‘The Wheel of Time’ is a subject about which much is written, but little, in fact, is understood.

The originators of the Mayan Calendar were Lords of Space-Time, and personally, I feel that the circular carved Mayan Calendar Stone is in fact one earthly representation of the cosmic ‘Wheel of Time.’

The Sacred Vedas also Speak of the Wheel of Time, referring to it as ‘the place where the Goddess resides at the center of the Sun Disc.’  At Lake Titicaca, an ancient ‘Sun Disc’ lies buried under the waters.  Many Sun Discs located around the Planet ‘point’ to the cosmic ‘Wheel’;  as do the simple, straight-forward golden-spoked wheels found in Buddhist Temples around the World.  But few are they who actually know the Wheel.

 For the Wheel of Time is not a physical object  –  it is an utterly astounding, multi-dimensional, cosmic phenomenon.  The various ‘sun discs’ located on this planet can do no more than merely suggest, or remind us, of its greater, eternal existence;  for it encompasses / transcends physical Universes & Waves upon Waves of Creation.  The true Kalachakra is therefore not a product of human endeavor or mind. The Kalachakra belongs only to itself, and therefore cannot be bought, sold or possessed.  The Kalachakra is a divine revelation, not an item of trade.

Gautama Buddha experienced the golden Wheel of Time directly.

The Ancient Egyptians knew Her intimately  –  to them,  She was known as ‘The Shield of Isis.’

I speak of this now because tomorrow the Dalai Lama will be in Washington, D.C., to give a  9-day Kalachakra Initiation.  Why Washington, D.C., and why now??

Because right now The Goddess as Venus in Cancer is powerfully aspected to Washington , D.C. as well as to Galactic Center.  And Galactic Center is the ‘Hub’ of  just one of the multi-dimensional ‘layers’ of the Cosmic Wheel of Time.  Located within the planetary ‘belt of initiation’, think of Washington, D.C. as a ‘basket’ particularly well-suited to receiving the Goddess Energies at this time.

The hugely energizing ‘new waves’ of the Cosmic Rose Grid Lines now flowing North from Antarctica, landed South Africa first; but they also traveled up the Pacific Ocean due east of the South American continent,  to land the south-eastern coast of Peru;  and then flow in a straight line up through  –

1.  Lake Titcaca  (Sun Disc);

2. KOGI MAMOS, Colombia;

3. Port-Au-Prince, Haiti;

4. Bimini, Bahamas (Atlantis);

5. Up the Atlantic Ocean overland into Washington, D.C.;

6. Up into the Toronto-Ottawa Corridor.

Our job is to act as local receivers for the Goddess Energies wherever we are, tuning in through intention to Absolutely Honour and Respect Her Massive Power in a Spirit of Humility and Service.   I hope that by now the Dalai Lama has officially acknowledged the Enlightenment of Women not as a vague possibility, but as an established fact of human history.  I am happy nonetheless that in his autobiography ‘My Spiritual Journey’, he graciously accepts the possibility of a future incarnation as a very physically beautiful woman.  I also hope that he has revised certain Tibetan Buddhist teachings on gender inequality, such as:  all human females over the age of 12 are ‘horrible, terrible monsters.’ This is not mere theory:  About 10 years ago I was at an art museum in Edmonton, Alberta which had been selected (oddly!) as the world ‘kick-off’ site for a very special exhibit of the personal belongings of the Dalai Lama through multiple human incarnations.  I got there early, while the monks were still setting up, because I was hoping to talk to some of them about my  Kalachakra Initiation directly from Spirit (no religion, no dogma, no guru). “‘The Wheel’ is ‘The Wheel'”.   But when I entered the space, the monks  –  all the monks, every last one of them  –  stampeded out of the room as if it had just caught fire  –  and disappeared  –  in record time.  It was as if Godzilla herself had entered.  I did try chasing one or two of them – but they would-not-even-look-at-me.  Left standing in the hallway next to a  chunk of space rock and my then boyfriend, all the alarms in the building then went off.  “What’s wrong with you??”  Boyfriend asked.  Even stranger things happened when I got up close and personal with the Dalai Lama ‘Scene & Entourage’ when he came to Toronto to give the Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Empowerment.  But I digress…

These new incoming ‘Goddess’ Energies DO NOT tolerate patriarchal domination, religious or otherwise.   These ‘Goddess’ Energies are so immense, so vast in scope that there really is no way in which they can be subverted, suppressed, or harnessed. 

As Barbara Hand-Clow mentioned in her New Moon Solar Eclipse report RE: Washington. D.C. and all patriarchal forms of religion which have sought to enslave Her   –   She is no longer playing this game.

Be mindful over the next nine days,  July 7-15, 2011.

If you wish it  –  I wish you the full blessing of the Shield of Isis.   Be careful what you wish for!  For more information on the Kalachakra  /  Shield of Isis, see :    http://www.thefireflower.com/about.html

Have a Happy ‘Kalachakra’!!   Big Wheels Keep on Turning…

Love,   Andromeda

This Article is Dedicated to the Memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Copyright Andrea Hansen  / FireFlower Communications 2011 All Rights Reserved



  1. i agree 100%. the feminine yin energy is the energy now that must emerge . enuf with
    patriarchy, and im a man but more than being a man i am a human . being human means embracing everything and everyone and realizing all come to this planet with a gift to contribute

  2. The Tibetan monks, as all male religious initiates, are told aka drummed into, that being in the vicinity of a women will certainly hurt their chances for entry into ‘Nirvana’. Those are rules for them to live by. Hopefully that will change soon. As for the Divine Feminine, allow me to go on the record that it is not restricted to the female gender. We. as male or female, are part of all aspects of the Divine. It is only when we consciously negate one aspect that we become out of balance.That is the thrust of the messages for this year in particular, that we, males and females, become aware that our Divinity includes both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

    • Thank-you David for your insightful comments. And I agree absolutely that Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine transcend gender per se; it is just our conditioning that limits our understanding of same.

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