SIMPLE HEALING CURES for Whatever Ails You!!

Dear Ones,

Here are some helpful and simple healing solutions; basically, the trick is to alkalyze the system –

Cancerous cells can therefore no longer survive, and healthy cells thrive! Copy and Pass It On!!!

St. Francis Tinctures (few drops in water) –

Morning: DEEP IMMUNE Tincture (Energizing)

Night: Pau D’ARCO Tincture

Oil of Oregano (few drops under tongue, swish vigorously, suck through gums, add gulp water, swish more, swallow – enters bloodstream ASAP thru mucus membranes)

ESSIAC (optional)

Green Tea (to replace coffee)

Stevia Sweetener (to replace sugar, honey)

Almond / goat milk (to replace cow’s milk)

NO red meat (organic chicken, wild salmon if must)

TOM’s Toothpaste (fluoride free)

Chlorine filter tablet (inserted to existed showerhead, don’t need to buy a fancy new contraption)

WATER, water water – use Britta filter / or any filtered water (NOT plastic bottled water – plastic leaches carcinogens)

NO Carbonated Soda Pop or plain soda

ALKALYZING / REMINERALIZING SOAK ‘n SWEAT BATH (daily) – 1/4 cup sea salt, 1 cup epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, 3 tablespoons powdered ginger – Buy organic epsom / baking soda / BULK at health food store

Deep Breathing fresh air to oxygenate blood at regular intervals, especially upon waking and before going to sleep

Gentle Yoga stretches

Organic fruit and veg (pesticide free) especially avocados (Especially no cherries, plums, grapes, lettuce unless organic, otherwise have the highest pesticide load)

No Cigarettes, or exposure to second-hand smoke Organic asparagus spears, juiced.

Fresh mint leaf tea (Let steep with saucer over cup to retain essential oils).

RAW pesto (with cooked spaghetti) – simple blenderized raw pesto (less than 10 mins prep) made with organic basil, avocado, olive oil, lemon juice and pulp, garlic, pumpkin seeds and sea salt to taste).

LIVER CLEANSE – Before surgery – Hanna Kroeger Edible Epsom Salt / Olive Oil / Grapefruit juice ‘at home’ 24 hr treatment. (Check with Doctor first for those with liver conditions)

NO SOY PRODUCTS (especially not if Genetically Modified Soy)


Temporary News Fast – no news is good news!

Liquid Vitamin D drops – at least 1000 mg a day – equals 2 drops – bottle lasts for 6 mths + Easily Bio-available to the body – research shows boosts immune, kills cancer cells

Ionic foot baths / ion cleanse – very soothing and supportive of the body’s ability to restore its own health balance when cleansed of toxins

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner – for example: ‘Live Clean’ Brand (very reasonably priced) If you color your hair – try a brand from your local health food store.

HEMP Oil heals cells damaged by exposure to radiation.

Biodegradable, all-natural dish washing liquid

Biodegradable, all natural bar soap

Biodegradable, all natural laundry detergent (you can even make your own with Baking Soda  –  works as shampoo as well!)

For specific Foods that acidify the body / promote growth of cancer cells, and foods that alkalize the body, and inhibit growth of cancer cells, search online for: Michael Murray – The Online Alkaline Diet Expert