‘The Quantum Code of Fire – The 72 Names of God’

Friday, January 14, 4:46 PM EST to Saturday, January 15 at 5:52 PM EST, was the anniversary of the divine gift of  ‘the Quantum Code of Fire’  –  ‘the  72 Names of God’  –  to Humanity.   The ’72 Names’, or sacred sequence of fire letters,  are actually ’72 parts’ of a single secret name of God.  Which to me makes more sense…

According to Gemmatria, this  Secret  ’72 Part Name of God’ can be rendered simply as ‘Shem-ha Mephorash’.  The divine frequency of this ‘holy word’ can be chanted to connect with the Light of the Creator and align one’s Heart directly with the Holy of Holies.  The sacred fire letters of the ’72 Part Name of God’ are unchanging through time.  This is because they express the Immutable Perfection of God, which of course is constant, beyond time and space.  The Holy Fire Letters of the Universe Alphabet were known to the Ancients of Pre-Dynastic Egypt  –  they are the letters formed when rays of sunlight were directed through the original crystal capstone of the Great Pyramid to cast divine  shadow-shapes  on the sacred Earth.  The original Crystal Capstone placed on the Great Pyramid of Giza was brought by the Ancients from Atlantis as a testament to the eternal nature of Divine Knowledge, in spite of all calamity and opposition.

The Universal Wisdom of the Holy Fire Letters of the Sacred Universe Alphabet were known to the ‘multi-cultural’  ie. ‘multi-galactic’ custodians of  Sacred Knowledge in Atlantis; to their genetic, spiritual & cultural descendants – the Ancients of Pre-Dynastic Egypt, Tihuanaco, & the Taklamakan;  as well as to the Annunaki in the form of the closely guarded ‘ME’ Tablets.  The Sacred Fire Letters which we today recognize as the Hebrew alphabet are but one set of sacred letters generated by the ‘Crystal Capstone’.  Modern day laboratory experiments with crystal prisms have generated many alphabets, including Arabic, Sanskrit and even English.  But the most perfectly preserved sacred universe alphabet System i.e.  ‘the Quantum Fire Code’ of the Ancients –  is Hebrew – which connects us to the very very distant past…  to the High Knowledge of the Ancients of the ‘multi-galactic’ culture of Atlantis,  a significant remnant of which was preserved in the spiritual culture of Pre-Dynastic Egypt.  It is why there is a place in the Yucatan called ‘Kabala’  –  and it is also why Hebrew and Welsh sound so similar…     EXCERPTED FROM  ‘The Andomeda Chronicles:  Confessions of Spiritual Activist‘  Volume I,  Copyright FireFlower Communications, All Rights Reserved.

Deep thanks to Michael Shore, visionary Administrator of MayanMajix.com, for his consistent support and encouragement.  My book  ‘ASCENSION: The FireFlower‘  –   all about the sacred knowledge of the Ancients   –  is now also available at the Mayan Majix On-Line BookStore!!


One comment on “‘The Quantum Code of Fire – The 72 Names of God’

  1. Cannot seem to find book located in MMajix store … there is another entitled Ascension by another author but apparently published by FireFlower also.

    Please provide how to VIEW and perhaps purchase the book … link would be nice


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