MALAYSIA PLANE UPDATE:  The Semi-Conductor patent was not yet granted; so no one owns the intellectual property other than the Chinese researchers.  Who were headed back to China with their intellectual property. Also on plane, electric car researchers. This is not about patents, it is about someone trying to provoke China into WWIII  –  because the Russians did not take the bait (in Syria either).  So, still no plane…  Many countries have satelittes that can read heat signatures through buildings and ‘see’ the print of the newspaper you are reading. And what, STILL no plane??   A giant plane with 100+ smartphones with GPS tracking aboard, that continued to ‘fly’ for 7 seven hours – when it only had 6 hours worth of fuel??  Whose cell phones continued to ring through and then disconnect when called by family  –  even after the plane was reported ‘lost’?  In the moments it disappeared the plane was reported to go to 0 ft –  and now reports show it had gone to 45,000 ft. As well!!!  Boeing 777s stall at that height.  A pilot ‘assessment’ is that the plane was experiencing an electrical fire  –  the  course change as reported by military radar sources ONLY  (not the airline’s primary radar which stated it had ‘disappeared’)  therefore supports it’s continued flight towards the closest safe airport.  But with such a clearly defined trajectory and limited fuel, more than enough info to establish highly targeted search co-ordinates, they would have found the plane by now… but still… nothing.   But more than enough time to fake a ‘debris trail.’   Just a thought: what if the secondary radar evidence provided by military sources is the false flag cover story… but with international focus they did not have time to set up the fake debris.  WHAT IF not all the countries present to help with the ‘search’ are on the same page. IF it IS indeed a scenario of E.T. Intervention, perhaps not all countries are on board with the ‘cover story’. Which would explain all the waffling around flightpaths, crash sites, conflicting radar ‘evidence’, etc.   After all, much of the International Community would like the U.S.Government to come clean with regards to its continued denial of the Extraterrestrial Presence. What if govt officials from all over the world are on the global naval ships present trying to hammer out the details of a peaceful global ET Disclosure… while the plane and its passengers await safely aboard a mothership?? While the U.S. Govt does what, exactly??  China, Brazil, France, Russia, Mexico, Chile, the list goes on… they ALL want E.T. DISCLOSURE….   Gasoline not available in parts of Florida today…



I believe the ‘un-official’ Official Process of Disclosure has truly begun…  The only Cabinet level politician in North America to speak openly about the truth of the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada the Honorable Paul Hellyer says:  “It is no longer about the truth of [E.T.] ships in the air, but the lies on the ground.”  Mr. Hellyer also stated that many of our ‘advanced technologies’  –  the laser, kevlar, LED lights, the microchip, to name but a few  –  are of E.T. origin.  But before the ‘Truth Embargo’ on our collective exo-political reality can be lifted, Stephen Basset, Director of the Citizen Hearing Foundation explained at the Toronto Citizens’ Hearing on E.T. Disclosure  –  there is a  very specific diplomatic protocol  followed by Star Nations awaiting official welcome by planets about to ‘go galactic’.   In the presence of National Press & Media  –  as promised and for the record  –  I asked my very specific question regarding the REAL REASON Disclosure has not happened  –  during the Toronto Citizens’ Hearing on E.T. Disclosure global video livestream (see timecode 1:29:00) :{%22614185978598076%22%3A545001355520396}&action_type_map={%22614185978598076%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

For further information on the upcoming Washington Citizen Hearing on E.T. Disclosure please visit the official Citizens’ Hearing Website (launched during the Toronto event on Feb. 7, 2013):

The truth IS far stranger than fiction, trust me on that one.