It has been almost a year since I last wrote anything on my blog.  It felt complete, post 12:12 celebrations last year…  I did not feel I had anything much to share, ‘officially’, lol.  But I understand now, why the ‘silence’…  it has been a time of GESTATION…  With the creation of new life, it occurs in the womb, in the darkness, ‘beneath the surface.’   So much has happened, is happening, and is about to happen!  😉    074

The biggest ‘event’ personally for me over the last year was returning to my childhood home in Caribbean, and discovering that in spite of the fact that my parents and grandparents have crossed over, I still have a beloved place on the planet that is well and truly ‘Home’.  ❤  More on that another day…

Today’s update is about something else…  A monumental event is transpiring in our solar system.  The ‘Comet’ ISON is in its final approach to perihelion with our Sun, at a staggering 777,000 + MPH to just under a million miles from the Sun’s surface.  There is much debate as to whether ISON is a comet, a dwarf star or a spaceship…  As to whether it will be destroyed in its Solar passage or carry on…  I like to think that it will continue… it has been over 400,000 + years since its last visit, which it survived…  and something tells me the ‘SON of RA’ has been communing with our Star for Aeons.

‘Fear Porn’ aside  (not my ‘movie’ / ‘timeline’ of focus) , I would like to posit another point of view.  The 400,000+ year cycle of ISON’s orbit ‘coincides’ neatly with the MAYAN calendar start and end dates.   A little too neatly for mere ‘coincidence’.   In my SOLAR / ‘ISONIC’ meditation this morning, it became very clear to me that we are on the verge of A NEW DISPENSATION.

Are we ready to let go of the past?  Are our Hearts Open to receive its LIFE and its LIGHT, a LOVE of a cosmic order that is much grander than human conceptions of creation or time?  I have always thought of the Sun as a masculine entity; however recent photos of the Sun far more closely resemble the surface of an egg awaiting conception, awaiting Divine Union with an interstellar ‘Seed’…   less than an hour a way, ISON’s perihilion with our Sun marks the Start of A NEW ERA for the Children of Earth.

A new world awaits us.  How will we Embody its perfection?