The Book of Revelations speaks speaks of four magnificent and powerful Angels sent by God to “hold the four corners of the earth in place.”

Out of the blue yesterday a friend quoted this passage, well remembered from childhood.  Now, as an adult and planetary gridworker, these words hit me like a ton of bricks.  Could these Biblical ‘Angels’ be the advanced starships of  benevolent galactic family, perhaps like those photographed by NASA in close orbit around the sun,  here now to support Earth’s  safe passage through the Shift of the Ages??  From an Ascended point of view,  it therefore does not matter whether the recent Japan earthquake was ‘artificially induced’ as some are suggesting, or purely an Act of Nature.  Tokyo was spared!!!  The very courageous people of Japan – as well as the Lighted, Blessed Souls who gave their lives in the disaster –  and the extraordinarily brave ‘Fukushima 50’ now fighting for ours at the Reactors  – the collective mission of these amazing souls remains blazingly intact.

Their Soul Purpose:  To help us consciously clear the collective soul-trauma of the destruction of Atlantis still deeply imprinted in our cellular memory.  And to  show,  especially those in the industrial, nuclear energy dependent ‘first world’  –  how quickly &  how dangerously the extreme high standard of living we take for granted can disappear overnight.  ‘Free-energy’ exists  – how to implement it while supporting & strengthening our  global economy remains to be seen.  But implement it we must, and I believe, we will – and in such away as to benefit all life on this planet.

On this Super-Powered, Super-Moon Spring Equinox, let’s continue to focus on our highest and best possible future,  the ‘Heaven on Earth’ scenarios we each hold in our hearts, seeded memories from ‘Home.’  We are here now to nurture the seeds of these visions to full fruitfulness.  It is why we came.


Our Beloved Star Family, those who wish the highest best and good for humanity  –  are already here  –  simply waiting for the right moment to truly publicly announce themselves  – in our neighborhoods  –  and on the world stage.   Let’s continue to align with the empowered opportunity of the cosmic energies now presented to us, and strengthen our collective intention to welcome the ‘Cosmic Cultures’ of our galactic brothers and sisters into our midst. Those beings who hold the embodied Christed Consciousness of the Ones named ‘Quetzalcoatl’ by the Mayans;  the Pleadian Time-Lord ‘Kalki’ in the ancient Sanskrit Vedas;  the ‘Messiah’ by the Judeo-Christians;  and the ‘star-gods’ of the Ancient Egyptians. And to be clear, they do not consider themselves to be ‘gods’, even if they are, as individuals and as cosmic civilizations, ‘god-realized’.

Talk about a reason to have a party.  GREAT CELEBRATION awaits humanity.  I for one can’t wait for the day when everyone pours out of their offices and out of their homes and into the streets to look at the sky  –  and then point at one another –  and I will be able to say, with humility of course  –   “See, I told you so!”


WITH LOVE,     Andromeda        



  1. It seems to me that NOW is the time for people to request that their governments and the U.N. publicly acknowledge our galactic neighbors and ask for their assistance in curbing the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. An email, a letter from enough of us – not all of us. Remember the 100th monkey theory. We are citizens of Planet Earth and this affects us all. Spread the word through your cyber network. Who do you know?

    • Hi Elanna, Thank-you for your very constructive comment. My thoughts exactly! A global petition – I think Dr. Stephen Greer of The Disclosure Project is well positioned to push it forward with a cohesive, collective front. What do you think??

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