MAY 5, 2011   –


I don’t know about you, but today I feel quite exhausted – and more determined than ever to focus my ‘conscious co-creation’ ship of quantum choice in the direction of Divine Truth, Love, Freedom, Beauty & Peace.  Just one brief look at the headlines of the last few days reinforces my desire to remain unplugged from the media mayhem of negative news ‘programming.’  But there is a very beautiful ‘silver lining’ to the dark clouds of the extreme earth changes we’ve been having…  And after 20 + years of enduring the ongoing symptoms of ‘Ascensionitis’, I really am looking forward to getting the whole thing over with, one way or another!!   Thank-you for bearing with my moment of ‘spiritual incorrectness’  –   but I do sometimes wonder if the highly trained Spiritual Adepts of the Deep Past felt the same way after many years of preparation for ‘The Great Rite.’  “Let’s just get on with it, already…”

No longer for only the few and the brave, today we are on the collective verge of a ‘Mass Shamanic Death & Re-Birth Initiation.’  There is even an uncanny similarity between the conditions & parameters of Classical Spiritual Initiation Rituals –  and the very conditions which huge numbers of people are undergoing through our ongoing tumultuous ‘earth changes.’  Not only that  –  The Conditions Which Many People Are Undergoing Through Earth Changes  –   Are The Actual Triggers of Ascension !!!   Intense circumstances brought on through ‘earth change’ situations often occurring in conjunction with very specific ‘awakening’ astrological alignments  –  exactly parallel the  carefully set up and planned conditions of classical spiritual initiation ceremonies!!

Such concurrent circumstances of  profound spiritual initiation rites include but are not limited to:   Extreme fear & uncertainty;   physical displacement;    physical trauma & near-death;  physical discomfort & pain;   sleep deprivation;   dehydration;   less food or no food;   temperature swings;   extreme loss & grief;   the ‘ego blasting’ breakdown of personal identity;  involuntary separation / detachment from loved ones,  status symbols,  material possessions and social reference points;   isolation;   restriction of movement;   pain / sleep meds;  as well as post-traumatic stress,  to name just a few.

When the Ancients underwent the Great Initiation as practiced in Pre-Pharaonic Egypt, the resulting changes in consciousness states did not just symbolically mimic death and the return to life.  Highly trained and prepared over entire lifetimes for ‘The Great Rite’  –  brought to the verge of physical expiration  –  the ancient acolytes actually traversed the consciousness thresholds of  the death process with full awareness  –  experiencing & exploring the vast energies of  the Infinite Self and Ascended Dimensions beyond  –  with some even returning to the body laid out and waiting in the sacred ‘sarcophagus’ of choice.  A Soul’s successful ‘re-entry’ to the physical plane of existence  –  what we call ‘Resurrection’  –  was greatly celebrated by the entire society!

Just as Gaia-Maa needs massive currents of  interstellar cosmic forces to get Her kundalini going in time for the Big Party, the ‘Earth Changes Trigger of Ascension’ show us just how much it takes to break the ego’s trance of time-bound reality.

Wishing you Divine Truth, Love, Freedom, Beauty, Peace & Compassion  –

Happy 5:5: 2011  Everyone!!

Love, Andromeda                                

Copyright Andrea Hansen / FireFlower Communications    All Rights Reserved  2011



  1. makes sense to me makes a lot of sense. yes lets get on with it already tired of waiting waiting waiting.

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