You know I always say, “when ritual is ‘real’, it finds you.”   This does not mean to say that planned spiritual rituals and prayer ceremonies are somehow invalid.  Not at all.  What it means is that sometimes Spirit takes hold of all our best intentions and ideas, throws them out on one ear, gives us a shake – and puts us exactly where we are meant to be.  Trusting this process has allowed me to participate many times in many many multi-faceted ‘global rituals’ occurring all over the world, with millions of participants in some cases, wholly unaware of each other and that there was indeed any spiritual / astrological significance to their ‘participation’ in a ‘given’ ritual.  Take this last weekend, for instance…

July 1, a national holiday, Canadians celebrated Canada Day, this year with Prince William and his beautiful new bride, Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.  All I can say is, Kate rocks the dress, the shoes, the hat…  And on Saturday, Prince Albert of Monaco also married his long-time girlfriend, Charlene Wittstock of South Africa, now Princess Charlene.  What does any of this have to do with anything??  Yesterday, Sunday, I was quite excited to read Celia Fenn’s latest ‘Starchild Global’ report…  Apparently this Friday July 1 New Moon Solar Eclipse released / initiated major cosmic global ‘Goddess’ Grid Lines flowing newly north from Antarctica, into South America and on up, and hitting South Africa first in their purest form.   Incidentally, Prince Albert and his new bride went directly to South Africa right after the big Monaco wedding.

I’m all for the Goddess, whether embodied in ‘world-stage goddesses’ like Diana, Charlene or Kate –  in their past lives they have paid their dues, please pray for them, bless them & their families.  Or plain old ‘garden goddesses’ –  ‘belly-dance goddesses’  – ‘kitchen-witch-goddesses’  –  ‘goddesses-in-progress’  – or the ‘goddess at the supermarket’!!  Forget Atlantis rising, this weekend is all about the Rise of the Goddess.  Every woman on the planet today is becoming further empowered by this Blessed new ‘Rose’ energy – as is Mother Earth herself.

But as happy as I am for Kate and Charlene, I did wonder this last weekend what I had done to deserve my long looked-forward to long-weekend gone awry…  Something to do with the monster killer vampire snake dream earlier in the week, perhaps??  In the dream my mum and I manage – without hurting it & without getting bitten  (I generally like snakes)  –  to trap it in a big basket with a bunch of spiritual videos and books  –  and put the lid on it.

Back to my lost weekend…  I participated fully by lying on my back, barely able to move, semi-delirious, drenched in kundalini sweat, feeling like my head was on fire.   It started mid-week.  On the day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse I actually woke at 4:30 AM EST, went for a very groggy drink of water completely forgetful of the ‘occasion’, then back in bed, remembered as I was deluged with feelings of great unease.  Praying, praying, praying, feeling literally like I was being stabbed through the chest.  Exhausted, I kept my last minute commitment to do spiritual readings later that morning for a small group of Indigenous Women, Mayan and Inca from Central & South America.  Then finally left to my mother’s place in the country, where I managed to make dinner, then collapsed into bed.  The energies continued to build to a crescendo on Saturday with me lying sweating north-south on the lawn at my mother’s property invoking the assistance of Pachamama and Father Sun.  Please bear in mind this is a very private garden!!  My husband worked to clear my field with an actual eagle feather he had just conveniently found on the grass nearby…  When we drove home the next day, we drove past an Eagle’s nest with a baby and mummy or daddy eagle watching over it   –   with a pair of condor-like vultures riding the thermals slightly too close for comfort.    Everywhere we went the ‘condors’ were with us.  These giant birds were sacred also to the Ancient Egyptians, for whom the Vulture was a symbol of the Divine Mother.

I knew something was up, but didn’t really quite know what until we got home and I managed to read Celia’s report, and watch the ‘Last Prophecy’ videos from the Kogi / Hopi Elders.  The Eagles and the Condors are uniting everywhere – with Roses in their beaks!! Although I have many Ancestors from the North, where Celia is now headed  –  I was ‘born’ in Hopiland, and this winter I met three Kogi Elders here in Toronto.  I gave them a sacred object with which to ‘make payment’ to Mother Earth  –  in reparation for all that has been taken from them.  Whether in the form of physical ‘crystal’ –  or blood, sweat and tears  –  we all need to ‘make payment’ to Mother Earth, in honor of the Goddess Rising.  And what does any of this have to do with Stonehenge??  This last Solstice & last New Moon Solar Eclipse have everything to do with Stonehenge.

My first visit to Stonehenge at age 20 I took a bus from London, then a taxi all the way from the closest village (far!) arriving at sunset in winter, just to look at it from a distance.  The second time,  I visited with my mother and my brother, who pretended not to know me as I proceeded to ignore the prominent signage designed to terrify one into staying on the curved walk-way which deliberately veered off to one side.  The Henge was meant to be walked around – so I did, completing the circle, only to meet two security guards rushing up the ramp stopping abruptly mid-way between me and the Visitor Centre with very confused looks on their faces.  They then turned ’round on their heels and returned whence they had come.  My mother and brother did not speak to me till we got back to the car.

Together we transmute the poison of the cobra’s bite, & turn the poison to wisdom.  This is how the Goddess Rises…  This is how the Goddess is Set Free…   Crowned with Roses On Her Head & on Her Heart,  May the Goddess Rise With You & Within You.

Very special thanks to Celia Fenn and Starchild Global.  If you have not yet read her report on Mayan Majix or elsewhere, below is the link  –  please note the dramatic image of the recent snake crop circle as well.


P.S.  Just learned that on Friday July 1, 2011 New Moon Solar Eclipse Goddess Rising Day, Maria Shriver filed for divorce from Arnie ‘The Terminator’  Shwarzenegger – to the tune of $200 million dollars.



  1. nice site and wonderful writing!! sync that i come here today! I feel something rising in me and to read the Goddess is now rising is awesome. I can feel you are a true Mechizedek, with actual Melchizedek DNA, like myself. You are the first I have met and it is an honor! I wil be back to read more!
    ~ love caroleen

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