I AM A Sovereign Being / ‘Disclosure’ Starts Here!!

Disclosure is being held back precisely because it is tied to the Agenda of Global Abduction.  The real secret is not that we are not alone in the Universe – but the psychic and reproductive rape and gross physical and psychological violations of human rights of global citizens around the world.

Dear Ones, Although we have not met, you are part of my spiritual community, and it is for this reason that I reach out to you now.  Last night I set my alarm for 5:40 AM.  When it rang, I stumbled out of bed to the kitchen to switch it off, and proceeded to make orange juice and feed the cats.  I then did a double take, because the clock read 3:40 AM.  I needed to check the correct time, so I went to the study to read the time on the phone.  Yes, indeed, it was  3:40 AM…  but what really bothered me was that even though I was alone in the house (hubbie visiting his mum) my computer was switched back on – yet totally disconnected from any power source other than its own battery – and the lights on my phone indicated internet-use, blinking wildly in the dark.  Although I am often ‘wakened’ between 3 and 4 AM (as I’m sure many of you are as well)  I am never in my office at that hour.

Weird things go on with my phone line and internet all the time…  Just last weekend I picked up the phone to call my mother, but before I could dial a strange woman’s voice said “Hello??”  “Who is that???” I asked, more than a little tired.  It is not the first time in the last twenty-five years I’ve found myself having such a conversation…  “It’s Katia,” she answered – with a thick Russian accent I kid you not – before a gaggle of male voices interrupted, slightly panicked, in the background – at which point I hung up.  So, back to last night.  I did not sleep very well.

The night before last, just as I was drifting off around midnight, came the unbiquitous sound of those soft, soft helicopter blades…  Like a bullet I was wide awake, invoking the presence of  Christed Angels.  The sound faded, and did not come back, unless of course I was asleep and could not hear it.  SANSKRIT:  ‘SO-HUM, SO-HUM, SO-HUM’, ‘God I AM, I AM I AM…’   I remind myself in spite of fear.

That is still better than going for a pelvic ultrasound and having the female  technician (again Russian, what are the odds)  ask me when I had surgery.    “Yes, half of your right ovary, it is removed. Yes, it is a straight cut.  You had surgery, yes?”  It was the first I’d heard of it. Another joyful occasion  in the ultrasound – after spending yet another recent summer in extreme pain because of a ‘benign’ ‘cyst’ in my uterus that grew from 3 cm to 8cm in one month and then conveniently disappeared – that the ‘specialist’ told me was perfectly normal, nothing to worry about, happens all the time  – on that happy occasion the ultrasound technician called in a doctor to look at the screen, who then said to me “You are a brave woman.”  In an ultrasound they are not allowed to comment on what they see – but I am deeply grateful to these women who did.  I’m rambling, I know, but that is what happens when you keep all this toxic ‘life-experience’ bottled up for 43 years.  What is the point of  sharing something so personal and so devastating and risking more punishment, ridicule and disbelief?  Because it is better than being forced to  pretend that nothing happened, that nothing’s going on.

I’ve tried to get some of it out, as fiction, in my novel ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower.’  When I started the book thirteen years ago, an early mess of a draft I’d printed in black and white  –  two words out of the whole manuscript printed out in red ink:  ‘blood’ and ‘slaughter-house.’ At that time, I could barely use the computer, let alone the printer, or any ‘special’ settings.

When I emailed my final proof to my publisher, I discovered months later while sorting old sent emails that at the same time a copy of the entire proof was simultaneously sent to an ‘undisclosed recipient.’  I have absolutely no idea who.

As of today Monday Feb. 7, 2011,  over a year after actually being published, the purchase link for the e-book version of  ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower’  is still not up on the bookstore page of the publisher’s webstore, despite many phone calls and emails on my part.

What I have shared with you now really is the tip of the ice-berg. Someone(s) never wanted this book written; and they certainly don’t want you or anyone else to read it.  People I’ve reached out to for help, names you would know, have not responded as you might think;  certainly not as I’d hoped.

Fear of reprisal and fear speaking out have held me back; that is no longer an option. And here come the ‘Men In Black’ right on cue:   I too have been harassed by so-called  ‘Men In Black’  –  here in Canada they are partial to pitch-black, clearly expensive aviator sunglasses, polo shirts and black baseball caps.   Last summer while having lunch at a deli, one sat at the table next to me and glowered.  I asked him to pass me the ketchup.  For the life of me I could not figure out why they were floating around until last weekend (same weekend ‘Katia’ introduced herself) I was graced to discover the work of Melinda Leslie.  Melinda Leslie”s article on ‘MILABS / REABS’ is a MUST READ – See Below – she really provided me with some solid answers as to what it is these guys want.  Make no mistake, they are cold-blooded.

Remember back to Oct 13, 2010, when someone had that big prophecy about it being the day of official contact/disclosure??  Well, that night, my husband and I went for a walk – because I wanted to have a private conversation away from the house – there in the late evening sky perfectly overcast with heavy, thick cloud, above my house were 1) a circling, hovering ‘helicopter’  , and side-by-side as if ‘parked’ 2)  a giant perfectly circular cookie cutter cut-out revealing clear night beyond, and 3) a giant square-shaped cookie cutter cut-out revealing clear night beyond.  These ‘windows’ in the cloud-cover did not drift away or lose definition is spite of being ‘just clouds’ for at least half an hour.  We just carried on with our walk and our conversation. 

Those pesky helicopters.  Someone once told me that they are  not what they appear to be.  Have not decided yet who/what they are.  ‘Friendlies’, intercepting some of my ‘other’ decidedly unfriendly ‘visitors’  –  or same unwelcome ‘guests’  ? Probably a bit of both.  I know that there are surveillance copters that have the capacity to listen to conversations at a distance of at least a mile;  but I have also while doing sacred grid-work in mid-town Toronto had one come out of nowhere, hover directly overhead and then disappear mid-flight in mid-air on its trajectory away from where I stood in front of a church.  Early days, I was a bit freaked out…  Anyway… I have a friend coming over to stay this evening.  Hopefully she’ ll be here soon, and hopefully there will be no new scoop marks, perfect circular red skin marks, triangulated needle marks, or large painful bruises in varying shades of black and blue leaving attractive triangles with little circles on their points on my thigh in the morning.

Disclosure is being held back precisely because it is tied to the Agenda of Global Abduction.  The real secret is not that we are not alone in the Universe – but the reproductive rape and gross physical and psychological violations of human rights of global citizens around the world.  In exchange for what??  Technology?  What kind of technology, that is the question.

http://www.maar.com    –   AMAZING ARTICLE by Melinda Leslie about the real reason ‘abductees’ are ‘re-abducted’ by the men in black   ‘MILABS/REABS’


http://www.karlaturner.com        (Further insight on those helicopters)


I don’t want to do this alone anymore.  It is very hard now for me to trust people at face value  – but I can’t do this alone.  I really really need your support. Now you know why I do not have any children – not having any is the most responsible and loving thing I could do.  If you feel moved to connect with me, please write me at this blog post. The messages are private, please indicate if you wish your comments to be made public.   I’m not sure how to direct you, but the links are here somewhere.

SANSKRIT:  SO-HUM, SO-HUM, SO-HUM, God I AM, I AM I AM… I remind myself in spite of fear.

P.S. In today’s yahoo news, Canada’s spy bureau advised their employees not to wear cuff links, baseball caps or polo shirts emblazoned with the company logo while out in public.


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