The first six months of 2012 I was busier than I’ve ever been in my life, keeping an extended pace that I would never have imagined possible.   My guides had warned me in advance, but I had not believed them, at the time thinking ‘there’s no way I can be busier than I already am!’  I was wrong.  Then, blissfully out of the blue in July, the pace changed. July & August the outer-world pace slowed, the inner world intensity of spiritual journeying and ceremony taking over, including dramatic connections with the Thunderbeings to help bring much needed rain to Southwestern Ontario.

An example – for the heliacal rising of Sirius July 21 (with which the Nile floods its banks as it ever has)  – we woke before dawn and drove up to our neighborhood high point, a rise on the lip of our small valley community affectionately known as ‘the Tor’.  The sky was overcast, with heavy thunder in the air.  We stayed in the car, it didn’t feel right for some reason to get out…  A large vehicle approached from the bottom of the hill – we could see it, hear it, lumbering along out of place that early in our suburban ‘enclave’ environment.  Garbage truck?  Bus??  Although it was already light, it was still too early for people to even be out walking their dogs.  The vehicle lumbered closer; perhaps a moving truck??  It took the corner in front of our parked car at a sharp curve…  My husband and I burst into involuntary laughter  –  at close range the vehicle was revealed to be a gigantic police special services paddy wagon, the kind that gets hauled out for major riots.   In the silent morning there was no one else in our small town that we could see, no house party that had kept everyone awake all night.  We could hear the windowless paddy wagon go around the block, come back, and drive right past us.  To say it was ‘incongruous’ would be an understatement…  We continued with our prayers.  And the moment we pulled into the driveway of our humble home, the heavens opened with much needed torrential rain.

Speaking of Sirius, speaking of Ancient Egypt  –  I recently read an article by a known writer who claims to be the re-incarnation of Edgar Cayce.  In his article, a ‘metaphysical analysis’ of the Olympics, he speaks of the appearance of Isis ‘the female counterpart of Satan.’  Huh??  I don’t know much – but I can assure you that Isis is most certainly NOT the feminine counterpart of ‘the Devil’.   I also know that Edgar Cayce knew well of Isis as a personification of the Great Mother.  Our modern era statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus are directly descended from images of Isis holding the baby Horus (another resurrected male divinity) in Ancient Egypt.  Fancy that.

Yes, there was a tremendous amount of occult imagery in the opening & closing ceremonies of the Olympics; but again, much of it subjective and entirely dependent upon the eye of the beholder – their level of spiritual understanding and education.   The word ‘occult’ simply means ‘that which is hidden.’  Our job is to enlighten the darkness within ourselves.  My personal experience of the Olympics Opening & Closing Ceremonies was one of the creation of Unity, an experience of the Global ‘One Heart’ – that of witnessing the shadow in order to transmute it – as one cannot fully embody the Light without first facing and integrating the Dark.  I think the designers of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were very much aware of this psycho-spiritual reality.  Millions of people around the world who watched from the space of their own sacred hearts will have had their own ‘high heart’ experience untainted by any kind of ‘agenda’.   Totally inclusive, not exclusive.  The music was fabulous!!!   John Lennon, Kate Bush, George Michael, the Who, the Beatles…  ‘Always look on the bright side of life…’

So, the spiritual pace this summer has been pretty much relentless, but let’s face it, there’s been a lot to keep up with…  That said, there has been time to commune with the sun, which also took a bit of a rest this past month, entering a marked calm from the spate of solar flares, CMEs, etc.   I am making a concerted effort to disallow any type of negative news / programming, however enticingly exciting the presentation.  In the next four months ‘counting down’ to December 21, 2012 I have no predictions about the future.  We will end up where we are headed – so let’s dream big, dream well and dream our highest and best possible future.  If you don’t have a future I suggest you find one fast.  Christians expecting to be removed from the physical reality in the Rapture are in the same boat as New Agers expecting to Ascend in a poof of purple cloud. 

I think our God-Selves can come up with a co-creation that allows us to manifest heaven on Earth.  Live each day as if it is your last, but as if you will be here until old age descends.  There is so much that requires our love and attention.  Pets, children, homesteads, communities, the economy, world peace, the present and the future require our full participation and care.  As for me, I’ll be sipping cocktails at the Ritz while attending the Toronto International Film Festival, organizing my winter wardrobe/closet & prepping my flower beds for new growth in my garden next spring.   Among other things.  😉  🙂

Feel Good. 

I have been to the Other Side – and until I am called Home – this is Home.

Mother Earth is Home.   Humanity is my Family.

We are Home. 

Where are you??