to the depths of the ruptured seabed, and into the streaming torrent, merging with it; then floating down, down to the source of the stream…

Now was the time of the Sun-fired Feminine, and time was short. It was Sekhmet’s dearest wish that new dispensation of the Divine solar feminine find embodiment in the women of Earth, and Gabrielle was the chosen surrogate. In order that she might receive her gift of active power, Sekhmet’s righteous claws and fangs tore Gabrielle’s ego to shreds. Her roaring breath in the wayward seer’s ears, Gabrielle did not know what hit her.

Gifted with Sekhmet’s cosmic sight, the black wave became Gabrielle’s scrying glass. About to break, its obsidian reflection was that of the inner darkness upon which Gabrielle had not yet had the courage to gaze. The eyes of her heart opened wide with solar fire, Gabrielle was blessed with the strength to look at that which she had dared not face. Afraid, so afraid, she did not want to look, but Sekhmet held her gaze straight…

p. 290, ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower’                  http://www.thefireflower.com

Oil the true blood of Mother Earth, ancient remains of dinosaurs instantly snuffed out when a meteor crashed into the Earth creating the crater that is now the Gulf of Mexico. Era of the dinosaurs thus ended, the collision set in motion the planetary life conditions for the evolution of mankind, a cosmic coupling that seeded Mother Earth with new life. In the same region Atlantis rose and fell; and where today the abused and unstable crystals of the synthetic Merkaba which caused said disaster still rest in uneasy peace (the Bermuda Triangle Effect).  Please note – the Bermuda Triangle is not the only location where Atlantean Power Crystals lie buried:

The stepped pyramid in the waters off the South-West Coast of Cuba;
The Galveston, Texas Tri-Pyramid Complex;
Sarasota, Fla., Crystal City of the Children of the Sun;
Countless Mayan Pyramids and Temples of the Yucatan and Central America.

In light of awareness of these sacred sites, the presence of Atlantean Power Crystals, some of which are still highly unstable, and the reality of Mother Earth’s Ascending Frequencies, certain random events may no longer appear to be entirely random:

Hurrican Katrina, New Orleans; Haiti Earthquake, oil deposits 10 miles off the coast of Port-Au-Prince;  the ‘laser-cut’, bizarrely perfect, round, sheer and deep Guatemala ‘sink-hole’; and a geyser of oil erupting from the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico.

As much as the ‘oil breach’ in the Gulf is an attack on Mother Earth, it is as much a blow to the inevitable arrival of Heaven on Earth (with or without the civilization of ‘modern man’ as we know it). Down to the wire, the Gulf oil spill in combination with the up-coming possibility of a solar event knocking out modern telecommunications and electricity, as well as the litany of other woes currently besieging our planet, it may be the moment our beloved Star-Families have been waiting for to announce their presence and assistance.

It may also be the moment for us to demonstrate a deeper level of Mastery. All is not lost, but we are called now to step forward and be counted, as never before.

JUNE 26, 2010


Global Healing Meditation to Integrate / Transmute Our Collective Shadow

As the saying goes, ‘Denial’ is not a river in Egypt! We MUST integrate our collective shadow, and thus transmute the negative thought-forms inundating the Crystal Grid Matrix. Grid line receivers stretching from the Gulf of Mexico Region into North and South America now blocked with global grief, fear and anger and the ‘BP’ Corporate Brand, let us face the destructive consequences of our global addiction to oil, and clear and reclaim the Crystal Grid through Active Prayer.

Let us consciously activate the Ascension Codes in the waters, and in Mother Earth’s veins of Ascending Light.

May our overlighting prayers activate a new program of Heaven on Earth:

Government & Corporate Responsibility, Free Energy, Clean Energy, all 3D Aspects of an Ascended Earth Reality, as brought down from Field of Plenty (Lakota Sioux Teaching) where all solutions to human needs and desires reside in potential, activated and accessed by prayers of sincere request married to gratitude.

