3 Days of Darkness = Eclipse of the Ages

OK folks.  It’s a good thing we have entered the ‘Age of Miracles’ ie. the 5th Dimension (give or take an overtone or two)  –  because we’re going to need a whole bunch to get through the next couple of weeks, er,  months.  Now I’m no mathematician but…

Earth’s Diameter   =   12,800 km

Jupiter is approx 11X the Diameter of Earth

Jupiter’s Diameter   =   141,700 km

Tetrahedral Field Around ‘Comet’ Elenin   =   300,000  miles  OR  480,000 km   (1.6 km = 1 mile)

Now, get this:

The Giant Brown ‘Dwarf Star’ being tracked by the world’s largest infra-red telescope in Antarctica  – which some say is actually ‘Planet X’  or the infamous ‘Nibiru’  –  possibly following invisibly along behind Elenin, because Elenin alone cannot account for the gravitational forces being exerted around it  –

The Dwarf Star is said to be 33 X the Diameter of Earth ie.  422,400  km

Dwarf Star  =  422,400 km      Hmmnnn.

Elenin’s Tetrahedral Field  =   480,800 km        Hmmnnnnnnnnn.   A little large for a mere ‘comet’, no??

This coming weekend Elenin passes closest to our sun (some say Sept 10, others insist on Sept 11, for obvious reasons)   –   then slingshots around picking up speed as it comes in to our neck of the woods.  As if this were not enough, apparently the Hopi are now calling ‘Elenin’ the ‘BLUE STAR KACHINA’  –  and the GIANT  ‘Brown Dwarf Star’ following along behind it??  THE RED STAR KACHINA.  The Blue and Red Star Kachinas dance through the cosmos as a pair.

It stands to reason the Red Star Kachina will therefore at some point pass between Earth and our Sun.   I was shocked today to realize the obvious simplicity of the divine plan, and the Hopi Prophecy of the 3 Days of Darkness, revealed:




The Eclipse of the Ages   –   Coming Soon   –   to the skies near you.

Our I AM Presence is eternally present.   I AM That  –  I AM!!   Our Extended Star Family is with us.  Just relax and ENJOY the RIDE…  You already won the tickets!

To make sure we get through the extended cosmic twilight intact, we did buy some extra cans of tinned catfood, a GIANT bag of kitty kibble and an extra huge box of extra-scented ‘multi-cat’ litter.     Our Beloved Bella whom we found lost, starving and covered in ticks last Halloween night, recovered beautifully  –  and totally surprised us with six gorgeous kittens born under our bed on the Mayan New Year.   Meow.  Meow.

LOVE,   Andromeda                    www.thefireflower.com

Copyright Andrea Hansen / FireFlower Communications 2011 All Right Reserved


2 comments on “3 Days of Darkness = Eclipse of the Ages

  1. Hi Andromeda, you may be interested to see the photos I have posted on my blog – three planets visible around the sun – daytime! They are posted in ‘Nibiru and Friends’ and ‘Nibiru and Friends II’ on reachingforsoul.wordpress.com

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