If we want to ensure that Mother Earth  does not roll over completely, there IS something we can do.

By now most of us have heard of the Hawaiian soul healing methodology ‘Ho’o Pono Pono.’  You know, how exhibitions of emotional imbalance, insanity and  ‘shadow’ behaviors in human beings we have not ever met can be brought into balance, integration and wholeness  –  simply by taking full personal responsibility for whatever the manifestation  –  however horrendous or evil  –  as if we are the cause of it ourselves.

We are all ‘One’   –   so whatever it is that is going on ‘out there’  –  is going on ‘in here’, ‘right here’, ‘right now’   –   because We Are the ONE Expressing AS THE MANY.

If one (pun intended) has fully realized oneself as ‘ONE’ with all that is  –  one knows completely, irrevocably, beyond a shadow of any doubt  –  that one is One with All Things.

‘ONE ‘ includes Reptillians;  Greys;  the ‘Cabal’;  all corruption;  all ignorance;  all violence;  all war;  all terrorists of any stripe;  all axe-murderers;  all demons;  and all Fallen Angels.

You get the picture.      If your immediate response is  “Hell No, I Am Not That!!!”  –  it is a perfectly human response.  But it is not the response of Ascended Consciousness, which in continuously transcending Duality, ultimately chooses to ditch judgment and make room for ‘the fallen’  –  ie. all of us –  in the temple of the sacred heart.  ONE HEART.

“I  AM THAT  –  I AM!”

“I Am That, I AM…,”  Yeshua understood on the way to Golgatha and while being nailed to the Cross.  This is how a forgotten Sufi Mystic laughed uproariously when his enemies chopped off his hands, his feet, then his legs at the knees, his blood spilling to the ground as his physical body came to its end in that lifetime.  This incredible being laughed, saying:  “You cannot fool me.  You cannot trick me.  I know who you really are. You are so Beautiful.  You are Love.  You are Divine.  You are God.  You Are ME.”

False Evidence Appearing Real,  Indeed.

In Lakech, En Lakeen   –  YOU ARE ANOTHER ME.    This is what fully embodied means.  It does not mean running away from the Dark, or turning our back on it – nor does it mean condoning the workings of Evil in the world.

This is not easy.   This what the Book of Revelations quote regarding the “rending of clothes and the gnashing of teeth” really means.  When you really get it  –  you will know.  It is what allows you to stand in your Light  –  in the core of your True Being  –  in the Darkest of Dark.  This is where real Spiritual Activism  – Quantum Activism  –  begins.   It is not an intellectual exercise.  It is where the ‘I AM’ alive and well in the so-called  ‘real world’  lives and breathes its Being.

This is what we   –  The Ones We Have Been Waiting For –  are waiting for ourselves to ‘Be’.

The time of ‘trying’ is over.

As Yoda would say  “Be. Or be not.  There is no try.”

Just Be Love, Andromeda

P.S. Please excuse any spelling errors, up till 5 AM last night.  Hubbie just read above, says – “This is a big pill to swallow.”     


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