Exactly Where YOU Are… The ‘I AM’ Dwells Also

Exactly where you are is where it is at.

There is no human ‘authority’ higher than your own God-created Divine High Self.  Therefore, it is your Divine Birthright to choose the timeline you wish now to experience.  For some, there is a volcano of oil exploding from the sea-floor in the Gulf of Mexico.  For others, the ruptured well-cap was sealed months ago.  For some, the birds falling from the sky are evidence of poisoning from Corexit.  For others, birds and animals around the world within almost the same hour ascended en masse in their bodies of light – their physical shells left behind.  This does not mean to say that a mass Human Ascension would appear the same – our ‘electromagnetic-wiring’ is designed to handled greater fluctuations of incoming power-surges of cosmic radiation.

Exactly where you are is where it is at.

The last few days, the veil has been exceedingly thin.  I have gone through the motions of my daily activities – work, daily interactions, making dinner, paying bills – all the while feeling intermittent, undefined waves of intense internal pressure, as if the very cells of my body were straining to receive and contain an invisible force…  As if at any moment the entire illusion of  physical reality within which we function could dissolve into the empty space it truly is.   Along with the feeling of dissolution, there has been the weight of tremendous, inexplicable grief.  I sense a neighbouring timeline did indeed undergo the loss and destruction of a complete pole-shift.  BUT…

We are still here. In this timeline, anyway…

So I return to my original point:  the degree to which we experience the changes that are collectively upon us depends entirely upon that which we focus upon.  As Light-Workers, we must truly ‘GET IT’ and ‘get it’ NOW!   If we are invested in the reality of the poles of the earth shifting completely, then that is the reality we will pull towards ourselves from the quantum flux.  Or, we can focus on maintaining our inner balance – the ‘Sacred Key’ of Saturn Retrograde now in Libra till around June.   Now is the time to reclaim the darkest aspects of human consciousness within ourselves – instead of projecting the biggest shadows in the history of time on the ‘Illuminati’ – whoever they are – and role with the punches.

As the ‘end times’ continue to roll out, Mother Earth and most of her Children are relying on us to deliver.

P.S.  Just to clarify any unintended confusion –  ‘The Andromeda Chronicles: Confessions of a Spiritual Activist‘ is not on the market yet.  And yes, I am also the Author of ‘Ascension: The FireFlower‘, which is available for purchase on Mayan Majix

For any  further info, please visit  http://www.thefireflower.com


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