As the perfectly balanced symbol of Yin and Yang demonstrates, Light emerges from a seed of darkness, and Darkness is held in the heart of the light.  At this time, the day and night of the Fall Equinox, both energies are held in cosmic balance for planet Earth.

Unable to sleep since 3 AM, the magical hour when the earth’s magnetic field resets itself and washes the world in a wave of natural frequency, I sit and ponder the power of this moment in time.  The final Equinox of the Mayan Calendar.  What could this mean, for me personally, and for the world at large??

Balance, of course, is key.  What is out of balance can be brought into balance.   The Ancients knew this, or they would not have bothered to build the great Equinoctal Temples of Gaia, from Macchu Picchu to Chichen Itza, the Great Pyramids of Giza to the Stone Circles of the British Isles.  What is out of balance can be brought into balance,   and thus balance is maintained.

For those fixated on maintaining the rule of Darkness, the opposite holds true.  Hence the execution of Troy Davis, last night in the State of Georgia at 11:08 PM.  Why 11:08 PM??  Because the numbers  ‘11’ ,  ‘8’  and  ‘108’ are all numbers of high spiritual significance.

‘11’  –   a number of duality  –  but without its twin,  ‘11:11’   –   not a balanced gateway leading out of duality, but rather, maintaining the power of a single aspect of duality.

‘8’  –   ‘infinity’ and ‘gateway’

‘108’  –  the number of stones in a Hindu mala, used in the repetition of the Holy Names of God /Goddess,  over and over again.

‘1008’  –  the number of the Goddess of 1008 names.

“What is the significance of the 1008 names or 108 names of any
God/Goddess ?”

Response from Swamiji :-

“Every vibration in existence is a name of God. And they are all at
least ever so slightly or some what different.

Even still, the rishis cognized specific names, indicating special
attributes that they wanted to describe as intrinsic to that form of
divinity. All these thousand names have found homes in the Puranas,
like Shiva Purana, Padma Purana, Vishnu Purana, Devi Bhagavatam,

So we study and recite the names, qualities, attributes, feelings
what are particular to each form of deity so that we can inculcate
them into our being.”

 ‘11:08 PM’

Why was Troy Davis executed at 11:08 PM   –  on the eve of the last Equinox of the Mayan Calendar??    The ‘time’ of  ‘11:08 PM’  carries the energetic signature of the 1008 Names of God / Goddess.   Do you think the TRUE  Infinite God / Goddess of 1008 names demands human sacrifice?   Or is it possible that there is another demented agenda clearly visible here  –   that of a bunch of deluded fools hell-bent on maintaining ego based structures of personal power by polluting the Gaia’s Sacred Grid Lines, Her personal meridians of cosmic star power in a vain attempt to block Her Ascension??  Why the State of Georgia, a location on the planet of extreme feminine energy??

Troy Davis maintained his innocence to the end of his earthly life.  There was no physical evidence linking him to the crime for which he was executed.  He was at peace within himself.  And you can rest assured that his Soul, his Pure Being, was escorted by the Highest Angels right through the Gates of Ascension.

Equinox.  Equal Light…  Equal Dark…

May we rest in the still point within the Infinite Wisdom of Infinite Being, which transcends Darkness and Light, the Center Point of Holy Source from which all Creation emerges  –  and which is our True Home.  Troy Davis is already there  –  welcomed in High Holy Celebration of Christed Beings, Christed Angels and Christed Archangels  and the Hosts of Ascended Saints awaiting his Arrival.




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