According to the Mayan Elders of Guatemala we are transiting a narrow window called ‘The End of Time’ (through the end of June 2013) – also known as ‘the Shift of the Ages’ – which just happens to coincide with the beginning of a brand new 52 year ‘Grand Wayeb’ cycle of time, starting today, March 6, 2013.

It is spectacularly obvious that things have shifted since December 21, 2012.

The impact of cosmic & higher-dimensional energies is being clearly experienced in our physical bodies, in our inner process, as well as reflected in the outer world. As the co-creators of our individual and collective reality, we have the God-given ability – & responsibility – to choose how we wish to experience any given moment.  It is an awesome choice.  I know from my own experience how easy it is to screw up – as well as how much Grace is available to help shift me into a higher perspective when I fall off the wagon (so to speak). I draw also on the experience of all my Ancestors, from all my lives, who, God Bless them, have seen it all before.  As it says in the Bible, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

If we could magically see the epic story of the past, as well as all the roles we have chosen to play within the ‘Drama of Time’ it would be much easier to understand and accept that we really have done it all before, if not on this planet, another, if not on this timeline, in another, if not in this body, in another… and the beat goes on.  For we are the Ancestors, returned. The Dance of Creation and Destruction, the inbreath and the outbreath, until we surrender and through Grace are given a free pass off of the ever-spinning Wheel of Time, leaving the Drama of Karma behind.  Judgement is part of Karma.  Remember what Yeshua said, “as ye judge shall ye be judged.”

Divine Love is able to sit with the Darkness, sit with the Shadow, until it is ready to accept Love’s embrace, and come back Home.  Such is the Bodhisattva Vow of Compassion. We are the Rainbow Tribe.  We are the Divine Love Warriors embodying Holy Love in Divine Fullness.  We Love.   We are love, the conduit of love in the physical world. LOVE is all we are.  In truth, DIVINE LOVE is all there is.  The lights of home beckon now, a celebration of homecoming awaits us all, each and every one. We are the Rainbow Tribe.  We are the Divine Love Warriors embodying Holy Love in Divine Fullness.  May Divine Holy Love be the Foundation Stone we anchor now.   Namaste.

MUCH, MUCH LOVE, Andrea   (andromeda)

Andrea Hansen    www.thefireflower.com



As we Divine Love Lightworkers & Divine Love Warriors know all too well, Time is not linear. Time is not ‘fixed’ ; & ultimately, both time and death are illusions of the highest order.  However, we decided at some point long ago that it would be ‘fun’ to play the game of time, inside the illusion of time…   It was fun, until it wasn’t  –  and now after Dec 21/2012, it is actually starting to be fun, again.  It is fun because we now know without doubt that we can mold time and shift timelines and be the experience we wish to experience. We are anchoring the 5D Heaven on Earth Timeline on Mother Gaia.  Some people refer to it as Timeline 3  –  not the Full-on Ascension Timeline, not the Catastrophic Timeline, but a new timeline that is continuously merging smaller threads unto itself, into Oneness, into Peace, into Love.  I prefer to not give our new precious time-line a number – I just refer to it as the 5D Heaven on Earth Timeline.   That said, we need to be aware that within the Matrix of Time, there is turbulence, and just as in flying in an aircraft that hits air pockets and ‘drops’ thousands of feet unexpectedly, when ‘flying’ through time, there are ‘time-pockets’ just like ‘air-pockets’ where it can feel – momentarily – like everything is going to *%^# in a hand-basket.  But the plane ie. the personal merkabic field, soon rights itself & returns to balance. The reason we experience these time-pockets is because we are ‘flying’ inter-dimensionally through space-time, & through multiple time / energy / dimensional fields  simultaneously – along with Mother Gaia, our Sun, our Solar System and all the people on the planet.  Not everyone’s merkabic field is calibrated to the same frequency.  And our group merkaba / Gaia merkaba is working overtime carrying millions whose fields are still relatively dormant.  Hence, time-turbulence and time-pockets, as pockets of dimensional density are processed by the collective, one way or another. These last few days since Jan 18 have been intense as we navigated a major ‘time-pocket’ while at the same time keeping our collective StarShip Gaia / Planetary Group merkaba on track.  But today, I am happy to report that the energies seem to have leveled out.  OVER THE LAST FIVE DAYS:  The ‘Naked Scanners’ at U.S. airports are out;  Teachers in Ontario have won a bitterly hard fought battle to retain their union rights;  the ‘Energy-Attack’ on the U.S. Eastern states has been neutralized; and OBAMA IS IN THE HOUSE.  We are on track, 5D Heaven on Earth is here, we are manifesting it NOW.  

MUCH MUCH LOVE, ANDROMEDA               www.thefireflower.com