About a week ago I was informed that a Boston Hedge Fund intends to excavate what is slated to become possibly the 2nd largest open pit mine in North America.  Problem is, the proposed site is only about an hour from where I live, right here in the province of Ontario, Canada  –  in an environmentally sensitive area named ‘Hills of the Headwaters’, right on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, an officially declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Said Hedge Fund has acquired huge tracts of land, which they bought from potato farmers who had no idea when they sold that the trees and houses of their well established farmsteads would be completely destroyed and razed to the ground.

From what I understand, the plan is to dig  beneath the water table, to a depth that is more than the height of Niagara Falls.   The water table:  a precious aquifer that feeds the headwaters of five rivers, which in turn support life for entire ecosystems as well as provide 1/4 of the daily drinking water for the people of Southern Ontario.  Not only that, the unique soil of the region is so fertile it produces up to 25 lbs of potatoes for each person living in the Toronto area, a major metropolitan center.  A large portion of these fertile fields  –  over 7000 acres  –  will be destroyed in the excavation process.  Of course, the Hedge Fund has a local address that is a UPS Store, and the ‘suite’ it occupies is a numbered mail box.    The ‘gold’ in ‘them thar hills’ is limestone; and once the headwaters of the rivers re-direct themselves, 600 million litres of pure water per day may end up gushing into the pit.

The people ARE protesting.

At the town meeting I attended on Saturday, someone yelled out:

“The money is from South America!!”

Indeed. ‘Who’ exactly, in South America, inquiring minds would like to know??  And why come all the way here for limestone, when there are all kinds of mineral deposits all over South America, just waiting to be exploited??  Is it about the water, owning it, controlling it for sale and export?  Or is there something else going on here??  I may be completely off base – but – the proposed site for the 2nd largest open pit mine in North America is at the highest point of the Southern Ontario landscape – known also as ‘the roof of Ontario’.   I’m not a geologist, but it is  limestone pretty much all the way through, which acts as a filter for rain and meltwater all the way down to the Great Lakes.

This is where things get interesting.

Based on the incredible work of Dr. Carmen Boulter in Egypt, and her studies of ‘forgotten ancient technology’  –  underground waters and the flowing Nile ‘charged’ the ‘stone mountain’ of the Great Pyramid with massive free energy telluric currents powered by the moving water itself.  According to Boulter, the Great Pyramid was a sophisticated generator that not only provided light – but well being, ‘positive life-force’ and healing energy throughout the ‘Band of Food and Peace’ of the Nile temple complex which was far more extensive than just the Giza Plateau.

I believe the ‘Hills of the Headwaters’ is a North American equivalent of  the Ancient Egyptian ‘Band of Peace’, a fertile plateau atop a major aquifer that is a naturally occuring  ‘mountain generator’ of healing life energy produced as water flows through the massive deposits of limestone and down towards the lakes, thus charging major ley lines that run across Canada and the United States. The Native Elders have always known this region to be a special place.  It is where ideas of  unity, confederation and co-operation have been rooted for centuries.  Southern Ontario is one of the most stable, peaceful, abundant and agriculturally self-sustaining places on Earth.   It is also a place where every language group, nationality,  religion and race in the world is now represented, and where most of the population lives together in mutual appreciation and respect.

The Chiefs of Ontario have spoken, via their chosen messenger ( at another meeting I attended earlier in the week hosted by & ) that they will do everything in their power to protect the ‘Hills of the Headwaters’ here in Ontario. Please pray for the protection of these pure waters, these pristine natural energies which bless and feed all of us here in North America, that they remain forever undisturbed.  Mother Earth needs your prayers   –   please hold this sacred watershed in your hearts.  Thank-you.

Please note, the above links are correct.  If for some reason they do not work, please cut and paste.   For more information on the Ancient Egyptian ‘Band of Food and Peace’ please watch ‘The Pyramid Code  ‘  –




  1. Hi there, I stumbled on this web site from reddit. It is not something I would typically read, but I liked your thoughts on it. Thanx for creating a blog post worth reading!

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