May 2011 was an eventful month, many of the details of which I cannot yet speak publicly. What I can say is that we jumped timelines, and not in a minor way.  We hit a major bifurcation point – the 2nd and 3rd weeks of May it sure ‘felt’ like the world was ending. Where I live here in Ontario on many days we were enveloped in low cloud and a sort of grey fog that pretty much reflected everyone’s mental state.  I speak with hundreds of people across the country every week, and it’s like taking the pulse of the nation.  In those two weeks most people seemed energetically exhausted, disconnected, unfocused and in limbo.  Which is how it is in the midst of a major time-shift…  One timeline was the beginning of the end; and the other, the beginning of the Golden Age.  Into which possible future, which probable outcome, would reality re-cohere??  On May 21 the world was ‘supposed’ to end…  All I knew was we needed to stay focused on ‘Heaven of Earth’  ( – See my previous post ‘May 21 – NOT The End of The World’).

Well, late Friday night (May 20) we had a helicopter over the house, that left after I went out to the garden and did my merkabic thing.  Friend or foe, I don’t know…   All I care about is the stability of Mother Earth…  Saturday, major chemtrail activity, and an etheric ship that showed up to ‘help.’  And on the Sunday I discovered another large painful, purple bruise on my leg, consisting of one circle in the middle, flanked by two smaller circles, one on either side – in effect, a ‘double figure eight.’  I felt absolutely physically drained to the point where it was actually difficult to talk…  And I quote from Mahala-Gayle Planet Alert June 2011: “What happened is that a huge beam of light hit the Earth from our Central Sun Alcyone. This occurred just after midnight on May 20, 2011 PDT. Alcyone is located in the Pleiadean system and corresponds to 29 degrees Taurus. Because the beam came in just after midnight, the date is technically May 21. Our Sun was located on 29 degrees Taurus until 2:21 AM on May 21. Then our Sun entered Gemini. This beam of light was a major event and set the energy in motion to bring heaven to Earth. On May 20th we also started the third day in Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the ninth wave.”

So glad that here in Canada it was a long weekend, I needed the extra day to process the energies…  In meditation on Holiday Monday May 23, trying to find out ‘where’ this latest geometrically perfect bruise came from – it did not feel negative, as on many occasions in the past – I ‘received’ a communication from a Being that for simplicity’s sake I can only refer to as ‘Lord Arcturus.’ His energy was crystal clear, pure in intent and he explained in no uncertain terms that he and his ship  –  the etheric ship I’d seen two days earlier  –  were “Here to help, in any way possible.”  I told my husband, he just smiled, and I thought, yep, it’s official, I sound really crazy now…

Imagine my relief when I read Mahala-Gayle’s June 2011 Planet Alert later in the week ( ) , where she spoke of Jose Arguelles’ book ‘The Arcturus Probe’ (2006) which stated: “…at the right time a 10 day time tunnel to Arcturus would be opened when the Mayan signature was on the glyph of the Worldbridger. This glyph was in effect on May 19, 2011 when the time tunnel opened. This is also the time tunnel that will bring Heaven to Earth.” Huh??  Wha..??  After my initial ‘connection’ with ‘Lord Arcturus’  on May 23 I had felt the active presence of the Arcturians throughout the week …  And the whole thing seemed ‘out there’  –  even to me!   Soooo surprised when I got Mahala-Gayle’s information:   I had had absolutely no conscious knowledge of the Energy Beam from Alcyone – or the prophecy of the 10 Day Arcturian Time-Tunnel  –  and did not find out about them until after the 10 days were over!!  Thank-you Mahala-Gayle!