Pray for those on the front lines of cleaning the spill, those courageous souls facing the immediate consequence of our addiction to oil, people like Earth Angel Kevin Costner, that they be protected and supported.

Pray for those charged with finding technological solutions to capping the well, containing the spill and clearing the waters.

Pray for the waters… Let us apply the proofs of Dr. Masuro Emoto, and send our prayers to cleanse the waters, as we did in the Tsunami, when in defiance of ‘science’ and predictions of a major outbreak of disease due to the pollution in the waters, none occurred.

Pray to dissolve the oil, especially that which is settling on the seabed, that the oil dissolves/biodegrades easily, quickly and with Grace…

Pray that Mother Earth is able to repair Herself, visualize the Earth’s Crust welding itself seamlessly back together.

Pray that the toxic chemicals in the air and water are rendered inert and harmless…

Pray for the Living Ones who dwell in the waters, in coastal environments, whose physical lives are ending, have ended, and know this: Any life sacrificed results in that being’s immediate Ascension. Pray for all the Living Beings who have been sacrificed by our collective addiction to oil. Pray for them as they journey from the Red Road of this Life to the Blue Road of Spirit, for they are Blessed in their Transition. (On the radio right now! – ‘Going on up to the Spirit in the Sky, that’s where you’re gonna go when you die…’!) We honor them, for they have sacrificed their life-force energy that we might participate in the re-activation of the Ancient Ascension Vortices of Atlantis, scattered throughout the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

On the threshold of her own death, Arriana recognized the chaos of darkness disowned – and its inevitable result. All she had witnessed, all the suffering she had unwittingly helped create; all her self-abnegation and unrequited love – none of it was separate from her essential self.

Her unloved inner dark was the missing and fractured piece of her soul that that she herself had rejected and abandoned. The part of herself she had not forgiven: the root of all her problems. Waiting life after life, feared and forgotten, for her to reclaim it.

Arriana could no longer deny her deepest desire. The Angels and Celestial Beings surrounding her sighed with relief. Finally, she got it; Arriana’s deepest desire was to be totally filled with love. Arriana addressed the shadow of all her shadows:

“Forgive me, for abandoning you.”

The flame of darkness stirred.

“And where am I to live?” it asked, finding it difficult to believe Arriana’s words.

“In my heart,” Arriana answered simply; she could no longer deny any part of her being love.

The shadow’s dark flame turned into a river of black-ice-fire ready to flood. Arriana felt the fear rise up, threatening to choke her breath and blind her eyes under its opaque hood. Her broken heart open wide, Arriana’s faith in love held firm. All she could do was let go and embrace her fear with love.

She let her Shadow enter.

Within the inner sanctum of the sacred heart, her shadow found the void that Love had kept warm in its absence. Home at last, her dark had not returned empty handed. In its presence was a gift. Black ice slowly melting, the split pieces of Arriana’s broken heart came seamlessly together.

For it was in her Shadow’s power to heal her soul of pain, dry the tears of love unanswered – with love long dormant for the divine spark within. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, she and the darkness were already one. Arriana understood: the darkness was also part of the Light. Whatever happened, whatever Griffin did or did not do, all paths led to God.  Eventually. Great Mystery had never held her original sin against her. So she was finally able to follow suit.

p. 314, ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower’        http://www.thefireflower.com

It has been almost three months since I last posted any articles (‘Shift Happens / Chiron-Neptune’ & ‘Atlantis Rising’ http://www.thefireflower.com/andromeda.html ) Because after my last post, in which I revealed the location of an ancient Atlantean Temple of the Sun, all hell broke loose. As a result, the ‘Here Comes the Sun’ Sacred Sites Tour, has been indefinitely postponed. Although it may not be feasible for us to travel physically at this time, in the coming days leading up to the Grand Cross of 2010 it is my hope that we join together in Spirit. Draw down the moon, integrate our beloved Shadow, and welcome the New Dawn!