As many of us are both blissfully & painfully aware, we have entered the magnetic portal of the November 28, 2012 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  –  bookend to the November 13, 2012 New Moon Grand Solar Eclipse, last solar eclipse of the Mayan Calendar as foretold by the Ancients.

Together we stand in Awakened Alignment of the Star Gate of the Human Heart, to receive the Cosmic Pulse in Prelude to the Grand Awakening of Ascended Love that awaits Humanity.

On December 3, 2012, the ‘Three Kings’ (…or Queens…) of Orion’s Belt are to be in exact alignment once more, as they last were nearly 26,000 years ago, directly over the great Egyptian pyramids of the Giza plateau.

We three Kings of Orient are…

Bearing Gifts, We Come From Afar…

According to Legend, the Star Elders from afar – the Ascended Star Masters of Time & Space (equivalent to the Time Lords of the Ancient Mayans) who first journeyed through the Orion Star Gate  –  the heavily guarded wormhole to the greater universe – came to bear witness to the birth of Christ child, God embodied as Man,  Savior of the Piscean Age.

Now that the actual stars of the Orion Star Gate themselves are returned to the same place in the Heavens as approx 26,000 years ago – same place as in the previous era when Heaven ruled on Earth – could it be  these precious timeless stars will once again bear witness to the birth of Cosmic Consciousness in the Children of Earth?

Could it be that the ‘Three Kings’ of the Orion’s Belt Star Gate December 3, 2012 Alignment over the Great Pyramids of Egypt now herald the imminent birth of the Golden Age?  The long heralded Age of Ascended Love on Mother Gaia??

Another Cosmic Synchronicity of stunning proportion, in perfect lock-step with the Cycles within Cycles of the ‘Time-Waves’ of the Mayan Calendar, all ending together December 21, 2012  –  only to begin another 26,000 year calendar round of Galactic Time.  NOT the Gregorian calendar!

Together we stand on the Grand Threshold of Ascended Love.

Indeed, it is why I arrived here as a braided walk-in July 13, 1991;  for in order to stand with you now  –  I first had to come through the STAR GATE OF ASCENDED LOVE  –  THE STAR GATE OF THE HUMAN HEART.

Together, we stand in Awakened Alignment of the Star Gate of the Human Heart, to receive the Cosmic Pulse in Prelude to the Grand Awakening of Ascended Love that awaits Humanity.

ALL MY LOVE,  Andromeda Melchizedek

‘You Are Another Me’



We are in the home stretch now.  We know it.  We feel it.  This Really is Something, this  Really is ‘It.’  So many millions have been preparing for millennia, centuries, decades, years, days & hours  –  some consciously  –  most unknowingly innocently  –  all to be ready the final inward turn of time’s evolutionary Fibonacci spiral…

In more familiar terms, the months of November and December 2012!!!

A time spiral spanning over a billion years of the journey of consciousness in the fields of form.

What is it we are supposed to have learned from this long and arduous journey?

To See as God Sees.

To Feel as God Feels.

To Love as God Loves.

This is the true purpose of Ascension.

Ascension is not really about learning to turn your physical body into light, and travel elsewhere on the rungs of the dimensional ladder.  Although in some cases, it is the byproduct, as is immortality of the physical vehicle.

No, Ascension is about learning to Love as God Loves.

Loving As God Loves transcends the divisions of separation and polarity consciousness.

Loving As God Loves transcends all blame and righteous accusation, thereby ending all manifestation of War.

Loving As God Loves means looking upon the Darkness outside of oneself and claiming it as part of ‘the One’s’ Personal Shadow.

Loving As God Loves implies the impossibility of Judgement – of Self, or self mistakenly perceived as ‘Other.’

Loving As God Loves means there are no heroes – no victims – no villains – no egos.  No gurus, no gods, no idols.

Loving As God Loves is Loving Self as ALL that is, the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ – and ‘the ugly.’

Loving As God Loves means there is Gentle Allowing;   Acceptance of all Free Will Choices;  and Forgiveness of Self of causing Pain to Self.

Ho’oPonoPono Prayer





No winners, no losers, no sinners, no saints.

Loving As God Loves means taking Ho’oPonoPono to a whole new level and Dimension of Time And Space…  for the Cosmic Heart of Heaven is the Birth Canal through which the Golden Era of a New Heaven and a New Earth is Being Born.

Loving As God Loves  =  Divine Transcendent Blissful GRACE