As I wrote last week, on December 3, 2012 – together, we stepped through the Orion Stargate of Ascended Love. As is often the case in my work, momentous shifts in the energy-consciousness fields of Mother Earth are often preceded with revelations and interference.  Revelations, as in the exposure of the activities of the dark; which is then often accompanied by a last ditch retaliatory attempt by the dark to block the light.  Because I am able to witness the activities of the dark from a place of compassion  –  I Love As God Loves (not always easy in the human context)  –  Spirit is able to utilize me to bring balance in places where angels themselves fear to tread.  For those reading, please know this is a figure of speech.  But I have learned from past experience that where I go is well beyond the scope of most people’s range of experience and frame of reference.  Therefore, sharing details of everything that happened this last week would not be helpful.  Suffice it to say that bearing witness to the activities of the Final Dark is heartbreaking.  Heartbreaking to witness the needless suffering inflicted; and heartbreaking to witness the indifference and ignorance of humankind. Because my heart is broken on a regular basis (OMG   –   Freddie Prince just sang ‘You’ve Broken My Heart’ in the background!) – willingly I offer my Love, and my heart, to be broken, again. Through the cracks of my broken heart the Light of God Pours in, and the attempted damage to the Grid is thus repaired.  The aftermath of traversing the Orion Stargate has therefore been a physical clearing of the negativity that is polluting the Grid related to the Great Pyramid of Giza and certain related nodes in the planetary fields.  I am not alone in this work, of course, but my partners are generally higher dimensional / interdimensional beings; not for lack of trying on my part to work with my human counterparts.  Those who can relate to me, do; and those who cannot, I hope with all my heart will one day be able to do so.  But I am not ‘from here’ or any ‘nearby’ dimension.  And humans react and respond accordingly, and oh so predictably.  THE GOOD NEWS –  as Pati Cota-Robles so beautifully and eloquently states in her latest news letter  –  We ARE going CRYSTALLINE, and it is what ALL humanity is experiencing to one degree or another, 5D – and higher – for those who are able to hold more light.  With regards to the upcoming 12:12 Gateway, it is a good idea to connect with others in meditation as much as possible.  I will be tuning in to the Starknowledge Conference livestream;  I had the great good fortune to attend the first one ever at the Yankton-Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota all those years ago.  Drunvalo was there.  The moment he got on stage, he said he did not know why he was there, that the moment he was finished speaking he had to leave. Drunvalo then proceeded to tell the story of how he arrived here on Planet Earth –  he is also a walk-in  –  that “on the outbreath, Donny left” – and “on the inbreath, he arrived.”  An eight year old boy seated next to me in the auditorium then said, quietly, without out turning his head to look at me:  “Jump off a cliff, splat.”  I couldn’t believe my ears; because that is how I “arrived” and had told no one, especially at the Starknowledge  conference.  After Dru was finished speaking I stumbled outside into the baking South Dakota summer.  A single brave tree stood in the distance, the only tree in the school yard where the conference was being held.  I stumbled towards it, and instinctively, sat down on the ground, with my back against its trunk. A few years later when Dru and I had dinner together, in one of our very few but significant ‘3D’ exchanges – he told me that just after he ‘arrived’ (won’t give those details here, not mine to give, except that like me, the circumstances were life-threatening on every level) – the first thing he did was go outside – and sit down on Mother Earth with his back against the trunk of a tree.