Well, well, well…

Pun intended.

All is well.  

Comet Elenin   –  thought by some to have disintegrated earlier this week as part of the ‘Grande Finale’ of the 5th Night of Destruction  ‘non-event’ D.C. earthquake  +  Tropical Storm Irene  –  my big question was simply ‘what happened to the precise configuration of nine flying lights soaring along behind it??’   (SEE RIGHT,  ‘SHOCKING PHOTO OF APPROACHING NOVEMBER ASTEROID’)

Today my question was resoundingly answered:

NASA photo clearly shows a 300,000 mile tetrahedral light field around the so-called ‘comet.’ 

Since when do ‘comets’ have 300,000 mile-wide merkabic shields of protection from solar CME’s?? 

Although synthetic merkaba ie. technologically generated ‘counter-rotating’ fields to power certain types of air/space craft exist  –  they do not have the power to generate tetrahedral merkabic light-fields of such scope and dimension.  Certainly not in deep space, and with the ‘built-in’ ability to withstand dangerous solar CME activity at such close range.   ONLY a spiritually advanced, holy heart-center activated merkabic field of divine light could have such power.  It therefore stands to reason that beings capable of generating such a large tetrahedral group merkaba are not voyaging on the surface of a comet.   Nor do they intend Mother Earth or her inhabitants any harm.

By the same token, the group merkaba that the light-workers and heart-centered people of Earth are collectively generating in sync with Gaia helps protect us  –  through earthquake, hurricane, and strobe-light lightning storm  (500 strikes per minute, hardly a tree down throughout SouthWestern Ontario).

Next weekend the mysterious tetrahedral merkabic light ship from deep space will make its closest pass to our Sun.  The following month October 2011  –  ‘co-incedent’ with the ‘End’ of the Mayan Calendar  –  it will make  its closest pass to Spaceship Earth.    (Please bear with me if I’ve got the dates wrong, think of it as an ‘approximation’).   Regardless…

We are on the threshold  –  “The Edge of Glory” if you will –  a paradigm shift from a terrestrial perspective of life to an inter-galactic multi-dimensional understanding of  our so-called ‘reality.’   The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.   STAY POSITIVE!!!   LOVING, HOPEFUL & OPTIMISTIC…  Thanks, Jack Layton!    Love opens all doors    –   and the “Door of Everything”  awaits… 





  1. i will drink to that !!! lets get it on . so many false starts lets get it on. we are so ready for the new and the true and so tired of the old and the gold.

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