‘MAY 21, 2011 – NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!’

As Lightworkers we choose every day the reality / timeline we wish to experience.   It does not mean that ‘nothing bad ever happens’  –  but we all know we have made a huge difference  – just look at all the ‘negative reality’ prophecies that have not happened.  While a significant number of the destructive events that do ‘ just happen’, occur only with a great deal of careful orchestration, planning, prodding, and PR.  And the controllable gullible are made to think it is the ire of a punishing ‘God’.

As Lightworkers we are once again presented with a stellar opportunity to ‘drive the bus’ of reality-creation into the timeline of our choosing.  Because this weekend  –  May 21, 2011 –  a preacher says the world is ending. This Saturday, no less. The day after tomorrow (pun intended)…

I ignored this ridiculous headline all week, then today in a moment of boredom relented and finally read about it.  What caught my attention is that said preacher apparently knows the Mayan Calendar…  This out of nowhere ‘social media savvy’ bible-basher is smart enough to have left himself an enormous 5 month ‘margin of error’ –  which ‘co-incidentally’ tallies with the last five months of the Mayan Calendar – into which the unaware masses can unconsciously be programmed to create negative reality from fear on behalf of the rest of us.  Psy-op, anyone??

The genius of this negative program is that it sets us up to project our own deepest unresolved terrors onto the greatest blank canvas of all time:  ‘The End Times.’  The End of Times, the best of times, the worst of times  –  The End of  Time itself…   I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I became a born again Christian at the age of 11, terrified of ‘the Devil’ and what he was going to do to me when Book of Revelations kicked in…

We don’t need a Bible to know that we are in a serious time, with radioactive rain, Planet X, the return of Nibiru / Jesus,  etc. coming down the pipeline.  Imagine being made to fear the rain??  I say stand in it.  Pray to each raindrop, bless the waters, the clouds, with Love and with Gratitude…  We Can Do It.  The Gulf of Mexico may be very, very, very sick  –  but it is still alive.   Bless the  oceans, bless the rain, bless the groundwater, bless the crops, bless the water in the leafy greens and all the fruits and veg.  Every time you turn on the tap, take a shower and flush the toilet, Bless, Bless, Bless the Waters and Bless Again.  Water, the single substance other than oxygen on which life most depends.

Why would someone want you to fear the rain, rainclouds, fear the water  –  and then with your willing participation, program the water with fear?  Because we are water  –  and water conducts electricity – life-force-kundalini!!!  The very water in our cells, in our life-blood, is what conducts the great electromagnetic stellar currents of Ascension Energy through our physical bodies…  giving the consciousness of God a physical vehicle through which to anchor Heaven on Earth.

Crunch time, people.  The choice is clear:  to look at the world through an artificially manipulated lense of fear – or through the ‘single eye’ of Love.  As The Eternal Infinite Love and Light That We Are, with enlightened awareness, we do not allow our ability to make this precious choice to be co-opted.  This Saturday and Everyday We Choose Heaven of Earth!!!

Love, Andromeda

ASCENSION:  The FireFlower

The End of Time…   But Not the End of the World!!!


Copyright Andrea Hansen 2011

FireFlower Communications   All Rights Reserved


2 comments on “‘MAY 21, 2011 – NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!’

  1. Interesting. I’m in New Zealand, so I’ll get the Endadawoild a day before my compadres in the states do.
    BTW, water is just about half oxygen. But you knew that!

    Be You Love

    • Hi Randje, It’s interesting that here today on Yahoo Canada ‘the big headline’ along with photo imagery, is of the tsunami waves hitting the Japan reactors. Playing it over and over, getting the mass consciousness to react with fear to water, and in turn, program the water with fear. But we’re on to them… 🙂 😉

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