Mahala-Gayle also says we came out of the Arcturian time tunnel on Saturday May 28 at midnight.  Again without any knowledge of this unfolding event, that Saturday evening I was guided to go outside, and again, a helicopter came out of nowhere and circled overhead.  As always, I prayed…

To top it off, in helping ground the gateway energies Mahala had “asked different people if they would tone, or do a ceremony on Monday, May 30 to tune into that energy and ground it in their area   …good to connect and ground that energy into the Earth, especially during the moon – Alcyone conjunction.”  My husband and I spent the entire evening outdoors enjoying beautifying the garden! Further proof that you don’t always ‘need to know’ to KNOW!  Because WHEN RITUAL IS REAL, IT FINDS YOU!”   ASCENSION: The FireFlower’

Mahala says: “This is a major opening of high frequency energy. We just came through the time tunnel leading to abundance and the New Earth. We need to work together in peace and harmony to create this New Earth, which will be one of joy and happiness. This is the year of unity consciousness. Lets cooperate and become shining Beings of light and love. We are the ones we have been waiting for.  So Be It!”


Although it may not entirely look like it yet – there’s still a whole lot of rumbling, grumbling and shakin’ going on. But recent successive earthquakes in Chile and Japan were uneventful; the Middle East is still relatively stable; and the global economy is still percolating.  Our prayers and meditations hold our precious Gaia in the still center of our collective Heart.  And with a little help from our star-family and friends, I am convinced that we have shifted course sufficiently to have escaped the most dire of prophesied outcomes.  But our vigilance and steadfast focus on Heaven of Earth is still the absolute need of the hour.

I know that each Lightworker incarnate at this time is doing their utmost.  Although many of us have been working actively to help stabilize weather systems and physical earth changes, it has been brought to my attention that it is now the world economy that most needs our loving attention. There’s some active interference afoot (what else is new??) so give as little energy as possible to negative financial scenarios, especially through this next Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, June 15 if I remember correctly.  Heaven of Earth, we transmute the poisons of debt and economic enslavement without getting caught in the negative undertow of fear.  That’s all we have to do.  Process the fear, false evidence appearing real, and hold the course – because a complete global economic meltdown serves no one, least of all the poorest of the poor.  Hold the new abundant Arcturian Time-Line vision for the collective that is prosperous, sustainable, equitable, conscious and life-affirming, without judgment of the mess that is, and without worrying about the ‘how’ of how to ‘fix it.’  Let’s just know in our hearts that the solutions to all our financial woes already exist – and are about to roll out with ease and grace in a way that blesses all Life upon Spaceship Earth.  Money is ‘just energy’  –  and Source is Infinite Supply!



  1. Thank you for sending me this shawer of knolege
    keep in your main tha this is te end of time but not the end of the wold
    Mather earth is in pain i can feel it.
    The most painful spot is where we stand we are her kids and we do not show respect
    if we focus our energy we may be able to relise some presure amd relise some of the pain we have to keep the main open and realice tha there are some changes that need it to be done.

  2. Yes, this is perfectly so. And Jupiter joined in for the expansion of heart service and infusion for the greater good. Nothing is really bad in the overall view and everything is moving wonderfully forward. Most people are really in fear to the neck, even most of the ones who believe they are not. The challenge is to get out of thinking, since fear comes from wrong thinking. All transformation is about thought processes. Fear is also a state of energy due to wrogn thinking separating in dualism = lower energy state. It is really about working with the ENERGY and raising the energy through exercizes, protection against EMF / electrosmog which is evident with the messages from the Council of Europe (27th May 2011) and WHO the 31st May 2011 – it is clear that we are talking about perhaps the biggest betrayal of public health ever – 5,3 billion mobile phone users on planet earth being told lies about the real danger. It goes deeper than this, since the real purpose is CONTROL – most people see their mobile as a toy to play with and run different applications on – on the contrary it is really a CONTROL BOX to hinder true spiritual ascension and remembering how we truly are. Today is day 13 Earth and a very good day to connect to Mother Earth and thank her for all her gifts – so in a short while I will be in the garden and thereafter in the forest to do some heart messages for the “powers” in this country for them to realize that they have to make A TURN AROUND = revolution, since we have reached the point with no return, if they continue – the message will be delivered per DVD to app. 250 people and institutions within a week and all who orders it from the website – the time for the final BREAKING OF THE ICE has arrived – thank youniverse and GOD – and thank you, Andrea.

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