All over Mayaland Sacred Fires are lit, copal is being offered and prayers of deep intention are being prayed…  Today, major ceremonies are being conducted at the extraordinarily beautiful ruins of Yax Chilan (near Palenque)…  http://www.locogringo.com/chiapas/yaxchilan.html

For the Maya, TODAY’s energy of ‘IK’ sets the TONE of CREATION for the upcoming REST of THE YEAR…    For today is a Mayan Calendar ‘New Year’s Eve’ Day of IK – the Nawal of Divine Breath/Wind  –  which over the next 13 days  creates a window of powerful intention to shape our collective future  –  to yet another ‘New Year’ / ‘Shift of the Ages’ kind of ‘Day’  –  March 6, 2013.  GREAT GOOD NEWS:  The energy of the Sacred Wind of IK blows non higher self aligned leadership out of office, & ushers in a new leadership of divine wisdom and divine teachers/teachings!!!!!  I am not an expert on the intricacies of Mayan Calendar Keeping, but I do seem to be guided to show up at the right time and right place (most of the time!)  Even though I was not aware that ‘IK’ ceremonies were being conducted over the previous five days, I have been attuned, doing a great deal of inner work, personal clearing and physical letting go of emotional and physical clutter which no longer serve my journey.  It has felt like a moment of deep pause, reflection and realignment.  My Soul Sister Debbie Ford has also been very much on my heart & mind, her presence palpable.  Debbie Ford transitioned from this life during the very sacred five day window leading to the Holy Breath of IK… Divine Timing in Action, as Debbie Ford’s work was & is all about releasing the false masks and stories of the ego & the past;  thereby claiming the gifts of the Shadow;  to powerfully re-set unconscious programs to conscious intent that re-shapes the future!!!   The burial of Debbie Ford’s physical body was yesterday.  Debbie’s ever-so-brilliant Light Soul Being Lives On.   www.rememberingDebbieFord.com

Then, amazingly, last night on MayanMajix.com  I ‘stumbled upon’ a link to a live call next morning to usher in the energies of IK…  Woke up today from DEEP Dreaming ‘just in time’ for the call…  I offered my prayer/intention in the group sharing:

With Holy Grace, May the Divine Wind of IK blow everywhere it is needed.  With Healing, Compassion, & Ease, we transition through the Shift of The Ages.

The Mayan Cross / Common Passion Communities will be doing more calls for anyone else who wishes to participate http://www.mayancross.com/events  I have lit my candle ie. ‘Sacred Hearth’ & the consecrated copal gifted to me by a Guatemalan Mayan Elder is to be offered along with my continuing prayers over the next 13 days.   I am very relieved to have a few more days to deal with organizing the basement storage room for the umpteenth time, among other things.   So…  LET US STAND TOGETHER IN THE STRENGTH OF LOVE, super-conscious of our thoughts, actions and intentions   –  for today (& every day)  –  WE shape our individual and collective reality.  WE KNOW THIS, IT IS OUR PRACTICE, AS WE GRATEFULLY RECEIVE THE EMPOWERMENT AND TRANSMISSION OF THE SACRED WIND & BREATH of ”IK’

MUCH, MUCH LOVE, Andrea Hansen  (a.k.a. Andromeda Melchizedek)