I was not planning on writing anything much through the Holydays.

But I feel a response is required to my previous blog post.   I did not say much, but that little post where I wrote simply ‘The Gate of Heaven is Now Open’ has really triggered some people, I am guessing the ones who most wanted a pole shift / end of world scenario to have occurred.  That, or a free pass / get out of jail card.   Not only was I was accused of promoting ‘hysteria’ and ‘fear’ around a pole shift happening  ( ??? I have always encouraged people to create a peaceful and safe future for all ) I was also confronted by some individuals who appeared to be very angry that I wrote ‘the world remains the same’ – clearly a question of English Comprehension 101, and a lack thereof.

How can the world remain the same if the Gate of Heaven is Now Open????

The world is NOT the same. The world is now bathed in a rain of grace from Heaven that is palpable, pure and irrevocable.  And we are now, for the most part, ready to receive this Holy Grace, which has given us, collectively, another chance, and the gift of time, to clean up our act.   Please understand, conscious or unconscious, it matters not.  The Rain of Grace is falling equally on all.

Millions of people noticed nothing, consciously, on the 21st.  Millions could have cared less, thinking it all much ado about nothing.  Conscious or unconscious, it matters not.  The Rain of Grace is falling equally on all.

Millions cared enough to have dedicated their lives to prayer and ceremony to ensure, even if there was just a .0001 percent chance of an ‘end of world scenario’ occurring, that said ‘terrible event’ would NOT occur.  And guess what?  The World as we know it DID NOT END.  Job well done everyone, you know who you are.  THE WORLD IS NOW ON THE POSITVE TIMELINE.  A MAJOR COSMIC COURSE CORRECTION HAS OCCURED – AND CANNOT BE UNDONE.  GRACE!!!!!!

And guess what?  Some people DID experience ASCENSION on December 21, 2012.  Some people already Experienced Ascension Years Ago.  And others will experience it in years to come.  And even if they did not ‘Ascend’  ( God’s Decision, not ours) the Sensitive, Attuned, Prepared and Deserving will have clearly heard the Message of the Great Central Sun.  AND EVERYONE IN THIS POSITIVE TIMELINE  –  NO MATTER HOW DENSE OR UNAWARE  – WILL HAVE RECEIVED THE HOLY GIFT OF GRACE.  Is there work to be done?  Yes, clearly, the holy work of inner self / world transformation remains before us.  Chop wood, and carry water.  What were you expecting, a golden harp and a fluffy cloud to sit on?  Set your intentions, and get to it, and let’s make manifest Heaven on Earth.  It already exists.  Our job is now to stop complaining and pointing out the problems and instead FOCUS ON THE HEAVENLY WORLD YOU WANT.  Happy New Baktun, Happy new Year, Happy 2013.  Happy Diwali, Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas!   The Star of RA shines bright.




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